The Cold Draft at Jemison Post


“I don’t know if my fire would burn hot enough,” Nuria said, a little dismayed. “Belinda Frost is an aquamancer, but, she’s more now than she was when we first encountered her. She’s taken on new power. I can try, but I don’t know if I can match her.”


Grim walks in to the Bar and pulls up a chair. Looking at the barkeep, he signals for a drink to be brought. As soon as the drink arrives, he slams it and looks at the server “Keep them coming, this has been a loong day.”

Toasting McIverson, “Now i see why you drink so much. I wouldnt have believed how much paperwork a Peacelord has to fill out when he takes over a region.”

“so whats the plan?” after listening to a recap, he replys "Sounds good. not sure i have anything else to add.


Lurtor says "Think of how much paperwork it is when you don’t already control the area.

Well grim, you are going to be the rep I’m going to be introducing to the cloud slavers when i’m mimicing one of them."


“ALSO,” Nuria said loudly, presenting the banishment rod. “Some one else should do this. Belinda knows me. I don’t know how, but she does. And, it’s not in a positive way. She’ll see me coming from a mile away.”


Lurtor says "She knows all of us well, but I will do it if needed. All I would need to do is see her to tap her. But I won’t try unless Eli fails to convince her to stop her ritual or the attack on Jemison Post.

Is there any other effect to the user of the rod? Or something I need to know.

And is there a way to purge the Warmonger’s influence from her?"


“The Warmongers influence can be removed,” Nuria answered. "Not by us, but it could be done.


“And, no. The rod shouldn’t hurt you, unless you somehow screw up using it,” Nuria added.


Lurtor says “could you know who and could arranged it if Eli succeeds in helping her? That would help her and remove another of warmongers powerful assets.”

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Eli waled back in a bit off. “I’m back and got her gang ready. Did have to break 'em out of jail though. Wasn’t a very Peace Lord thing to do but, I’m no Peace Lord.”

He order a drink. He poured the contents on the floor. He order another drink. He also poured the contents on the floor. He order on last drink and poured the contents on the floor.

“Heh, Nuria! You ready to save the world? I am,” he grin.

“Oh yeah… Grim? Lurtor? My insincere apologizes for breaking out your prisoners! Send me a fucking bill.”

Eli fished some cash out of his pockets and paid the bartender. “Not sorry for the mess. Had to get that out of my system and breaking things seemed a bit extreme.”


“I doubt I could arrange that so last minute,” Nuria said to Lurtor. “But if we can bring her in alive, peacefully, it could probably be done.”


To Lurtor and Nuria, “Got Frost’s mental health covered. I know a great specialist…”

“Oh to hell with you Eli,” spoke a female voice from his coat.

“Know a bastard, not Grim, who can get your nightclub in Neo Vargas back to you J.J. nice and fixed up.”

“I declare Eli McGraw sane enough.”


(After Finale)

There was cheering in the Cold Draft. Jugs of Mushroom Liquor, Barrels of IceWyrm Wine, and casks of liquor were tapped and flowed freely. This was the largest celebration Jemison Post had ever seem. Clone Union soldiers drank alongside Peacebringers and members of the S’vana army.

They had survived the days long siege against the IceGuard. Careful defenses and supporting allies and a liberal use of Leyas, had prevent any final deaths during the many battles of the siege.

Members of the Clone Union were now sporting and comparing scars, while sharing battle stories.

In one corner of the room, Lord Malganth’s Uth sipped Binber wine and spoke in hushed tones. In another, the OtO clone, Rebbelde was belting out a story about launching rockets on Mag Buskt island.

At the bar, Amber and a trio of Tilde clones were doing shots against a Sonnah and Zaphophiah. And it looked like Amber was winning, based on Sonnah’s slurring speech.

McIvinson sat at the table with a smile on his face, and a half empty jug of Mushroom Liquor in hand. He raised the jug and toasted, “To PeaceLord Grim, Spymaster Lurtor, PeaceLord Nuria and Mayor Eli McGraw, the heroes of the Glacial Wastes!”


Tal’al’oon gathered the leaders of Jemison Post and nearby settlements. “I am sorry to pull you all away from your duties, but I feel we must act. Boriel I’tash attacked us and since didn’t have a clear and dominating victory his forces will likely believe us weak and attack again.” Tal looked to the leaders, “We have an opportunity though. As his war machine rumbles toward the capital they will have to deal Itashi Allaince forces in front of them, with resistance, dealing with the problems of the local populace in anywhere they intend to occupy. It will mean the rear guard will be sapped. I propose we set out as a team, led by one of the worlds greatest assassin’s and worlds greatest spymasters. We take out Boriel Itash and when then let his forces get crushed in their confusion by Itashi Alliance forces.”


Lurtor looked a little concerned that Tal’al’loon brought this up so openly. Jemison Post was still part of Boriel’s Northern Kingdom.

Lurtor says "Tal’al’loon, There are issues to your idea. And some Dangerous. Lets start with the Official Jemison Hat on where Grim is the Peacelord over it and go from there. Depending on Grim’s official stance for Jemison Post, will let us know the options and ramifications of your question.

Right now Grim is a Peacelord of Boriel. While Grim’s Holdings in the Boriel’s retreat were attacked, Jemison Post was left alone. Boriel did allow the attack on Peacelord Grim’s Holdings at his retreat. This was expected due to Grim freeing and accepting others slaves, which Grim then freed. As Boriel does allow his peacelords to fight/battle with permission, attacks happened from peacelords that were loosing slaves. And I do wish we had done a more absolute job of winning. It would have made it easier for Grim to influence Boriel going forward. But Grim is Still a Peacelord of Boriel’s Northern Kingdoms.

I have stepped up the defense of Jemison Post for a while now do to many issues, I don’t expect an attack from Boriel or his peacelords as Boriel’s attention is not to Jemison Post and Jemison Post hasn’t been attacked before. Boriel is focused towards his main goal of restoring I’tashi in the other direction.

Officially for Jemison Post, Our agreement with Boriel is we don’t have to help with Boriel’s invasion of the Northern Kingdoms, but could be called to protect his retreat. I don’t expect us to help with the invasion.

But to actively work against Boriel, would break any connection left with Boriel and allow the Doomwyrm riders free reign to attack Jemison post as they want to, but Boriel has forbidden. So for Jemison Post officially, this would be tough and treason.

So first you must convince Grim to move against Boriel and Boriel’s main objective since we are talking in front of him and he has a big shiny Crown. In the end this is Peacelord Grim’s call.

Peacelord Grim, what is your response?"

Lurtor smiles at that one. He knew Grim hated the crown."

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Lurtor was leaving the Unofficial options out for now, as he needed to know where Grim stood first.


Lurtor says “Seems Grim agrees, Of course we know this was test Tal’al’oon. I’m not sure who set it up. We will have our forces Guard the retreat like we promised. But Jemison Post will not interfere with the battle one way or another.”

Lurtor didn’t understand why Grim kept quiet, but best to defuse this situation.

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