The Hunt for Inqusitor Mortis Leonin


“Inquisitor Orloc Siedermann, son of Inquisitor Lord Siedermann of Bartsport was a squire to the Bishop Kasanth Dannor.
He would later be known as Peacelord Orloc Nightshade master of the Kingdom of Kasanth and grandfather of the Necromancer Lurlock…”


Khalid reached into his bag and fixed three more items into their component places. The first item was an ornate golden cup with a base like lions paw. At the name Leonin it fit in snugly.

Next there was a crystal holy water carafe that seemed perpetually full. Its square base was adorned with chains of platinum that locked in near the name of Goblinsbane.

And finally the third went into the slot labelled Dragonsbane. It was an elaborate case made of interlocking metal that held an ecclesiastical ring inside. The ring appeared locked inside the metal parts of the monkey puzzle box.

"Now we must wait and watch and pray, "said Khalid “if the thief delivers the cross all these objects will be locked in place for 48 hours”

"This entire wall will slide open and we will be the first to access this tower since Mortis Leonin stole that cross from your master. The door will remain open for that entire time and cannot close until the two days are up.

But now we just need to set up camp."


Krodnok watched, and listened intently, as the Earthers discussed how they’d get into the tower. Apparently, the cross he had stolen was one in a set of keys that would open the door.

One of the Earthers inserted four of the keys onto their appropriate slots, then turned to help the other set up a camp. It appeared as though they were going to wait for something. Probably him.

He considered waiting until nightfall, then killing the Earthers. But where was the fun in that? That wouldn’t be very sporting of him. If he was gonna get whatever was in there, he’d do it the same way he got the cross: right out from under their noses.

The difference, however, is that this time, they would be waiting for him. They’d be prepared. He sat down and continued to watch, and listen to, the Earthers. Maybe they’d keep talking. Perhaps he could learn something of value. Something that would turn things to his favor. When he felt the time was right, he’d use the cross , open the door and take whatever was in there…


Paladin Resugent grimaced as they went to set up the camp and then broke his long silence "Inquisitor Orlock Siedermann was a great hero, we were told of his many noble deeds done in the service to humanity. We were also taught that after his noble sacrifice saving many, the dark demonic spirit of Nightshade possessed his body. It is the demonic Nightshade that has caused so much evil in this world, desecrating the body of such an noble hero.

Come let us set up camp, and wait for the thief to return with the cross, when he opens the doors, we can make our move."


Krodnok waited for another two days or so, before deciding there was no point in waiting any longer. Still invisible, he used his ability to shadow walk to leave the clearing, and returned to the trails entrance.

Once there, he de-activated his cloaking device, turned, smoothed out his cloak, make sure the Cross was hidden, and walked down the trail, returning to where the Earthers had set up camp.

As he entered the clearing and saw the Earthers, he slowed in his approach. “It’s not that often that we find people camping out in this area. What’s going on?”


Khalid watched the Dead spy on them using Leyas sight. Khalid never let on to Resugent what he knew especially after two days when the same , being came walking up now dressed as a traveller. The aura of the being and their artifacts was identical however. Still Khalid let nothing on.

He waved to the new fellow smiled warmly and said ,"Resugent we are in good luck, I believe god has smiled on us with a traveler who knows this region. Be mindful and respectful Sir Resugent, he may be an angel in disguise sent to test as us they did in the olden days.

Greetings traveler. We were tracking a theif to this area and we suspect he got as far as this entrance, realized he couldn’t open it and probably disgarded the object we seek or hid it. The object was a cross. And once we used it here whomever recovered it would surely recieve much fame and acclaim if they delivered it to Lord Grimaldus with us after our business here is done?"


Krodnok’s smile wavered, ever so slightly. That was a lot warmer of a greeting than he’d expected. Maybe it was time to adjust his plan…

"Ok, so that wasn’t how I thought you’d start this,"he said. “Not even a hint of suspicion. Almost like you knew i’d be here…”

He drew his Magi Cannon and pointed it at the earther called Resugent. Lightly enough to indicate that he didn’t want to use it, yet rigidly enough to say that if he needed to, he would.

“The time for games is over,” he said. He looked at Resugent. “So, obviously, there’s a reason you were warned to not fly off the handle, as it were,” Krodnok said. “So here’s some incentive. I don’t actually have an issue with you. But turn hostile towards me, and I’ll remove you from your legs.”

Without turning his head, he looked the Khalid. “And you. I have something you want.”


Khalid smiled a bit harder, now showing teeth in a predatory way.

"The man you pointed that weapon at is a Knight who knows no fear and views suicidal attacks on the forces of evil as a greater devotional act than living to see tomorrow. I would keep that in mind before threatening a man like that.

And with all due respect traveler you do have something I want. And something that I had hoped to diplomatically transition into being used by us here to deliver a little justice on a rogue Inquisitor, return Lord Grimaldus’ cross afterwards for a significant reward for you. Everyone wins and everyone benefits."

Nodding towards Sir Resugent he added ( but not as an after thought) , “And the Lords Justice will fall on an unjust man like Mortis Leonin.”

“Do not confuse my desire to open that door with a perchance for foolishness.”


“You may call me Khalid, my enemies call me the Killer of Hope.
My fellow traveler is Sir Resugent.”

"What handle do you use traveler?"asked Khalid.


Paladin Resugent growls at the newcomer. “The Hope killer is correct, any attack you make upon me no matter how devastating won’t prevent me from slicing you in two with my blade. I would not be dying alone and I know that I will be at my Lord’s side for all eternity while you burn in the foulest of hells.
However, you do have something we want and I do want justice upon the vile traitor Mortis Leonin, and to achieve this I will spare your miserable existence for now. You are not important enough to risk my mission, however I will defend myself and my companion if needed. So choose your actions wisely, for you have a rare opportunity, to cross my path and not only survive but to actually benefit from the experience. Khalid is correct that our current mission far outweighs any enjoyment I would recieve from the pleasure I would get from hearing the agonizing death cries that would escape your demonic lips as my blade splits you in two.”

Resugent’s hand rests on his sword hilt but doesn’t draw it.


Krodnok grinned wide. He then threw his head back and laughed loudly. Once he stopped, he replaced his Cannon.

“Whatever. I didn’t come here to fight you. I came because my interest has been piqued.” He nodded towards the tower, and continued. “What do you hope to find in there? A useful artifact, or information?”


Khalid said, "Nothing so petty as a hunt for artifacts. They were but the door key for the Devil Bishops squires and lackeys.

Information yes. Inquisitor Leonin purposely stole the keys including the Cross of Grimaldus before fleeing up north. He purposely stole these items to prevent the Avatar of the ancient evil known as the Accuser from taking them, or at least that’s what my investigation so far has turned up.

But it wasn’t kindness or generosity that focused him. He was seeking the secrets of Time Shredding. Were he to gain it the outcome would be…terrible.

After he arrived in this region the Tomb Factory to the south began sending out more and more Dead of Unit 111 to kidnap nearby beings Earthers and Olgogs.

I believe that inside this tower is either Leonin himself or the information necessary to put him down.

Before he destroys all of time with his madness and hubris.

I don’t know whether you care about your own life traveler, but a future where Mortis Leonin rules over us all will definitely relegated a person such as yourself to less than a slave. Just fodder for his experiments."


“Inside is knowledge beyond all our ken” added khalid looking both longingly and warily at the tower.


As he stood there, Krodnok thought about what Khalid had just told him. This sounded like it could be a problem, but, at the same time, he thought he might find a way to solve another problem, as well.

“Alright,” Krodnok declared. “I’m in. Let’s do this.” He took the cross out from under his cloak. “Now, as payment for me returning this to you, I want access to any knowledge we come across in there, as well as any items I desire. Deal?”


And so it was that Khalid Phoenixkiller and Krodnok began a heated negotiation.

They haggled over specifics until they came to a fair and equitable payment. Khalid would prevent Sir Resugent from destroying any “blasphemous” information or artifacts (ie any artifacts as Church of Oners hate artifacts as toys of the devil, ignorant zealots they are).
Krodnok would refrain from stealing any annihilation artifacts and would personally handle the disposal of any hellforged items (which is how they would have had to present the situation to Resugent who would otherwise probably not allow Krodnok Khalid or anyone else to walk out with one of those objects, both khalid and krodnok knew they were really agreeing to krodnok taking any hellforged items they found as long as he was honest about the far more dangerous annihilation devices)

Resugent would claim any truly holy relics so they could be returned to Lord Grimaldus (considering they would burn krodnok with healing and light leyas he would agree readily).

Khalid agreed that he wanted nothing except Mortis Leonin and any keys, maps, or tools that led to him.

With that agreement in place they assembled the tools of the squires who had once attended to Bishop Kasanth Dannor.
Each fit into its niche and there was the loud sound of gigantic gears turning. The entire wall including the five objects receeded disappearing into the structure. What replaced it was a spiral staircase of finest marble.

Together they ascended the stairway to the first floor of the wide tower built into the rockface.
Inside they found floors covered by synethic plush carpets. Some were mold covered but many were still pristine in the way only plastics can be after thousands of years.
The walls had once held tapestries but now their absence and the stained curtain rods that once held them spoke of them rotting away ages ago.

The large room had another spiral staircase leading up and seeing little more than the moldering pseudolinens on the first floor they ascended the stairs. Khalid checked for traps, while Krodnok used his spirit scope to scan ahead for danger.

Once both were sure the second floor was safe to enter they did so marveling at how well maintained everything was.

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The second floor was awash in Earth Leyas from what Khalid could make out. Each one of the pieces of wooden furniture had the Leyas tied to it to make it everclean and he imparted this information to Krodnok while Resugent was,lifting a perfectly preserved bible from one of the six small beds that formed a perimeter around the room.

The old church of one religious book, Resugent had noticed was signed by GRIMALDUS ESQ. Realizing it must be from his masters ancestor he picked it up reverently. Each of its pages showed it had been hand inscribed by this previous member of the Grimaldus family.

In the back of the bible were jotted the following numbers. 24-15-7-0

Krodnok found himself much more interested in a text written in the ancient script of the Nightmare Lords which was hidden under the pillow of the bed of squire Siedermann along with a notebook with various notes written down in Earther. The notebook had the name Orloc written on the first page while the last page seemed to be a repetition of forms of the same name. Orloc Siedermann after a few repetions changed to Orloc of the Night, then Orloc Lord of Night, to finally a set saying Orloc Nightshade. There was a immature quality to the way the names were written, like a child playing at Knight.
When Krodnok opened the Nightmare Lord text he could feel its semisentient will touch his own then withdraw. It seemed turned off by his lack of fear. However even its momentary touch allowed Krodnok to begin skimming the text , its words translating right before his eyes.

He was sure applying the lessons of the book he might learn to control weak willed Nightmares and teach his Dead soldiers the same.

Khalid was far more interested in the carvings in one corner of the room made by inexpert hands. It said squires first, friends forever.
The names below it had been scratched out in earnest and fairly recently.

Across the room was another spiral staircase leading up at the far side of the large room.


The third floor was entirely unlike the bottom floors. Here were synthetic tables, five of them set up with what first looked like parchment covered with red ink and black ink.

The roof was covered in metal pipes, gold colored wiring and a large crystalline skylight.
The crystal was too large to be naturally occuring and Khalid would mention it looked like it had been grown in a laboratory.

The walls were covered by smeared feces which looked only a few months old.

There were display cases made of glass and duracrete that formed a perimeter around the large room. Each had obviously held some item of value. All were empty except one that had a sample of a black tarrish substance in a reinforced vial. This display case had a pile of ashes in front of it and an ash shaped handprint on the glass.

There was also a severed hand sitting on a small drawing table in the center of the room. The flesh was almost etherial as if wrapped around the bone in a spirit-like way. So it fades into and out of view without moving from its position. As khalid or resugent breathed waves would move across its surface. and when Krodnok looked at it with his scope he could tell it was removed from an undead being.

__{ this is where the three players may continue their interaction. Remember only have two days ingame of exploring they can do of these three floors–


Khalid walked over to the nearest table and lifted up the parchment and looked at it closely.
~€uses leyas sight and Read}~


The parchment was obviously made from dried skin as Khalid observes it.

The ink, blood and a combination of ash of the dead and internal fluids.

It seemed to recount the fact that its writer who signed the pages Kas in earther had found in the Cursed Ruins an ancient armory. In that armory he discovered a set of books. These books were stolen goods, first taken by the Kias from the Nightmare Lords, then looted by the Sea Kings in the final days of the Kias wars.

The words written in blood bile and ash told a sad tale. A tale of a man whose love for God was his only focus. Yet his friends in the Inquisition pulled strings and promotion after promotion came Kas’ way. Soon he was a Bishop leading young men to spread the word as revealed by the Cardinal Bray at the founding of Refuge.

Then he led the army away from Karov and the beautiful wooden city and its miles of thatched roofs, far too happy to cleanse the world of demons which is what he genuinely thought Olgogs were.

He did so to strike a decisive blow against the haven of evil called Tla’loc’al. While he was away so many of his innocent parishoners were killed off by the Flamewinds.

He returned to this lab deeply saddened, feeling a failure. Kas again searched for a weapon which could wipe out the Olgogs. After passing through many a glowing doorway and many a swirling bridge he discovered a weapon that he somehow knew would help him.He found an alien claw crafted into a gauntlet. It whispered into his mind as he slept communicating through dreams. He knew that now. Then he had thought if gods visions could be so vivid surely he had to find out the truth.
Throughout those days he opened the books and read from their dark pages. He learned of the rise of the Warmonger and the shattering of the Great Four Ancient Evils powers and trapped them in the hell dimensions.

Kas confronted the Inquisitor friends he had once considered his peers and demanded to be brought to Pope Cristos Dugari.

Kas learned in that meeting that their faith had been founded by the Kias Domino.
He was offered to be inducted into the inner circle of the Inquisition who all knew this horrific and disturbing flip side of the Church of One.

The pages ended describing Bishop Kasanth Dannor taking all citizens who cared to come with them, survivors of the war scarred by their former faiths zealous attack on the innocent Olgogs. They would travel north and torture all who ascribed to the false hateful faith of the Church of One and through their blood sacrifice gain power over the Leyas as the books described.

When they reached the City of the Gods, Khalid would know the Bishop Kasanth joined forces with Lord Camarel and start the Church of Shadows.


Krodnok looked around the room they were in. He, Khalid, and Resugent had made it to the third floor of the tower. He had already picked up and kept a notebook, written in an ancient script used by the Nightmare Lords. That was interesting, amd warranted furtther reading.

There was some interesting stuff up here as well. But what took Krodnok’s attention was the hand. It was on a small table in the center of the room. Krodnok lifted his cannon, so as to look at it through the scope, and was almost excited to see that it was undead. Or at least, once was attatched to…

He moved towards the table. He watched the skin on the hand, etherial in appearance, ripple with the movement in the air, such as when the earthers breathed. He reached, and picked the hand up…


The hand was definitely viabled for surgical attachment by his Dead Surgeon back at base, Krodnok would realize as he lifted it up.

It was not a sentient piece of dead meat but it gave off a faint green visible aura and both Khalid and Resugent would feel the room grow colder.

(Khalids would place it as the hand of a Kaeleoch Undead but its up to Khalid if he wants to share that last bit of info with Krodnok)