The Hunt for Inqusitor Mortis Leonin


Lorne shifted slightly. Not killing people was harder than killing them, at least in his line of work. However being a sneak was part of his job, so he had no worries about sneaking in or out of situations. He had done jobs similar to this, but this was certainly a first in terms of who they were waking up. Arrogantly, he asked,

“And what happens if Grimaldus decides he doesn’t like we just waltzed into his bedroom and woke him up to tell him his life is a lie? I for one, don’t want to be turned over to the inquisition for whatever it is they do to people who try to convince influential leaders that they’re being lied to by The Church. Ghaz is ghaz, but I prefer to be alive to spend it, and I’d like to make an escape plan in case this mission goes south.”


Auf Lalder says "I agree with Lorne. We should have another way or 2 out. One way could be to locate an area that is not warded against earth, or earth and Shadow. I could tunnel, or even teleport a small group out.

The one thing to remember with warded areas. It doesn’t completely prevent Leyas use, it just makes it harder. In an emergency you can use some of your life force to overcome wards. Though for health reasons, I advise caution. You may not have enough power and life force to overcome a ward.

But do you know how strong these wards are Resugent?

As for general tactics, I plan to try and knock out the Paladins with Healing leyas. For the others that I don’t have to be so careful with, I’ll send a summoned Chimera or Water spirit toward them. That will keep them busy while you combat types get the jump on them. Maybe counter their attacks."

(OCC My understanding is wards are at a number of successes, and if you get more, your effects still work)


Resugent looked at Lorne “Do you think I enjoyed learning the truth? Do you think I enjoy fighting against the people whom I served all my life? I do not want to fight anyone, neither does my cousin. Why do you think he hasn’t deployed the majority of his army against the native Olgogs? My cousin’s army is greater then twenty thousand soldiers,” turning to Auf Lalder “have you fought against twenty thousand Church soldiers? Of course you haven’t, Lord Grimaldus doesn’t want to wipe you out, he wants a way to end this conflict. This information while hard for him to deal with will give him the reason to stop this conflict.”

Resugent pondered for a moment "as for way out, of course there is the way we came in, the main problem with alternate routes out is that we would be deep inside Church controlled lands. Also since Grimaldus has been withholding his armies from combat there is a massive force nearby. So simply jumping out a window and running will only cause you to run into a fortified camp. Leaving by air might work if you can hide from the anti air defenses. Probably a few Antaries anti air strider’s there. Our best hope for survival is victory, if Grimaldus can be convinced then he can get us out. Of course a distraction could also work.

As for the wards, I do not know how strong they are, after all, until recently I didn’t truly know what the leyas was, all i knew was that there was holy protection keeping out demonic magic. I doubt even Lord Grimaldus knows how strong the wards are or even what is generating them. The Inquisition survives on the ignorance of the people serving them."

Resugent smiled “As for the defenders, healing leyas is a wonderful idea, they have no defense against that, we can put them to sleep if we want or disrupt their nerves to cause them to collapse so we can tie them up. Of course that won’t work against any Red Bishops that are there. They will be tough to crack especially if they have any powered armor. Without shadow leyas taking them out will be very difficult, I can help keepus alive until you all can take any heavy Immutables down as those would be our biggest threats. If Grimaldus proves less then cooperative, putting him asleep might work as well until we can get him into a position where we can talk to him.”


Lorne nodded at Resugents answer. At least this man had some sense of what he was doing.

“Don’t worry about Red Bishops, I have more than enough shadow leyas to do serious damage to their tech. I’m not talking chill bolts either.”

He smiled a cocky grin and leaned back.

“So, last question. If this works and Grimaldus agrees with us, what then? Will the inquisitors try to kill him if he has accepted our version of things?”


Auf Lalder says "I am here and helping you as it is the best sign for a peaceful way out that I have seen these last few seasons. And I hope you are right about your lord. I just hope we do not give a reason for the thousands of Oners to invade our lands.

I will have a Lur Union Fighter waiting on standby outside the lands, but close enough it will be able to make it to an area outside the major defenses. It will be up to us to get to where it can pick us up. I do not have cloaking tech yet for them. Though that is an interesting idea.

(OCC the Lur Union fighter will only be used for RP as I can only bring myself on the mission. I will state that it is standing by and listening for the pickup call.)


After some time, Or’tor the overenthusiastic trained warrior of the Venerable Tribe of Yagogi’al the Og’ab returned accompanied by another. Zhor’ab had helped teach her proper ways, so she tried her best to remember some of the things she must do along her way. She entered after a several knocks to announce her presence and followed it up with “Hello and many greetings. My name is Or’tor, I had assisted Sir Resugents to protect his tower. I come now introducing an elder of my tribe known as Zhgog’ol Maklur. He is my tribe’s wise Uhryu, or spiritual leader. He will be able to help where I cannot.”

Now stepped forward an older male gog leaning on hefty wooden staff. He spoke somberly of the matter at hand, “Yes, thank you Or’tor for your warm introduction. Sir Resugent, I believe we need each other for the mutual benefit of what is to happen in these lands. Or’tor mentioned that this particular job is meant for stealth and a lack of over enthusiasm, she is learning good sense and decided she was not the best fit for this situation at hand. It is my own preference that as many lives be spared if possible. I have heard the details of the areas with warding and the number of guards but I was wondering how many of the guards actually have use and how many are invisible to the leyas?
I come for another reason as well, one which I am hoping to discuss with you at more length later on. This matter concerned the crusading children our tribe was able to save from certain death. But there is a better time and better place for this discussion. Thank you for you time and consideration, I realize the strain that is meeting and general circumstances must cause for you.”


Windsor thought about things while the natives and Resugent spoke. “This still isn’t much of a plan. So how about this. I’ll dress like an Inquistor, use some of their,” points to the dead Inquisitor’s, “clothing and garments. That’ll give me freer reign that you folk. I’ll walk out first of the tunnel. Less of a chance they’ll fire first and ask questions later. I’ll tell them that I have an important message for the Inquisitor Captain about Resugent’s whereabouts, but can only tell him in private quarters. Resugent, if you can write a fake letter with your seal on it, telling your cousin where you’re “going to be”, I’ll show it to the Inquisitor once we’re alone. But that means either I’ll be leaving the room or he’ll kick out the paladins. Hopefully, he’ll kick out the paladins. When I cough twice, come out and attack. It’s classic divide and conquer.”

He takes a deep breath before continuing, “With respect to guards in the halls, I’ll appear to them at first an Inquisitor. When convenient, I’ll start off by throwing a blinding light down towards the guards. It’ll give us the upper hand. Try to disarm the paladins, I’ll take their weapons from them. That only leaves any Red Bishops to contend with. Problem: we may not see them. But other than that, we take them out quickly and quietly. When it comes to Grimauldus’s room… well… we can knock on his bedroom door. Tell him coast is clear. Seeing an Inquisitor would proverbially disarm him.”


Ser Resugent had several meetings with Lord Grimaldus which took much of his time, however as time went on he remembered something that one of the Olgogs mentioned about Crusading children. He brought it up to Lord Grimaldus who immediately requested that the Olgog be sent for to be spoken to. When he would arrived he would see both Grimaldus and Resugent waiting for him along with a small escort of Paladins, all with their weapons away.

“You must be the one known as Zhgug’ol Maklur (Grimaldus would mispronounce it most likely) my cousin has informed me that you have some information about the Earther Children that your group is holding. I have asked you here to discuss their release. What would it take for you to free them?”


The tribe Uhryu approached with the four other gogs that had led him to Sir Resugent; so along for the journey were his best tribal totem student Or’Tor, and the scholarly juvenile gor’ab Zhor’ab, each with the FKM that they were respectively teaching. All in all, it was a party of five members representing the tribe. Though some might be loud and overenthusiastic, none were making any show of force or violence.

They all walked together, and then the obvious elder separated from the group to approach just himself. He walked using a big wooden stick, but as he got closer he began speaking quite softly, “Yes. i am the one called Zhgog’ol, and I am the tribe’s Uhryu. I act as a spiritual leader similar to your positions amongst your own kind, Sir Resugents and Lord Grimaldus. We have been keeping the children fed and safe since the incident that led to us watching over them. I have had the opportunity of working with Sir Resugent to make it possible for you to be together and would invite him to accompany me back to the tribe. I am looking out for the well being of these children; if there are those that wish to return home and it is in their best interests, they will go with Sir Resugents. But I would like Sir Resugents to let these children know that it is alright, and they will remain safe if they wish to stay with my kind. Mak Uf’ab and Yalar Took, two of our food gathers have been diligent in taking care of and treating for these children. There have been connections made, and i am sure that their efforts and emotions have not gone unnoticed. My mak’abs wish for you to present the facts to the children, tell them the truths and let them decide what they wish to do do for whatever is in their best interests. If there are those that wish to stay, they of course are welcomed and if others want to leave, we wish them well and invite them to return. We have cared for your young, we want no reward for this act. If you were to come across our young, we would ask that you have the same courtesies. I have faith in Sir Resugents and implore for the proper actions to be taken, after all we are neighbors to these lands. Thank you for your audience, your time and consideration,” and with that Zhgog’ol Maklur gave a very low courteous bow showing his sincere gratitude.


Resugent and Grimaldus listened before Resugent responded “We can speak to the children, of course I would prefer them to come with me and I shall inform them of that. However they are not slaves, and for the older ones who are mature enough to decide their own fate, they shall be given the choice. They shall be given all of the proper information before making the choice.” Grimaldus nodded in approval.