The Last Citadel of the Yyan Empire and the surrounding peninsula (Week 8+)


Lurtor used Leyas site to look at the door and lock. He was looking to see if Shadow Leyas was blocked. If it wasn’t, he could pull himself and Eli into a deep shadow where they could get a better look. LUrtor also looked at the Giant to see if he could tell the race or if he had been possessed. He didn’t know who he was looking at, so he wasn’t ready to be seen yet.

Lurtor says to Eli “I can most likely get us in. I’ll pull you through a shadow portal. You just have to hold on to something that I’m holding. That way we are not touching.”

Lurtor will also reveal anything he finds out from his senses. as well.


The creature was more muscled and more gnarled than any Yyan he had seen before. There were no defenses against shadow walking through to Lurtor’s Leyas Sight.

The Yyan seemed very old, and its aura was obviously marked by many dark and dangerous curses. Lurtor had seen similar tattoos and bindings once before. It was the type of curse that the Mag Buskt had unleashed on Uhryu Bill. It was a combination curse created by the Nightmare Lords long ago, one that extended the victims life seemingly endlessly. The curse of it was that it increased their pain and fear tenfold, making them a battery for nearby vampyrs and other fear-drinkers and pain-drinkers.

Someone wanted this Yyan to live forever, and hate every second of it.


Lurtor said to Eli "I don’t think he is a threat. We would have to be careful not to scare him though. He is cursed. He will feel more pain and fear than he should. I saw Mag Buskt put that type of Cure on Uhryu Bill. We only gave Bill relief by handing him zela. Who ever did it to him hated him more than anything.

If you have no objection, I think it will be safe for us to pop into a shadow, and talk to him. We will startle him some I’m sure. He may have the answers we need."

If no Objection, Lurtor will grab Eli’s Bag or something loose that won’t rip but allow Lurtor to grab without touching him. Using his watch, Lurtor will leave an eye spy hidden in the corner. And then he will pick a shadow large enough in the other room for them to enter out of initial sight. So they could check the room out. Lurtor will drop the halo and close the shadow portal quickly so the nightmares don’t follow.

If noticed, he will say “Greetings elder, I am Lurtor. I’m curious to know who you are and to hear of your story and how you were trapped here. I recognize the terrible curse you bare. Or at least parts of it.”


Eli has no objection at lets Lurtor do the talking.


The massive Yyan turned and looked at Lurtor and its jaw opened drooling, "Welcome little GreenFur, I am Ulhdag Yyan. I am the last living Yyan Gor, and I have been punished. My species was wiped out by the Nightmare Lords, and by the Green fur Olgogs and their Mag Buskt. I am to watch over the dead of my people.

Once in a while I get a little White fur who comes calling, but never a tasty meaty Green Fur."

But it didn’t charge them or attack them. Instead Ulhdag Yyan just kept close to the fire.

“The Citadel is large and grand, but now it echoes every time I drop a gnawed bone. Once the voices of many echoed here.”


“What is THAT?” asked Ulhdag Yyan pointing at Eli as if he were the only human the Yyan Gor had ever seen.


“Oh dear, is my facial hair turning? Well Lurtor, it’s been nice knowing you,” expressed in mock horror.

nightmare crickets chirping

“My name is Eli McGraw. I’m an Earther born on this planet but my great, great family came from some other planet else. I’m also an Immutable. Which means leyas doesn’t give me the time of day. It would take awhile…”

“Thirty-seven months, sixty-five hours est to explain everything,” chirped a female voice from Eli’s coat.

“…that’s my friend…”

“B.A.I.F.F.E. to I tolerate the meat bag!”

“…Jellia Jamb, who decided to stop playing Flappy Talon Bat.”

“Still playing,” she chirped.

“Shut up J.J., please. I’m Lurtor’s… uhm, friend… yeah,” said Eli as he pointed to the tasty meaty Green Fur next to him.


Ulhdag sniffed the air and said, "I don’t know this word Earther, or this word Immutable. And it does not translate.

But I am not hungry…enough to eat something without an aura."

Ulhdag spat out a tooth, rotten and obviously malnourished. But another malnourished tooth regenerated in its place. As Ulhdag tested it out, it seemed to cause him immense pain.

He sighed saying, "My chompers would probably break on your alien flesh, Earther. They haven’t been good since the first year passed without a good meal. And that was long before this age.

So why are you here…why do you bother Ulhdag?"


Lurtor says “To find out more about this place. We saw what was outside and heard that there was a way to banish demons from here. Can you tell us more of these? I’m sure you don’t get much in company these days, at least that you don’t eat by now. Help pass the time.”

Lurtor looks at this Ulhdag through Leyas sight. he was looking for a way he could help Ulhdagor something that he could do for Ulhdag as trade for his cooperation."


“A Way to banish demons…hmmm…” said Ulhdag, "Yes there is a way…these markings these tattoos also keep me safe from the Ancient Evils.

There is also a few weapons remaining from the Ancient Evils attacks on this location…"

“But I want a meaty meal for every tale I tell…”

[lurtor and Eli may now leave and return after the events of mission finale]

They return with some fresh Mak Hoblok stew for Ulhdag.


Uhldag upended the stew in a single draught like a shot, bones and all.

He sighed and leaned back and burped.

"That was a good start.

What do you want to know about first?"

A) The Nightmare Lord Weapon the Olgogs call as the Yyanogdol

B) The Yyan Gor Weapon known as the Maw-Catcher

C) The Nightmare Lord Weapon the Olgogs called the Gorguldol

D) The Nightmare Lord Ship that is crashed here


Lurtor says “Lets start with the Nightmare lord ship that is here. And I can fetch more food as we go.”

(OOC Lurtor will spend 300 ghaz of his money to have different meats bought, prepared, and setup in an area where he can grab them using an eye spy. And will hand out something different for each story.)


Eli sighs “Yeah, the Nightmare Lord Ship would make odd tell I’d want to hear.”


Ulhdag smiled a rotten smile, and winced from the pain, "There was a mighty Nightmare Lord Ship the Ondruss that was the only fast enough to dodge the annihilation blasts of the Mighty Nine Eyes who ruled here. Houk Nine Eyes had been gifted an Eye upon the death of the past nine Illuminated who ruled these shores in the the time before the attack on this Citadel, and these the Great Houk had formed into a mask and crown designed to honor his Emperor Mar’un’ga. When Houk Nine Eyes looked upon anything it would disappear and so the Great Houk would only wait in the tower watching the Sea and the Sky prepared for battle.

Only the Ondruss has survived from the fleet sent to crush the Great Houk’s home, and it seemed intent on finishing the job or dying in the attempt. The Great Houk saw the Ondruss fire its bio-organic cannons launching Zela fuel air bombs down into the Yyan homes that once covered this peninsula.

But finally a net of light was erected by the Houk’s greatest Leyas User so that the Great Houk could affix all nine eyes upon the Ondruss. The ship was severed into pieces and they landed across the sea near here, while its command bridge crashed deep below the floor upon which I sit. When the battle ended the floors were fixed, and I remained here, always hearing the scratching coming from below.

Can you hear it…can you hear it…the faint scratching from the command bridge?"

Lurtor used his enhanced senses but he could hear no scratching below them and wondered about the tale.

Eli actually could hear the scratching but it was from outside, and he suspected it was the sound of the ice outside as it broke and crashed with the waves.


Lurtor responses "Well that might explain the nightmares outside. I wonder if something has breached to the cockpit now. "

Lurtor thinks on that for a moment and then continues “Thank you. What about the weapon Yyanogdol?”


Ulhdag snorted as he chuckled, "The Yyanogdol was a weapon designed to be aboard one of their monsterous vessels. It was like a spear from the sky, and its shadows would pierce even the rock of the mountains. Any Yyan who was struck by it would be rendered little more than a pile of bones no matter how strong or how arcane their armor be.

It had fired many a time on this grand citadel before it was claimed by Houk Nine Eyes and turned upon any vessel that entered our air. But Houk Nine Eyes trusted it to his great warrior Ognor, and Ognor took the weapon deep below the city to learn its truths so he could make many for the Yyan Gor army.

Inside the Yyanogdol, Ognor found a beast of great power and grappled with it. But Ognor’s faith was weak and his will was shattered by the great beast, and Ognor became a slave of the Yyanogdol. Now Ognor still roams the flooded lowest levels of this citadel, hunting for Yyan who are long dead. Any who Ognor comes upon will be attacked with the Yyanogdol, and if they fall they will be fed to it. And those fed to it will rise up again, as slaves of the Yyanogdol.

Even when I still roamed these halls I would not face Ognor and the Yyanogdol…"


“Oh wow, these stories are making me shit my pants. Good thing I can’t create nightmares from being afraid,” he said as he did a little dance.

“These nightmare weapons and vehicles sound horrible so far! How about a change of pace? Tell us what the Maw-Catcher all about.”


Ulhdag smiled a rotten smile and lifted up the next serving of food.

"The Maw-Catcher was a grand invention. It took many a Houk raiding afield to find all the parts. Claws from Doomwyrms, the hair from ten thousand K’iou, the bones of Llandreu, and enough magi cannon crystals to arm a warship.

The assembly was built into the very coastline around this citadel. And when a massive beast approached, the Maw-Catcher would rise from the depths and latch upon it. With a single command, the magi cannons would fire, cutting the beast apart for parts. It worked on monsters, ships and even the Leviathian Felspar.

The Houks were always angry that they never got a chance to deploy the Maw-Catcher on the Maw-of-the-Deep, but that honor was instead given to the Daemonsbane monster who carved the Maw-of-the-Deep into tiny tiny pieces.

But the Nightmare Lords learned this lesson and when they attacked they attacked from the sky.

I am sure the Maw-Catcher is still there, deep within the bay. Probably still attacking and sinking boats which may explain why the Sea Kings never come a calling on their Yyan Gor allies…"

Ulhdag smacked his lips and said, “Yes I am sure a salvager could gain a pretty shiny simply searching the icy waters around this place. Of course they might want to beware of unexploded ordinance and savage aquatic nightmares.”


“Hey Lurtor? How about we find these weapons and destroy them. They sound more trouble than they are worth.”


Lurtor says "I see no reason to keep these weapons around. We need to either destroy them or make sure they cannot be found and used by the wrong beings.

Yyanogdol and Ognor sound like something to avoid right now. We need more information.

The nightmare lord ship should stay sealed, or maybe find a way for Bliss to take control of it. I’ve been in a nightmare lord building before. They can contain really disturbing things. And the building themselves at as their own defense.

Did we hear about Gorguldol?