The Last Citadel of the Yyan Empire and the surrounding peninsula (Week 8+)


Ulhdag took another meal from them in payment and offered up, “The Gorguldol? I have it right here…”

Ulhdag rose up and reached into his rappings and pulled out what looked like little more than a rod in the massive hand of the Yyan Gor. But when Ulhdag placed the rod in front of Eli and Lurtor, it was obviously nearly as tall as Eli.

Lurtor looked at the aura of the weapon and saw it was artificed incredibly strongly with Shadow Leyas and a wide range of obscurements.

“No story?” asked Lurtor.

Ulhdag said "The user of the Gorguldol may never tell the story of the weapon. Only others may share its tale. But it kills all who dare to stand before its user, so it is rare enough for there to be anyone left to see the weapon and tell its tale…

But I have borne the Gorguldol for long enough, it needs a new master…"


Eli asked, “You think this weapon will be useful to to destroy the others, Lurtor?”


Lurtor looked at the rod, to see if he could see any writings, without touching it. (Nightmare lord language 2). Comparing any writings to the transit station, Ruins he’s seen with Mag Buskt, and the nightmare lord ring he found.

That nightmare lord ring he had. The boy hand this on him. He was here and left. Though he did not know if the boy got this far.

Lurtor wondering a few things. Lurtor responds to Eli "A nightmare lord weapon to destroy other nightmare lord weapons. It is made in with an incredible amount of Shadow leyas. So much that even through the obscurements on it, I can still sense it some. But it sounds a little too easy. I’m wary of All powerful weapons given out. There is always a catch. Also sounds like if we don’t accept it, it would leave us standing before it’s user. And it kills all who stand before its user… "

Then respectfully to Ulhdag "Before we decide about Gorguldol, May I ask some questions of you? "

(OOC, this should allow Lurtor to see if he can read anything. on the Weapon.)


Looking closely and comparing the strange rare and shifting language, Lurtor was able to only make out a few select phrases.
Is this the Key to the Spirit?

Your mind is playing tricks on you?

Which is more real, the World, or the World as the Mind Experiences it?

The Ice of Distance from Life feels colder than the Iceflows of V’Crios. [/i]

On this last one, he noticed his translate leyas abilities were able to translate V’Crios the Dream Seas the Styx, all in the same position where it said V’Crios quite clearly in Nightmare Lord.


Ulhdag grew annoyed as if he’d seen this situation time and time again, “No…you may not ask me questions about the Gorguldol… Make your choice Olgog…”


Then Lurtor noticed the same House name, or family crest or something. It was definitely the most prominent symbol appearing on the Gorguldol, and it matched a symbol on the Nightmare Lord ring the boy must have found on the corpse of the Old Vlad Clone near the submarine landing.

He had noticed the ring in his pocket begin to grow warmer and warmer in the presence of the Gorguldol. It was now warm like a beating heart in his pocket and had a gentle pulse to it.


Lurtor was split on this. He knew this was a trap. Most likely this would be how the Yyan was freed, passing this to someone else. But the ring. The Yyan might not know he had the ring. It match, and he felt them as a pair. It could make the difference. Either way, this was the part where he was dammed if he did, or dammed it he didn’t. Might as well use the wild card.

Lurtor would never do this under normal conditions. But this was not normal. He dipped his hand into his pocket with the ring put the unknown nightmare lord artifact ring on. Then he reached and grabbed Gorguldol with that hand.

Lurtor says “I will accept Gorguldol in hopes it will help protect and defend.”

This is after all where his Bladed Sun faith has been leading him to. Protect the weak. These weapons the Yyan described must not fall into the wrong hands otherwise countless could die. Maybe this would help prevent that. Either way this was either really smart and the only way out or really stupid. He really hoped for the first.


Lurtor’s hand closed around the Gorguldol. There was a blast of purple and blue chilling flames that licked out across the entire city. Had there been a single normal living being in the city they would have died in that moment. Eli was protected by his Immutable nature. Lurtor was killed instantly and awoke to an undeath as a Kaeleoch. The powers of the ring of the Nightmare Lords kept him from losing himself to the undead curse.

The ring activated and there was a ripping sound as fleshworm nightmares cut into Lurtor’s flesh and armor. They easily passed through both and cutting deep dark lines across the Greenfur’s flesh. They were each an inch thick, and when he stood, there were fleshworm tentacles extending out of the shadows of these marks across his body.

Ulhdag fell over dead, his giant body crashing down with a thud and a sigh…

The Gorguldol bound itself to his hand, not letting go of Lurtor. Each end of the Gorguldol turned into claws that opened and closed. As Lurtor concentrated, he could feel the claws at the ends of the rod open and close as he tried to open and close his own hand. It was a strange alien feeling, but being an undead being for the first time.

[Lurtor is now the Bearer of the Gorguldol, he has a Kaeleoch nature as long as he is the bearer of this Nightmare Lord relic. This means he takes x2 dmg from Light Leyas and Laser attacks.
He cannot use Light or Healing Leyas or Artifacts while under the effects of the curse of the Gorguldol. He gains GhostFire Fists 15 Chill dmg touch attacks. Healing does dmg instead of restoring H.P.
The Nightmare Lord Ring keeps him sentient and in control of himself. It also is fully activated and while the Gorguldol curse is active, Lurtor can always make an attack doing 2d6 Melee dmg from the biting tentacles of the Fleshworms coming out of his body (1 attack for each Melee attacks).]


Lurtor thought, well dam, it turns out it was number 2.

Lurtor stood there looking over his body, using his Shapeshifting leyas to get a sense of his body. Lurtor said to Eli "Well, that might have been option 2. I am still me, though this body now is changed. I’m not sure what all of it means though. I’m going to try a few things, nothing that exciting hopefully. You may see shifts in my form, arms, wings, ect. Normal stuff… At least neither of use is gone dead. "

Lurtor concentrated on Gorguldol, seeing if it stayed this huge Rod, or if it would reshape to his desire. While having a large rod could be useful, it could get in the way too. Lurtor tried to imaging it shirking down to where it would look like a claw on his hand. Can he spin the rod or move his hand location on it while still maintaining contact. Did it respond to his thoughts?

At a notice of danger from disturbing the ring, Lurtor will stop or scale back his tests. He was trying to get used to the undead body and what it meant. Not cause himself more issues.

Then he would see if his Shapeshifting leyas would still work, making sure to leave his arm attached to the ring and rod mostly alone. He didn’t dare mess with the ring while under the effects of the rod. Seeing if his bone rings still worked. Lurtor was in his bigger form from the bone rings (aka armor and strength bonuses). He wanted to see if the ring grew and shank with his form. Applying the slightest size difference.

Then Mimic a form about the same size. He may not be able to use his other forms for a while. Can he make his form look less monstrous. Will he be able to use another form like Lurry still, or will Lurry be retired until he can fix this. No Doopleganger for the moment That might be a whole different issues.

Then Grow claws on his non rod hand. Grow wings, remove wings. Grow an extra arm, and reabsorb it.

With the Rod Claw, he’ll scratch the floor testing the sharpness of the claws.

Lastly, the fleshworm tenticles, could he make them going completely into the shadows so they weren’t visible, and how far did they reach out when he willed it. And how many were there.

Lurtor then realized he was grateful that he didn’t wear any healing or light artifacts though he owned some.

Lastly, did he notice a bond to the arena or anything else near by. More of a sense of the shadow leyas?

(OOC Lurtor is also trying to figure out the properties if any to the rod beyond the change in him.)


Eli watched as Lurtor began to transform himself.

At first Lurtor stared at the rod and seemed frustrated that the rod didn’t change. Then he began swinging the rod, eventually rolling it back and forth across his finger tips and onto even the back of his hand. The large staff moved with grace and ease as if its weight was far less than it appeared.

Lurtor smiled for a moment as he balanced the entire rod on a single finger of the hand bearing the ring. Yet try as he might, Lurtor seemed unable to disarm himself. Thinking back to where Ulhdag had stored the item, Lurtor tried pressing the rod to the back of his hand and pulled up some cordage and wrapped it there at the back of his hand. Satisifed he could tie it in place, Lurtor released the cord, and the rod snapped back into place in his hand. Useful to know.

Then Lurtor tried to mimic Eli’s form, much to Eli’s disturbance. It was weird watching the green fur turn into a mirror image of himself, and Eli felt a little creeped out. But Eli noticed that Lurtor’s copy of him had that same strange ring on, except the ring had a new stone set in it that wasn’t there before. When Lurtor turned back into himself, the rod returned to its normal size and shape, and the extra stone on the ring disappeared.

Lurtor created shapeshifted claws and cut at the floor for some reason. Then an extra arm, then a tail, then some wings. Eli was getting worried about Lurtor.

Then finally Lurtor concentrated on the rod and the claws extended and he cut at the floor with each side, cutting huge chunks from the floor.


Then Eli wondered if he should draw his revolvers because those shadow tentacles that were only extending about three inches from Lurtor now extended to a full ten feet in all directions. Then Lurtor looked like he was trying to take a shit, and the tentacles retracted but only to about an inch long.

Lurtor shifted so he looked like the Earther VLAD agent Lurry Stananopolos, which surprised Eli because he thought the fellows were separate people. The ring had an extra stone and was clearly visible on Lurry the Merchant’s hand.

The Lurtor returned to his normal form. Again with the Gorguldol in hand. He sighed, and rested on it, and the bottom claw opened until it was a pedestal bottom perfectly supporting Lurtor’s emotionally weary form on the staff.


Eli deadpan “Oh great, that was useless and gross.”

He held the bridge of his nose in disgust then look at what Lurtor became.

“How are you feeling Lurtor? Just wandering 'cause my guts are not feeling great. We need to figure our next move and I’ve got a suggestion.”

Looking at the dead body of the Ulhdag, Eli whispered a silent pray.

“Forgot how gross my life can get. Let’s get out of here and make our way to the control room of the nightmare lord ship. Consider how nasty sounding the other weapons are… good next move,” Eli “green in the face” McGraw said as he got his wits together.


Lurtor says "Sorry about that, I had to see what my limitations and enhancements are now. As someone who shifts forms much of the time, whether to grow stronger or tougher or even look like someone else, I have less attachment to my form, and sometimes forget how all that shifting can be disturbing.

Of warning, I cannot hold back the nightmares with Light leyas like I did on the way in. I don’t think they can effect me much, but we may have to beat some of them back if we go into the open area. And I have other ways I can deal with them.

For the control room. If its truly below us, I could stone shape and tunnel a way down to it. But if there are nightmares there we will have to deal with them. Lets checkout the room to see if there are any hidden passages out of here. I’ll also send some eye spies out to checkout the area where the nightmares are."

First Lurtor will use his goggles to create some eye spies that he will send out the door lock to check the area where the nightmares are. Then he’ll use Air and Earth leyas to search out any hidden doors or places where air maybe leaking through the wall or floor. And he’ll use his leyas sight to look over the room as well.


He quickly finds advancing hordes of fleshworms coming from all directions as if drawn to them now that Ulhdag was dead.

It seemed the one safe direction would be to tunnel through the floor.


Then Tunneling it was, Lurtor using his ring of tunneling started with Tunnel Materials to start the tunnel.

Lurtor said to Eli, Get in, once we are in, I’ll block it off from the fleshworms.

Once in, Lurtor would stone shape the entrance closed with a door locking on the inside. Leaving no room between the door and the wall/floor/ceiling. Then once closed off, Lurtor would maintain a purify air so they did not suffercate… or Eli Suffercate, did he breath anymore…

Once that was set, Lurtor would continue the tunnel down.


“Flesh worms! This gets better and better,” Eli complained as he jump in the the tunnel.


Lurtor tunneled below, opening the way for Eli and the pair dropped down to safety. The hole was closed, and they were in the dark for a moment. Then chilling flames appeared at each of the sconces in the room. While they illuminated the room, they made the room colder as they did so.

The chamber was massive. It seemed to be some sort of honorific catacombs. There were massive skeletons of Yyan Warriors pinned to the wall by ornate pins and they seemed to be ritually painted in gold, silver and copper.

One side of the wall was caved in with the nose of the corpse of a Nightmare Lord ship smashed through the wall. The vessel was the size of an EEF submarine, but only the front few feet of the vessel could be seen.

Looking in the opposite direction, it seemed the Yyan had a full set of catacombs down here that extended onward. More and more giant bone as far as the eyes could see.


The armor of the front of the Nightmare Lord Vessel’s corpse was still strong, but had no obvious seams or doors.


Lurtor looked around with Leyas sight, looking for the signs of shadow leyas. He hoped that these skeletons were not already set to animate and were just Skeletons.

Lurtor whispered to Eli “I notice it continues to get colder, I’m not sure how much colder it will get. What do you make of this? Hopefully this is not the same as the flooded level that Ongor and the Yyanogdol roam.”

Then looking at the nightmare lord ship he says "he last nightmare lord building I was instructions to open. It required the sacrifice of blood. It turned out it just needed some blood in a bowl to open. And then the wall opened. The building was more alive. In fact when the building was cut, it defended itself and we were forced to leave.

So I think trying to cut our way in maybe the wrong way to go about it, but not sure what would be the right way… maybe… I wonder if this vessel would open if one used the nightmare lord language. Its written form may work. Or maybe touching it and thinking open since Nightmare lords use mental communication instead of speaking."

Lurtor would then look over the visible part of the ship. If Eli wants the ship open too, LUrtor will try the tracing open with his finger making sure not to damage the corpse of the ship. WHile doing that, he will ask the ship to open"

ANd if it doesn’t work, he’ll just feel a bit silly.


Then Lurtor thought better about it. Hopefully before he touches the ship, Lurtor says "I should create a wall so if a leak were to happen it won’t flood the area. I’ll create a wall with a door so if something where to happen, the water won’t go into the rest of the area.

THen Lurtor steps back and using earth leyas, creates a think wall 10 ft around the nose of the sub from floor to ceiling. He then puts a door into the wall using stone shape. Making sure it is tight fit. His strength should be able to open it.

Lurtor steps back, and looks. And says, “Thats better. Now back to the nightmare lord ship?”