The McGraw Expedition Harbor (Glacial Wastes Week 1)


“Heh, you want to do something stupid? I’ll make it worth your time.”


Lester Colt said , “What type of stupid? I’m open to a plan if that is what you are angling at.”


El gives a little laugh.

“Here’s a handcuff key,” Eli said to Lester as he handed it to him.

Eli quickly then slaps a handcuff on Lester’s left wrist.

“Don’t freak out. This is for later. Right now we’re going to keep you safe by keeping you close. Which will be putting you in danger.”

Eli explains as he drags Lester Colt away, “We’re going going to set a trap. These Descended of Pelos are going to rescue you and they’re going to fail. First though, we’re going make it look like you ran and I capture you. To do that, we’re going to fight some Neliff. I’ll explain more on the way. Going to pick up a new friend first.”

Eli take Lester on the sub to Belinda Frost and asks is she wants to go sink some Neliff ships. Yeah, it’s going to be stupid.


Belinda doesn’t want to see another war, after her brush with being Warmonger’s General, she is a little leery understandably. But she made the modifications that Eli asked for. An always on Ice Spike artifact on the prow to act like a ramming spike. Despite Belinda not being up for battle, it seemed her ally the former Hobtla Mag’ol Olgog known as Snowy Touch was excited to take a break from working as a barback to fight alongside Eli McGraw.


With Lester Colt and Snowy Touch aboard his sub, Eli McGraw was ready. He set out quick, knowing even at full speed it would take time to reach the location of the battle. For the first of a few times, he wondered if he had made a mistake in not taking the Sylvan’s offer to upgrade the vessel.

But it was too late now, he was on the way to the battle of Holys and Pren wouldn’t have the time to grow the necessary crystals…

But at least with Snowy Touch onboard he knew he had a powerful water mancer to back his play.