The Morning after in Deryyanheim. (TSGL3 Week 6 +)


Lurtor pauses a moment and takes a deep breath to try and calm down. Using his shapeshifting leyas, he asserts control over his heart and Adrenalin, bringing them to normal levels. He needed to clear his head… letting the fight or flight feeling settle down.

Lurtor thought "He could not attack a leadership of a colony… He needed to settle down… more… he couldn’t flee that would ruin too much of what he’s worked for. This was not the path he choose to go down. The test might actually be the right thing… .but… No he had little choice right now. "

After a few minutes, Lurtor then says “Fine, but I do wish to watch the test and make sure the sample is destroyed… this is a stressful issue for me. One I thought I was over, but I guess not. Thanks… for understanding this.”

As he said that, there was still tension in his face at it took obvious effort to say, but the fire dimmed down in his eyes about it.


“I thank you for being understanding. I know this is difficult, and will personaly destroy the sample in front of you, or you can do it yourself.” Scribe said trying to help Lurtor relax.


Scribe called in the Four Horsemen, and Pestilence was the first to arrive. He slinked into the bar with his pus-ridden arm covered by bandages. He was dressed in an IR officer uniform, though the rank marker literally said Nu.

“Okay seems like you have a flux point in the space time contiuim in this bar. Mind telling me where the folks who weren’t working with us came from? As in, give me a brief synopsis of your last time shred. Where…when and with whom, so I know what conditions you all might have been exposed to.”

The cloned solider seemed calm enough as if this were just procedural. Lurtor had a tough choice. Tell the IR Temporal Officer about the Nanites that nearly wiped out all life or try and lie about it or obscure the truth. Lurtor knew he was in uncharted waters, but he also knew the one topic the IR and the EEF agreed on was not changing the past.


The future…that was what is in question…


(OOC not sure if the question was to scribe or the time travelers, I’m taking it as directed to me)

Lurtor says "To start this, I have never traveled time, so my knowledge on this is limited. I don’t even know when this is now. So I don’t know how long we have been gone except the time traveler said he would take us to our present. So keep that in mind.

This started off with us here defending a museum from thieves. When I jumped near one who i thought was the boss of the criminals, then Another stabbed him with a sword, and then a flash of blue light. This is when I first saw the time traveler stranger who did this… in fact now that I mention it, he didn’t even introduce himself.

He told us we were 600 to 800 years in the future on another planet. The skies were very different. We were in the open in a strange place. So we took cover. We jumped to another building that was giving off Leyas which was out of place. We found a study that Mortis Leonin had used. He left a video of himself for other time travelers saying he was in the past to wipe out the Olgogs. He is an church of One Inqusitor afterall. He said he was heading back to 575 A.R. Also there was an inactive nanite vial that he claimed was a plague. We took no chances, the nanites were destroyed as I do not trust anything that has to deal with Mortis Leonin.

Then we finally convinced the time traveller to take us home, and we popped up here.

I’m not a time traveler so some of this information is from the traveler and you will have to take what he says as I don’t know if it was completely true or not."

Lurtor thought about how far in deep Scribe was with the IR and how that could be trouble.


Pestilence took voice and holographic recordings of the interaction. Running Lurtor’s blood through a set of scanners he looked a bit perplexed.

"Well Mr. Lurtor Im seeing some genetic signifiers implying you are a clone. Based off an older Brethren Nu cloning design. First one Ive ever run into with Olgog materials. Impressive but not dangerous.

And I can give you a clean bill of health. No parasites, no diseases. You are safe for reintegration into this timeline."

Lurtor sputtered when he heard the bit about being a Brethren Nu model clone. “What?”

“Oh about the cloning thing? It makes sense you might not know. Looks like you were a slow growth model, and I’d say you’ve been a clone for this long…”

Writing the number down on his pad, Lurtor was surprised to see it dated back to his childhood, years before his service in the VLAD Agency.

Doing the math, it would imply that Lurtor’s first cloning happened when he was still a youth. Could the Old VLAD been manipulating his life for so long…if so why? And suddenly a darker thought dawned on him. If he had been manipulated since his youth by the Old Vlad, what of his former squad mate turned arch nemesis, Olgog the Olgog? Could he have a similar spectre hanging over his own youth?

Lurtor kept these thoughts to himself and thanked Pestilence when he saw the soldier destroy the samples after the tests were done.

Pestilence turned to Scribe and said, “Excellent work here Scribe. These are exactly the types of threats we need you to report. I can give these Olgogs a clean bill of health. But we will have to take that K’ias body the sword wielder is carrying into custody. He can keep the sword but we need that corpse. Its a Top 10 most wanted temporal criminals list…”

They realized he was pointing at Jah’kal’s corpse still impaled on Mawen Rapider’s sword.


Lurtor considered the news… he thought "Now what does that mean, is the original dead, and I was restored into this cloned body. Am I one of many clones from back then… did the cloning of me happen recently by Old VLAD, or was it back then as well as now… How long ago was that other clone created…

This was not the time to reflect on this. This news did shape things into a new light. He would have to track this down at a later date."

Then Lurtor nodded to Pestilence and said “I have no need of that Corpse. Though the one whose sword its seemed to have a grudge against him. Can you give us any details of when we are and what’s been going on? Any major battles or anything?”


Pestilence pulled out a nicotine laced stick and began sucking on it slowly. He said, “Well the Iron Republic has a full flotilla inbound to this planet.
Apparently the Djinni unleashed some sort of army on the locals. Of course the stupid Djinni gave their army technomancy a very illegal and immoral form of Leyas use that is highly regulated in both the EEF and the Iron Republic. One of the few things we can agree on is that most people can’t be trusted with Technomancy.
But yeah as far as I know the IR is following the EEFs lead on this one. Staying back unless the EEF has an utter failure against the Djinni army incursion. Or at least thats how its classified in the memory download I recieved before deployment here. Seems the IR tactical reports confirm the EEF has the situation well under control. Shocking I know but my records show the IR is serious about maintaining this peace between the our selves and the penal colony of Refuge…er I mean, the Free Colonies of Refuge. We have enough problems with the technomagi of the Unity and the technomantic monsters known as E-strain. Hence Technomancy being illegal in most locals.”


Wrong account


Lurtor didn’t want to interrupt, but a thought came to him, Lurtor asks “You called the man who brought us here a criminal. Who is he? I don’t want to be caught up on the wrong side of things and I feel my ignorance may get me in trouble later if I don’t that ignorance or learn about the laws in regards to this. I got don’t change the past at all. I know that much but not much more.”


Mawen’s brow furrowed, there was obviously some sort of misunderstanding because this was a k’ias and this smoking gentleman from the IR had to know that it was his duty as a gor’ab to apprehend and take down the k’ias. He scratched his chin, and nodded trying to understand where the miscommunication was; he stated trying to sound more important and intelligent for the IR representative, “Well my good sir, there seems to be a misunderstanding. I am known as Mawen Rapider, a Mag’Daron Gor’ab following Yagogi’al the Og’ab. This criminal you seek is my prize, I had slain him in the battle around the museum, and without warning we were brought somewhere new in a flash of blue light. I have done my duty and kept him impaled on my battle blade and have not let either out of my sight. I in fact look to dispose of his entire being as soon as I have some time. I suppose if you really wanted, you can watch as I enjoy the spoils of this victory.” Mawen said the last part while licking over his larger pointier canines, looking somewhat proud but as always a little confused.


“Why do I feel like my paperwork’s just tripled in size?” Scribe said dragging his hand down his face. “Do the Horsemen need me to place other TA’s in the area to monitor the increased activities or is it covered?”

(The other will be fixed later. didn’t know which account i was in at the time.)


Pestilence finished the “paperwork” on his wrist computer, and then looked up at Scribe surprised at the request, or the fact that Scribe was asking in front of UtR members about spreading Iron Republic agents across the Goblin Lands. His eyes went a little wide in surprise, he coughed a few times (rocketing a giant piece of bleeding lung covered in pus into his formerly white hankerchief).

He glanced around a few times at the assembled folks in the bar, not sure what to say to such a covert topic discussed so openly in public.

"Errr, no Scribe, I didn’t think you had other Temporal Agents to place?
My last report showed you and a team just being returned from the Mortis Leonin capture mission.
And we didn’t assign any other agents because this is the present, and we moniter the past. The Iron Republic Starfleet moniters the present.

But now that the temporal flux caused by Mortis Leonin has been mostly cleaned up, I will leave a few monitering devices around town.

However you do bring up a good point about monitering the area. I will have a full IR diplomatic team along with Brethren Epsilons sent here to assist your administration for tracking down any other flux points in the area…"

Pestilence paused, “I will be taking this though.”

Faster than Mawen had ever seen any living human move, Pestilence had already taken the body from his sword.

When Mawen was about to assert his rights as a Gor’ab he noticed the look on Scribe’s face. Mawen had served as Gor’ab long enough to know that local lords would claim prizes from captured criminals. In a way Mawen was happy the IR person didn’t know about the severed hand he had in his pack. It was still his proof to bring back to his peoples of his success against the K’ias Jah’kal.

Seeing this progress with Governor Scribe’s approval, Mawen held his tongue. He was Gor’ab after all and not Uhryu or Mag’Ol, it was not his place to cause Diplomatic problems and he knew it. Though part of him wished his Mag’Ol was here to argue on his behalf with Governor Scribe, leader to leader, about the cultural significance of it all.

Scribe and the rest watched Pestilence pack up his stuff, and leave the bar. Once Pestilence was outside, the rest of those who were at the bar breathed a sigh of relief.

Lurtor and Mawen returned to the UtR. The others returned to their homes.

Scribe found himself once more in Deryyanheim. Governor of a Provisional Colony, with an Iron Republic Diplomatic envoy on the way. Knowing Scribe had to involve the EEF in any negotiations between Deryyanheim and the Iron Republic, and knowing Lurtor would probably report him to the higher ups in the UtR and EEF as an Iron Republic Temporal Assassin, Scribe prepared for the uncomfortable call to Field Marshall Strykker.

Just as Scribe was about to activate his commcrystal back to the Earther government in Chooru, one of his Cloud Slaver citizens rushed into the bar.
Squealing and upset, the Cloud Slaver finally translated his needs to Scribe. And Scribe was shocked and amazed.

While he had been gone, the Quall Hive of the Kefeda Queen Kedorox had taken over some land in his territory. His citizens had tracked the Quall back to a hidden base formed from a crashed meteorite. They seemed to be growing in numbers, and had a full army of Red furs infiltrating his nationstate.

So much to do for such a tiny Governor.


[all characters except Scribe, Daron, and other Temporal Assassins of the IR have left this area and returned home as of Week 8.

Mawen Rapider returns home with the Hand of Jak’hal. He may forge this into a K’ias weapon IF he can find the right K’iou Forgemaster, or Olgog Smith to do so…

Lurtor and Mawen now know Scribe is a Temporal Assassin working for the IR and that he is bringing in IR diplomats and IR law enforcement.

Scribe must decide is he contacting Field Marshall Strykker and telling him the truth OR is he going to continue with a COVERT diplomatic meeting with the Iron Republic leadership. IMPORTANT CHOICE for Governor Scribe and Deryyanheim. ]


For Scribe the decision was easy. After helping to set up lodging for his fellow Temporal Assassins Scribe returned to his office. Once there he lifted a book that always sat on his desk, under which was a hidden compartment of envelopes. Like his regular ones they used Air Leyas to get to the receiver, but these ones had a special trap on them that created a lightning barrier that shocks interceptors and destroys the letter inside.

"Field Marshall Strykker,

I recently was forced into aiding Republic agents after being caught in the plans of one Mortis Lionin that forced myself and several others out of Time. While it was not the best way to deal with him it did bring some new information on the terrorist and has saved the lives of millions. I recently asked one of the higher ranking members about stationing agents in the area. The main reason being that this group of Republic Agents specialize in dealing with Demonic forces and the increase in the rumors in Demonic activity has had me concerned abut the threat to the new residents to the colony.

I have maintained contact with the agents and am awaiting diplomats to speak about temporal criminals in the area (like Lionin) and a means to help stop such from destroying entire species and cultures. If you have any questions please send a response through the secure lines we set up.

Governor of Provisional Colony Deryyanheim

After sealing the letter Scribe cast it to the wind, letting the Leyas carry it to the Field Marshel.


{Post DR2220}

Scribe was sitting in his office when a large Cloud Slaver aide brought in a platter with a single letter. It was addressed to Governor Scribe of Deryyanheim. And its return address was a military base located up the coast.

He opened it, and was surprised to see what it said.

"Governor Scribe,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am EEF Colonel John Marshall Cogburn-Weber. EEF Special Forces found a letter in your hand, addressed to the Colony General and apparently carried by the wind. It was found in a sandstorm, by a reliable soldier. EEF Uth Seers have confirmed your penning this document.

It was delivered to the office of the Colony General and once a new Colony General is assigned it will be handed to it. Its contents were handed over to EEF Internal Affairs for further investigation.

I will be coming to visit the Provisional Colony of Deryyanheim to ask you more about you and your allies operations alongside the Iron Republic.

By the you receive this letter I should be arriving via AAV.

I thank you for your time,

Col. Cogburn-Weber."


After reading the letter Scribe made sure to have it spread through the city that he was expecting Col. Cogburn-Weber, having the local guards double their vetting of an persons seeking entry (being wary of Shapeshifters). While that was spreading Scribe will work with his aids to collect a meal for the meeting and to set proper accommodation for the colonial and and subordinates that have been sent along.


Col. Cogburn-Weber arrived on an AAV as promised and had Scribe brought to their AAV. Onboard the air assault vehicle the main cabin had been turned into a very comfortable office.

When Scribe arrived, he would be asked to leave his bodyguards outside for a truly confidential discussion. He was wanded for listening devices, bugs and eye spies.

Then he was offered a very comfy chair obviously designed for dignitaries.

Col. Cogburn-Weber said, "Governor Scribe, it is a real honor to meet with you.

I would do like to ask you a few questions about your work for the IR Temporal Assassins.

Would that be okay?"


Col. Cogburn-Weber said, "Governor Scribe,

My first question is, What was your primary mission while working for the Iron Republic? and Did they give you a way to contact them?"


Rather then taking the offered seat Scribe remained standing and handed Col. Cogburn-Weber a very thick folder.

“Here is a full report of the incident, you will find the scetchs of those mentioned done by a very talented Uthvalor who has recently moved into the city. As for the mission, me and a couple of others who had been trying to take down Mortus were asked to infultrait a base he was using to train recruits on Old Earth, with the objective of finding his second in command. After a hostile first contact I burned the bar and whatever they were using to cover their base from aerial viewing. Myself and another captured the target, interrogated her, then turned her over to the Republic agents that then returned us here, after paying us for our services.”