The Morning after in Deryyanheim. (TSGL3 Week 6 +)


The Colonel was taking the obvious time to read the file twice in front of Scribe, which put Scribe in an odd situation. He had refused the seat, so he was stuck standing the entire time. It didn’t seem that Col. Cogburn-Weber was trying to be rude, just very, very thorough. He made notes on each read through, and on a separate page began making questions in his messy longhand. Hours passed.

Finally, the Colonel said, "Governor Scribe, thank you so much for your time and your full incident report. Your honesty regarding you and Candidate Daron working as agents of the Iron Republic is truly appreciated. It seems this use of a Time Shredder has affected many, many things.

Before you left, this countryside had a full Quall Invasion from a specific Hive threat. Now that Hive has disappeared, and all the demonic entities have been wiped from this timeline. Certain variables bring up certain questions. I will request General Map’el to come and meet with us to discuss the next steps. Please keep this IR matter confidential for now."

Col. Cogburn-Weber stood up and shook the Governor’s hand.

Scribe walked out of the AAV very confused about the meeting. He had first wondered if he was being set up, but it seemed the Colonel had really been seeking information. The question was how General Map’el would interpret the information.

But as the AAV left, it did give Scribe time to focus on the affairs of state for Deryyanheim once again.