The New Brezan Republic of Simonsburg or ?


Ka’na’na’na walked up after Lokyi of Gul’al, showing respect and asking, “My tribe could make great use for these bodies. Not the living ones, the other ones. We could trade them with our friends for artificed fire weapons with which the Mightiest Chieftain might equip her warriors. Fire weapons that will never miss what you aim them at. I have seen the Elder make them before. Would you be willing to give me these bodies for this use. They are Earthers and our avowed enemies.”


Lokyi was done trying to communicate directly with non-tribe members at this point. He was also done with this town and Earthers and being polite. A sharp clapping pattern sent the Gul’al tribe members in hearing range scrambling to get the mounts ready to leave. Lokyi caught Hob’og’s attention and signaled for him to get over here and translate: “Tla’al just said not enemies, her pets, her problem.” At this point, Hob’og bursts out with “Did you see her kill him and bring him back?” Lokyi signs and Hob’og nods in response until Lokyi gestures to Ka’na’na’na as way of reminding Hob’og to translate. “Oh!” He sobers his voice, “Lokyi says to see how many pets she plans to raise.”


Mayor Gottschalk felt the spreading love of God through him and he knew his new purpose, he then began to speak to the remaining people! He knew the truth now and they needed to know as well!

"My people, townsfolk and Paladins! We have been done a grave injustice! I have felt God’s presence here today and it was by the hands of his Angels. The Church has deceived us! These Olgogs are not demonic, look upon the bible itself, look upon the descriptions of Angels, they are given descriptions that seem foreign to us, our interpretations have misguided us. I felt here the same power as I did when the Pope himself cured my injured hand! Now this one has shown that he has the same powers, this can only be the work of the Holy One Blessed be He!

Obviously there is corruption within the Church itself! The Pope is of course second only to God but surely he doesn’t know the evil that is being perpetrated in his name! The Devil has twisted various servants of God to mislead us and force us into a life of toil and torment, using hatred to control us! You all have felt the unnatural pain that the false servants have forced upon us! These Olgogs have been sent by God himself to show us the error of our ways! Come brothers, sisters! Let us join with these wonderfully divine servants of the Lord and spread the truth to all of the people here in these lands! These are not Goblin Lands, these are Heiliges Land der Bediensteten des Gottes, the Holy lands of God’s servants!

The mayor takes Tla’al’s hand and holds it above his head, This Angel has shown us the truth! We shall follow him and his people and bring freedom and God’s Justice to all Earthers who live under the Church’s oppresive rule! We shall first free these lands then the Holy Lands of Dunesphere! We shall free the Pope from the corruption of the Church and bring peace to all lands as ALL PEOPLE ARE GODS PEOPLE! So it shall be written! So it shall be DONE!"

As Mayor Gottschalk finished his speech everyone, townsfolk, Squires, and Paladins all praised the Lord! Their eyes now opened they as one pledged their lives to God’s will! They knew the truth of the Church’s lies now and opened their hearts and minds to these Angels of God! These green furred messengers who will now lead them into a bright future free of oppression and ignorance!

(Tla’al and the Gangs of Uf Mag og have now gained the loyalty and allegiance of the town of New Simonsburg. The Mayor and the newly converted townsfolk will explain everything to any and all who are revived after this fact and convert them to this new truth! The town is now theirs for showing them the error of their previous ways)


Tla’al’s eyes nearly popped open as the Mayor exalted her before her people. She went from awkward, to confident, to even more awkward. Oh boy, I’ve really done it now. I went too far. Urog is going to kill me. Once the Mayor had finished, she realized there was work to be done.

She spoke to Ginna, in her native tongue, to sent word to Urog of all that occurred here. She was to take one of the Earther horses, they’re a little faster than stalkers. “Tell our leader he should send an elder or two, and a few more Ur’Rhugs, just in case. We’ll need water.” She then looked at Der’yi and Ka’ol, “Coordinate with the other gogs here to put this town together… looks like we’re not going anywhere.”

Immediately Der’yi went to Lokyi, as she was speaking with the red fur. “Looks like the Earthers are on our side. How do you propose we rule this town?”

Ka’ol went to Yyan Ol, “Do you think you can let the Earthers go now? We’re going to need your help to rebuild the walls and make sure everything is ready in case the Earthers decide to come back.”

Tla’al, in the meantime, was trying to figure out exactly how this was going to work. “Mayor, there will need to be much learning here. But we are now all together. Let’s make this work.” She knew that language and use of the Leyas would be major hurdles, but hopefully once they pass that, they might be able to make this work.


Lokyi signed to Hob’og who passed on, “We’ll ride a perimeter and announce the town a protected zone before heading back to Gul’al. She won’t want to administer the town, it’s too far inland and too small for us all. We will get tribe members who have skills for finding water and farming come help you teach living with the land and with Olgogs.”


Der’yi nodded to Hob’og and Lokyi. Der’yi wasn’t aware of the conversations between Urog and Hikiti, but Hikiti had mentioned something about learning and working with Earthers. Looking at Tla’al, who was overcome with joy at the success of her enterprise, Der’yi knew there was no going back. “We’ll help administer. There are many Olgog who may wish to help, let them come to us.”


As the excitement ebbed and his mancers released all those trapped in the trenches and began to rebuild the razed wall. They thought of raising the bunkers as well but offered to create tunnels down to them instead so they could be used as places for storage and shelter. they would raise them if that was what they really wanted.
Galun looked around and said to one of his mancers “This is the beginning of something strange and wonderful”


A force of 40 Paladins, 40 Squires, and 3 steam tanks have begun to besiege the town.

Their leader marches forward and shouts “Goblin Horde! We are here for the citizens that you have taken! Return them and you will not be harmed! We are all reasonable folk here, discuss this amongst yourselves! We think this is very fair, you may remain inside Simonsburg but the people must be released to our custody! What say you?”


A small Earther child overhears the shout. The townsfolk get very very quiet. Most of the Olgog don’t even understand what the Earthers have said. The child, Eve, escapes her parents grasp. She climbs up the wall with deft skill, surprising every one, runs up to the top of the wall and shouts, "We like it here! Why must we leave?!?


Paladin Yorik, Shouted again, “Show us a representative who can negotiate, we can leave her with no violence. We could have simply attacked the town like you did when you showed up, however we are giving you a chance to show that you aren’t simply savages. Talk to us, or is fighting all you know how to do?”


The small Earther child hadn’t received much of an education, but she didn’t like how the Paladin insinuated that the furry angels were savages. They had come to town and brought everyone back from the dead. The Mayor had convinced her and her parents that the green furred weren’t savages after all. Her parents called at her, “Eve, come down, this is adult work!”

Tla’al was trying to figure out what to do. Those that understood Earther were bemused that an Earther child was talking on their behalf. Those that didn’t appreciated the child’s audacity as she yelled out incomprehensibly to the Church of One Paladins beyond the city’s walls.

Eve paid no mind to anyone. “We’re happy where we are. Now go away!” She stuck her tongue out for good measure and blew a raspberry at Paladin Yorik.


Paladin Yorik called a third time, “So, is that it? Is there to be no negotiation then? You continue to ignore us then? I do wish this to be official, you will not even speak to us? We give you an opportunity to try to settle this peacefully, will you spit in the face of our consideration? Do you truly wish this to end in violence?”


Eve was offended. She pouted, put her hands on her hips. She took one hand off her hip and pointed it at the paladin, wagging it excitedly, much like her parents did to her. “You’re not listening to me, young man. If you don’t stop threatening us with violence, the great Lord will punish you all!” To which the townfolk listening bursted out into laughter. The olgogs who couldn’t understand laughed at the ridiculous nature of the scene, even though they didn’t understand what was going on.

Eve continued, paying no heed to the appreciation of those behind her. “I may be a little girl, but I will not be ignored young man. We’re doing fine without your help. No go away and be nice to others.” She finished her speech by stamping down and crossing her arms angrily.


Paladin York turned to the child, “Very well child, if my ears do not deceive me you are the designated representative of these Goblins, and the townsfolk seem to be with you. Very well child, if you wish to be with them so be it. We shall leave, may God have mercy on your souls.”

Paladin York turns to his army “Soldiers of the Lord! The townsfolk of Simonsburg have chosen to join with the Goblins. We shall leave and let them all be together, Let us head back.”

The Church of One force flipped their formation so their vanguard became their rearguard and the Tanks turned around while keeping their guns trained behind them but not directly at the town but more in a defensive posture. They began marching away from the town.


By the time Tla’al made her way to the top of the wall, the Earthers were already in retreat. She smiled at Eve, but knew better of Earther treachery to believe that there would be a peaceful retreat. The last time the Earthers retreated, they bombed the Great Uf, disrupting the clean-up. Earthers had no honor. Neither did Brezans. It just meant you always had to expect treachery.

Tla’al called her peers over, as well as leaders from other tribes and clans. “The Earthers,” she began in Olgog, “say they’re leaving. I don’t trust them to leave us alone. I don’t think they want to expand Earther lives… but I fear they may bomb us. If that happens, I say we retreat into the bunkers we created and let them flatten the town. We can always use the Lalhob’or to rebuild walls and homes. Worse comes to worse, we can use Lalhob’or to tunnel our way out of the town.”


Life has expanded in the bustling town of Simonsburg. Trade brought by the train, and loot from the battles of the GNA, has made the town quite prosperous.

Even new religions have come to Simonsburg, and without any sort of regulatory agency, they set up where they may.


Tla’al and Kolog were at the helm of the growth of Simonsburg. They fostered positive relations, help set-up and fortify the town, helped set-up trade and tried very hard to learn about the Earthers and their customs. In turn, they encouraged Earthers to learn about them. Whenever different groups came through town, there was always someone to talk to, to learn about. As Urog had told them, If we are ever to have peace, we must learn from them and we must teach them..

Problem, was, of course, figuring out who did what, who said what, and how, if at all, this town would be ruled. In the short term, there was no real ruling structure, but at some point Urog would have to make a decision in Gul’al’s name. In the short term, the Earther’s deferred to the former Mayor and the Olgog deferred to Kolog, the elder to Tla’al. The Earthers, however, deferred more to Tla’al than to Kolog, but that was expected.

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The building had sat, empty and alone, near the outskirts of the town, for quite a while now. For a few weeks prior to today, however, there had been Olgogs in and out of the structure, moving equipment, making repairs, ect.

Now the building looked better than just presentable. Which was an improvement over how it looked when it had been claimed. And was also probably why no one disturbed the Olgogs who were occupying it. Vast improvement swept through Simonsburg, and the entire town looked to be in much better condition than it had just months before. Even so, however, and most importantly, there still wasn’t a solid governing body that had control over the town. And that was why Simonsburg had been chosen.

Simonsburg was, hopefully, just the first step in setting up a solid establishment. A church. A new religion. Well, not necessarily a religion. But that was probably how the townsfolk would view it. Whatever it actually was, the point was to gain followers, worshipers. Those who had belief, and faith, in a being. And the target of that belief, that faith: Krodnok.

The statue of Krodnok had been placed outside just about two weeks ago, and had brought some attention. It stood about 10 feet tall, and was made of a dark grey stone. The figure depicted was, of course, Krodnok. A few of the towns residents had heard the name before, and of some things that had either been done by, or in the name of, but now they had a face to go with the name. The figure they saw was strange. It had three eyes, two normal eyes, and a third large eye in the middle of it’s forehead. It also had four arms, all of which were open, in almost some sort of a welcoming gesture.

Any and all were welcome into the building, where there resided 10 Olgogs, all wearing grey robes, with large hoods on them. Talk to any of these ‘priests’, as the townsfolk came to refer to them as, and they would tell you about the being known as Krodnok. Of how he was once slave to the Evil known as the Warmonger. Of how he broke free of the Warmongers control. Of how he now worked to free others of the same control, as well as prevent it from happening to others. And of how he sought to not only protect from the Warmonger, but from all the Evils.

Today, however, there were more priests than normal. 15 total. Today was the ‘official’ unveiling, and introduction, of the Devotion.


Tla’al was curious what this new thing was that was built in Simonsburg. They had come from seemingly out of nowhere, and built what looked not to unlike what the Earthers did. She walked in to their building, giving a strange look to the statue as she did.

“Uhm… hello??” She said, in olgog.


Na’z’ez turned around. She straightened her cloak, and walked into the front room, where she found a younger female Olgog. She looked the young 'gog over quickly, and lowered the hood of her cloak. She wasn’t technically old herself, but having been Dead for nearly a decade, the color of her fur had faded, giving her fur a very light reddish-grey coloring.

She smiled softly. “Hello to you, as well, child,” she responded, also in Olgog. “How can i help you?”