The Red Planet, Alpha Dome (TS:GL3 Week 1)


Pestilence looked firmly at Ku’lal and said, “We can provide you a steady supply of what you…need to survive. However your personal rule 1 is never feed in the past. I don’t even know what sort of paradoxical insanity that would create.”


Death said, "As you can wisely discern we can’t have you contact ting your homes until this mission is a success.
But if you succeed, then we will drop you off moments after Leonin took you away. Your friends and family will not know anything is off.
Except for the builder, we have to reroute your Unity connection through a Grey - tech temporal scrambler to prevent your people from tracking you to this place.

We would rather avoid a full scale Unity invasion since I doubt they would believe that we saved you with the best of intentions.

The IR has a well earned reputation for cruelty and oppression. And we would rather have the Unity believe you missing at the moment."


Scribe nodding to what each said walked over to War when they were finished. Taking out a rough design he handed it to the tall Brethren.

“I was hoping to he this made later on after I have had time to study Light Leyas, but I can study and artifice the sword later. Besides I can’t very well go around swinging a board that could catch fire at any moment now can I?” The design was fairly simple, a cleaver sword with a one edged side, a flat edged end, and a blunt side with a spike coming out that extended the edged end. Along the flat of the blade there were three words written in runes. The guard was crescent shaped guard with a triangle pointed to the blade and a smaller one pointed to the grip. It had a chevron style grip that ended at a spear head shaped pommel with a black onyx gem in a similar shape.

“This is a sword I had hoped to have made with this mixed in.” he lifts the bag for emphases.

(Ooc: The design I showed at IGD. To those who did not see think a lighter colored Uruk-hai sword with a fancy hilt and runes made wider and bastard sized.)


Daron says “That handles my concerns. Lets get geared up and ready to work.”

(OOC if the pen is mightier than the sword, why are you trying to make a sword :-p)


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John smiled and nodded to Death. "It was prudent of you to block my connection. Ever since the massacre, members of the consensus have been…irrational about exposing Builders to the IR. We hold no animosity; I remember those Builders who fell very fondly and I miss them…but they knew the risks. I have no compunctions with working with the Iron Republic. It is a long-held dream of mine that one day again the Unity and the Iron Republic can work together. It is a bit difficult being so thoroughly separated from my peers, but I will endure.

As to fixing timelines, the idea of it sings to my Axioms. I will help in any way I can, and will be try as best I can to be subtle. Of course, I will leave no active technology in the past, or future for that matter. I assume you have a mission in mind, or a task that you would like us to perform? If you can give us an idea of what that might be, I can do my best to prepare appropriate measures.

Finally, and I apologize for this form of speaking so many points at once…this is easier with uplinks. I have a question about the nature of timelines. It seems to me that one of the primary reasons why you aim to “fix” timelines is that when they vary too far from the main, there is a significant chance that there may be a formenting event which causes that timeline to spread. Some of these timelines seem like they must necessarily spread; particularly ones wherein Warmonger or some other force seeks total destruction. If one finds the “parent” timeline and fixes that one, are the other timelines effectively corrected?"


Kulal had quickly dressed again turning back into the fiendish rat monster of bone and fur. He flexed his new claw it felt different, disconcertingly so.

“I will obey your ordersss, I wanted Mortissess amulet for the militia, but now that he hass pulled me far from my militia I want his blood.” Kulal smiled revealing a maw of jagged fangs. “When do we begin?”


When John spoke of timelines, War just sort of looked baffled, Pestilence looked bored, and Famine looked hungry. Then again Famine always looked hungry. Death waited politely until the builder was done and said, “I don’t have a good answer for you. What I do know down to my bones, is that the past cannot be allowed to be changed. Most importantly that the Quall N’drone, for all their faults as aliens, are a necessary part of the galactic biosphere. They lock the spirits of those possessed by Ancient Evils and banish them from our reality when they take someone as a host for their young. Their endless numbers makes up for the tiny numbers of the only other species that keeps Warmonger’s fiends in check, the blue reptiloid aliens known as the Da’uhnb. Two methods, but with one inevitable benefit for the universe. Less “demons”, though we call the entities Parastic Energy Forms (PEFs).
Timelines where either of those species are wiped out, are then consumed by Warmonger or one of the other Ancient Evils.”

He turned to Ku’lal and said, “We have a primary target. A time traveling terrorist known as Mortis Leonin, and we know he is gathering his own agents to twist the timeline to his needs. We tracked Leonin to World War II, the mediterranian theater, where he was trying to convince a psychic ace pilot to become his agent. We disrupted their meeting, and both fled the timeline. They returned soon after with a version of that same pilot from an alternate timeline. This female Earther goes by the handle A.J. Her very existence is a threat to our timeline, but she may have valuable information about the location of Leonin.
We have tracked down the pilot’s location to a small airfield being run by Chinese rebels in the year 1942, but it might just be a false trail Leonin is leaving to divert us.
Official histories show the airfield as being bombed to a ruin by the Japanese airforce. Records show all rebels there were killed.
We could drop you there the day before the bombing, if you think you can make sure no one leaves the airfield alive after your interrogation.”


“What weaponsss will they have to stop me?” Kulal asked. “Will they have holymen trained to hunt my kind?” Making sure none leave alive sounds simple unless these Chinese Rebels had advanced weaponry and knowledge of undead like the EEF.


Famine said, “Part of the Mission is you don’t know. You gotta keep an eye out for Psychics and those who can do mumbo jumbo and report it back to us. We check the timeline logs and see whats what. If they are a genuine threat due to their psychic potental then we move in and take care of them in a way that is logical for the time period involved. We prefer to be quiet so it looks like an accident or something like that, but we can’t do our thing without operational intelligence.”
War agreed adding, “I would go in with the assumption that there is at least one person there who can see things others can’t. And then assume at least one person in the target zone has a potentiality that will kill you dead.”
“Especially if the Resistance is involved,” grunted Pestilence angrily.
All four agreed on that.


Death sighed, “The weapons of the era include primariy bolt action battle rifles supported by machineguns. They may have a flamethrower for clearing brush they could modify for combat if given enough lead time. Their knives are steel and their woks are cold iron. They will be armed with surplus WWI grenades and WWII era grenades.”
Death activated a holoprojector that showed a few common varieties and how they worked as he spoke about each weapon.
He then offered them over to War.
“Get them suited up with whatever period specific weapons they need.”

War motioned for them to follow saying first to Scribe then to all of them, “If you succeed in this mission I will be able to show you how to forge that sword. Yes in fact if you all have designs you wish to create, I’d be happy to build it or help you build it.”

“That’s War, a most helpful fellow, as long as it comes down to building things to kill people.” Muttered Famine


War said, “So what do you need?”


Daron says “I could use a armor that shifts with me with either Shapeshifting leyas or my other form. And a helmet to cover my head if possible. THat would allow me to go other places where olgogs aren’t allowed. As long as we are talking Refuge. And if we are talking places where the leyas is weak, those times I could use a leyas generator.”

Daron wasn’t sure in how they could complete his request. But hopefully questions didn’t hurt.


“Like Daron said a Leyas generator would help each of us. If that is not an option then a melee weapon along with a few plants that i can use to mix either a powder that can cause hallucinations. This should help to contain the people on the site, and hopefully make interigation a little easier.”


Ku’lal smiled a hideous grin. “I need transportation to thisss China, and free reign to act.”


War sighed with a bit of annoyance and walked towards the door, saying, “Follow”.

They followed the massive earther from that room down a sterile white corridor to a small tunnel of a room surrounded by bright blue lights. They walked in together.

War said, “Don’t forget to breath deeply, the cloud will sterilize every inch of you. We don’t want you bringing back today’s common space-farer cold and having it mutate to a plague that wipes out all of humanity…”

The room filled with a cooling white cloud, and War made the point of taking big pronounced breaths. There were flashing lights, as their bodies were bombarded with a variety of spectra of light to kill of surface microbes.

There was a moment when all was light and white, and then the blowers turned on loudly. The white cloud was gone, and they were all still there feeling fine. Feeling a bit like they had taken the freshest shower they had ever had. They were probably cleaner in this moment than when they were biologically born.

War led them out of the tunnel, into a wide room where twelve soldiers dressed in complex power armor were monitering displays. Each display appeared to be a video feed from a different agent in a different era of history.

War motioned for one of the armored soldiers to come over, a brethren dressed in black armor that made him look like a demon with horns, red l.e.d. eyes and smoke dispenser.

“I would like you all to meet Beta Lambda . He will be your communications officer on this mission. He will report back to us all your efforts in the field. When you succeed in either capturing Target: A.J. or extracting the data we need from her, you will alert Beta Lambda and he will signal us to bring you back.”


“As for the items you wanted. Each of you will be administered one injections of Djamine. Djamine is a chemical we developed from Djinni blood. It will allow you to utilize your Leyas abilities while in the past for twenty four hours. After twenty four hours your body will breakdown the Djamine into common uric acid and you will piss it out, losing all Leyas powers. The Iron Republic deeply frowns on the use of Leyas by non Quall officers, so I would recommend you don’t create any Leyas artifacts in the past.”

"Each of you will also be given a bayonet, a period pistol, two magazines of ammunition, a common white t-shirt, american style blue jeans, a belt, army-surplus boots, one white underwear, one pair of white socks, a canvas hat in green.
You will also be given an injection of Nanite Facial Recognition impeder. It will create a net of nanites around your face that will make you look like a generic american. Avoid EMP or it will shut off the NFR Impeder revealing your true form. The shot will last you 72hrs if not disrupted by flux.

As for armor, if you succeed in this mission we may be able to authorize nanite suits for you. But for now, you are going in bare skin."

Handing Scribe the bayonet, he could not help but note how much like a sword it looked in the tiny fellow’s hands.

[Received Nanite Squad Communicator injection, Djamine injection (leyas use up to L5 abilities for 24hrs without needing a Leyas Generator), and NFR Impeder injection (looks like a generic Earther at the same size and height for 72hrs)

Received 1 Bayonet (5 Melee dmg, can turn a rifle into a spear), one 1911 pistol (10 missile dmg, med tech) 16 bullets split between 2 clips. Period specific clothing. ]


War continued, “And now that you are ready, Beta Lambda will handle your first trip.”

Beta Lambda walked up in his power armor, looking so much like a monster, and said, “Welcome to the team. Here is a picture of our target. This is printed on period specific paper using period specific inks, so if you lose the picture or it is confiscated, it will not alter the timeline in a meaningful way. Now it is time.”

War stepped back as Beta Lambda activated a time shredder. There was a flash of blue light and the entire team disappeared.