The Tents of the Falling Star Homeforge


Maira the Lesser smiled coyly, “Officially it was rescued by the Tribe of Mag Daron.
They say they found it in Tla’loc’al. In case you dont know about them, they are a tribe of Olgogs who worship dragons and other scaly beings. They say it had been surgically removed from Glog and mutated and stored in some Alchemical Apparatus.”


Maira said, “Since you bear the Opals badge I know you can be trusted with this matter.
The Apparatus holding the arm and hammer was like nothing our finest Forgemaster has seen. It was not forged and it was not shaped using the Leyas. It was formed seamless from a metal that is not normal steel or even a meteoric alloy.”


Maira handed the Olgog a letter of marque on a steel plate, “Take this and hand it to the curator of this museum.
Using it she can summon the art objects directly to her.
The plate must be burried in the soil of a tree to work.”


Babi approached Maira the lesser. Rapirova still had the opal badge but the distinctive olgog hoped he would be recognized. “I need to talk to someone from da homeforge leadership. Da Uth Yohai provided his account of what he saw regarding da conspiracy against da home forge.” Babi shook his head, “Its not good news, but its news da forge will need to hear.”


Scribe walked into the tent in Karov , as that is the only area he was really familiar with.

“I seek Master trader Ryn Nya. I wish to speak with him about trade for a Crossbow.”


Maira the Lesser said, “I had heard tell that the UtR had unique investigators.
Come with me into the back of the tent and we can discuss.”

Babi was led into the back of the tent and through a treegate to an unknown location. Four Stern faced Forgemasters looked at him. Maira stepped forward explaining the situatuion and then took a position standing in front of them.

“Please share your findings,” she said.


Ryn Nya looked up from her log book and pushed a lock of hair away from her eyes.

“If you are wanting to speak to HIM you will be waiting a long long time,” she said with a sarcastic smirk,“But if you are here to trade what do you offer in Exchange for a crossbow?”


Scribe blushed and bowed his head.

“My apologies, I meant no insult.” Scribe pulled out a silver bar and one of his Flash-bang bottles. “I wish to get two crossbows for now until I can do some experiments then I may wish to trade in bulk. This bar for the two. This…” he held the bottle to her. “Is a gift and an example of my work. As an Artificer I hope that my skill may be of use to trade for the large order if I find I need it.”


Babi nodded to the gathered Forgemasters, “Da investigation its ongoing, but so far da news isn’t good. So far the investigation turned up no ting but a bunch of stories on da UTR side. I ask the uth named Yohai to tell us what he saw. He told us Lalder of da herd of Auf Lal and Lurtor of da herd of Auf Lal conspired with da dead named Krodnok to get a hold of da weapons in da forbidden armory and use dem on unit 111. Lalder denies dis ting, says Yohai has it all wrong.” Babi shrugged. He knew Havelik trusted Yohai, he personally had never dealt with them, though he saw no gain for the Uth in all of this. “I thought you’d rather hear dis from us rather than from da winds of whispers.”