TSGL3 Finale Mission: The Judgement of Der'al


Krodnok summoned all of his followers into the massive cavern that had been built for gatherings like this. Doing so was the easiest way to get this announcement out.

“We are under attack,” he began. “Krato warriors are on their way here as we speak.”

The assembled mass before him began to make noise as the pepole began to talk. Krodnok just waited for them to stop, and he held his hands up.

“This cavern is the center of the city. I need ALL of our Leyas users to stay behind here once everyone is dismissed. Anyone who isn’t Leyas proficient, I need you at the few exits we have from the city locking these exits down. The only exit I want to remain is the main concourse, by the Tower outside. That’s under open sky, mostly. Tough to close that off. Let’s get started. One preparations are complete, all warriors assemble in the main concourse. Non-Leyas, non-warrior, get down to the bottom layers of the city.”

And everyone left. The smaller entrances were closed off, meaning a large slab of dirt-covered stone was slid into place over the opening, then covered in more dirt.

Once word reached Krodnok that the exits were sealed, he began to create an Earth Leyas ward covering the city, his followers channeling Leyas energy to him, making the ward as strong as possible.

Once done, Krodnok will join the warriors at the main entrance to the city, bringing the Leyas-users with him, then warding the floor and walls of this area.

He took a position in front of everyone. “Ok, here we go. Dead up front,” he said, as warriors began re-arranging. “Krato bleed acid. That won’t hurt us that much, or, at all. Magi-cannons, along the outside, fire in on the Krato. Leyas users, give them lightning, give them fire. As much as you can, as hard as you can.”

Krodnok turned around to face where the enemy should be coming from, drawing his Fiendish Greatswords. “Let’s get this done.”


Dar’ab and Kor’ya were on mission, mission to defend Council of Al’ya. Tor’lallur mobilize all forces to do this. The first wave of their attack was their 50 feral Plague Vampyrs (F.S. 3, Shadow Leyas lvl 4, Earth lvl 4) led by Kor’ya, they would engage the Krato shadow jumping around sending Vampiric blasts and raising walls of shadow to try to divide the Krato. Dar’ab assumes that Krato mighty and will counter attack hard on Ferals who will then run away on route picked earlier. Kor’ya try lead Krato on chase.

When Krato chase Kor’ya, Dar’ab ambush with 5 Elite Feral Hunter Plague Vampyrs (F.S. 5 Shadow Leyas lvl 4, Earth lvl 4 General 2), 7 Plague Yyan Children (cursed) FS 4, 2 attacks, strength 10, Shadow lvl 3,
general lvl 1, armed with a lever action springshot cannon (giants and wargiants, Krato in giant form, and Alter size pychics can use this weapon ONLY. No other beings no matter their strength.)
2d8 +5 Missile dmg. Lowers V.A.R. & S.A.R. By 1d8+2 pts. Shieldbreak lvl 3, Birdsight scope.
20 shots each)

Plague Yyan fire giant Level Action Springshots while Elite Feral Hunter Plague Vampyrs create fleshworms on the Krato. Both will Shadow Walk between shots/casts to avoid counter attacks. When the ambush happens Kor’ya will attempt to reorginize the first Feral Vampyr group into joining the attack firing out more vampyric bolts,

After force that chase Kor’ya beaten, Dar’ab and Kor’ya group join to attack remaining Krato in area. Any dead Krato shall have nightmare instilled inside


The forces of the Shield of the Redeemer would be split under the command of captains Torlok’ab and Tormag’ru. All Troopers will be using Spirit Scope to detect the enemies.

Tormag’ru will lead a squad of 40 Troopers who had previously defended Drewsport to defend the town and attempt to protect the ferals living around the township. They would make hit and run attacks using Sleipher mounts to make ride by attacks using magicannons. they will also be spotting for the Hobnail Wing and the refurbished CoO warships. They will be aided by the Auxilllary unit, who will be using leyas abilities to reinforce the towns defense and heal other defenders.

Torlok’ab will be leading the defense of New Holys. At New Holys, The Shield will use the remaining 300 Troopers and 25 Warmachine upgraded Troopers mounted on Sliephners to do hit and run attacks on the Krato before they near the city. A flight of 10 Deadwings will provide air support and scouting. 10 Scarab walkers will patrol closer to the edge of the city and use their cannons against the Krato. As a last resort to defend the city and the base, The defenses of the Red Tower and the tomb will be brought fully online.

All troopers have: LR 6, Shadow 6, tough as nails, faith 1, path of the redeemer 1, standard gear for dead troopers, and 1 Fallout Grenade.
Elites: also have path of redeemer 2 faith 2 blessing of bladed sun, angel of drewsport.


Forge decided he could get to like Unen now that the Warmonger stink was finally clearing up. He sat on the docks watching as locals went about “repairs”. He shook his head. Couldn’t they see that the load baring wall was to weakened to support the second floor now? He stood and started to walk over to offer some helpful advice.
“What in all the hells are do people thing you’re doing!?” He demanded of them worked stopped as they all looked at him with confusion. The brief stand off ended when the Karto showed up. Dozens of them suddenly began pouring out of energy bridges attacking and trying to snatch up anyone they could. One in its giant form strode around a corner and looked on luaghing as the locals ran off in a panic. It was a moment before he noticed Forge glaring up at him.
He drew his ax and the Havok Hammer. “I could really get to like this town.” He laughed as he charged the surprised Krato.

Forge will engage any and all Krato he comes upon. He will used blood dance to heal himself and avoid damage. He will use the dragon ax and the Havok Hammer(mostly for the leyas abilities) as always he will fight until he runs of targets. He will support any defenders he runs into as long as they aren’t Morgothians who he will ignore for the time being.


Yohai feared this day would come. Leading his armies (I have two sets of “backup” from prior missions, plus, well, my armies) onto battle, heeding the call of Lord Azrael.

First, he’d use the Uth Curse to determine his strategy (which area needs help the most, where are the “distractions”, what are the actual goals) and go there. With permission granted by the player, he’d bring Killian. And, for giggles, anyone else who needs a ride (former companions, such as Karrah, Raven, Sira, Roan, Ehud, Zaodonai Uth Celyse…list goes on).

(Yohai is kinda deux machina - use how needed based on Azrael’s commands and what the opponent’s strategy is versus current weaknesses of the Olgog).

Final thing to look for: where’s Tharr and where’s Vulfus and Tharr’s old army? Use fallen commander to let Uth armies know what’s happening.


Lord Ridgly was in charge of the counter offensive against the Krato, of course he knew next to nothing about the krato except they were very dangerous and could change form. As most of Lord Grimaldus’ army was exhausted from the civil war the remaining armies would be defending the cities directly and helping to protect the civilians. The local EEF garrison would be in charge of the defenses.

A group of six Red Bishops would join with the Armies of Eloga nearby armed with Plasma rifles, rocket launchers, and each have a laser targeting device. They will also have radios to help coordinate with the Bastion Strider and the Duskan Destroyers providing cover. The Holy Star, and the Wrath of Yahweh will hold in sub orbital positions and provide fire support for the Armies of Eloga. The Red Bishops in each group will use their laser targeting device to paint targets for the Destroyers and the Siege Strider. When the Armies of Eloga charge the enemy the Red Bishops will inform the Strider and Destroyers to cease fire so as not to harm their allies. The Red Bishops will stay behind allied forces to coordinate but can and will engage the Krato if they get too close.

At the same time ten Hovercopters will do flybys if needed if it looks like the allied forces are in trouble.
Sadly actual ground troops will be reserved to protecting Absalom and Hebron, however if the local EEF troops want to engage the enemy away from the cities then they can.


Gant was busy. There were orders everywhere around Brez. The Great Northern Army didn’t even give him orders. But such was the way of things.

  1. He called for reinforcementa from father.
  2. He assisted in the defense of Brez.

Specific tactics, using their newly acquired Bow of The Frost Giants, his clansmen would distract enemies by encasing them in ice.

Levitation is a good tactic. Find large rock, hurl at Krato. So is blinding the Krato using light leyas (level 3 ability). Basically do things that allow the Brezans to mount useful attacks. When needed, Zela crossbow bolts.

Dert’la (tlalocal female) will use thunder hands to heal friends.

Tor’ol (karovian female) has special shadow walk ability, which she will use to get folk around in the defense. And to make levitating rocks go thru shadows. Also, it’ll be her job to lead squads into battle to pick out obvious generals and order-givers. Because disorder is likely to confuse the enemy. She’ll pass word to GNA regarding her understanding of who’s giving orders.

Ollurug, male tlalocalan, will lead a group prayer, and use it to amp up leyas attacks for others and self.

Aufor, Brezan male, will use his special ability to pick out demonic entities if any.

Gant will rally the Unenese rebels in defense of Brez.

And,whem I’m doubt, since it’s his show, listen to Urog. Or Shirley, because she’s scarier.


Fearing the worst for the Krato generals following Warmonger. The Dark Paladin Qual would give escape routes to those that were deserving and fought with honor by opening up energy bridges to the plane of Fire to then fighton another day. Mmmwhahahaha


Brooke is going to fly around on her Stealth AAV and find the location where there are the greatest amount of Krato and the least amount of defenses and join them. Her tactic is going to be to sneak around (cause the AAV is stealth :stuck_out_tongue: ) and leap off of the AAV onto the back of the nearest Giant Krato and slam her hydrolic fists into the back of his/her head in an attempt to knock the bastard out. She will then tag the Krato with a piece of Zela and call in a VLAD capture team to drag the bastard off to interrogation. She will then join in the defense of the location creating ice walls for defense and knocking Krato back with hydrolic blasts.


OOC - Posted Late with permission of Narrator

The time was now. The Krato were attacking - probably the MagMagGor. It was not some alternate reality, but this one. Unfortunately, he had no time to coordinate a defense like he did against the Mirror Crystal fleet.

He also didn’t have their old weapons, which he gave up due to the Nine. What a mess.

Zlattan did remind Urog of some important strategies fighting giants that he learned when fighting the Yyan. Cut their ankles, smash their heads when they’re on the ground. Vektor spread the word accordingly.

Tusk will create an energy bridge to the land of the Falosini (Light level 6) and entreaty the help of the Falosini against the Krato. This serves two purposes. One, removes Tusk from battle. Two, it’s the Falosini. Hikiti goes with her. Basic talk: MagMagGor’s army, consisting of Krato, is attacking. The olgog need help. Please help. If the Falosini won’t help, then try the Aegelis. If not by direct help, then perhaps artifacts.

Tla’al gives a rousing speech, with Eve by her side. “Once again, our city is under attack. It never ends. Last time, we had the great Uriel to save us. Today, we do not. But let his sacrifice not be in vain. We save our city, again and again and again. Let’s do this for Uriel. And for the glory of our city!”

The battle cry is “For Uriel!” (meta-game: if Uriel shows up again, he’ll have an entire city backing him, so to speak).

Defenses - Approx 75 magi cannons (soldier, capture, skullcrusher), 15 mirror crystal fighters, hobtor weapons, Daron Drake (Mag Daron). If you need me to calculate approximate population, let me know.

Strategy - Use leyas abilities to blind (those using light), attack the eyes, etc when in giant form. Cut at ankles, smash heads. In tiny form, use air to levitate to literally trip up the giants. Earth leyas users should grow vines, create cracks in earth, etc. Water create water, then freeze it to make them slip. Let the magi cannons pick them off. Lots of environmental attacks. We have greater numbers, so disable, then allow attackers to attack. Keep attackers busy so they can’t do their most destructive attacks.

He’ll also distribute his censor craft to make its way to the rest of the GNA to transport them to Simonsburg, attack the Krato from behind as they attack Simonsburg.

GNA “cavalry”
40 Raiders
80 Ur Rhug
50 Goblin Vandals
10 Ur Mak
10 Ur Rhug
10 Ur Tor
10 Ur Tor
lead by 10 Goblin Raider Chieftains
40 Hateful Word
400 Ferals

All hands on deck. Shirley leads one group, Urog leads the other. Vektor stays behind, just in case.

Same general strategy as in Simonsburg, except use our summoned creature.
40 hydra
40 summon chimera
20 lesser growling
20 sword fiend.
20 earth elemental

The hydras are literally to get in the way. The sword fiends will be summoned behind the Krato, cutting the ankles and using earth to create environmental distractions. The Earth Elementals just distract. Growlings are to nips at heels. The chimeras, however, are to do damage. Breath weapons when isolated, otherwise, dive attacks with void claws.

Censorcraft focus on healing inside the walls, and moving folks around. Not for attacking. Based on how other attacks go, they’ll either transport folk from Simonsburg to fight or vice versa. If we’re done and other factions are still fighting, use censor craft to be “cavalry”.

Major attacks:
Zlattan - Troubadour level 4 (Song of Frost, Sonic Spear, Songmancy).
Air - Lightning Strike, poison cloud, coughing cloud
Fire - wall of fire, fireballs
Earth - I’ve already mentioned
Water - environmental ice, cone of steam if strong level
Light - flashing lights, laser to eyes,
Shadow - vampiric bolt, and if an enemy corpse becomes available - instill nightmare
Troubador - sparkling lights

Troops layouts take multiple pages. I will email them to you direct if you wish.