UTR - Civil War Planning thread


“Why yes, I can do this. If you provide the sacrifice, that is.” Replied Mada.

Once the sacrifice was ready, the Uthveylor activated his Instant Recall ability and delved into the stream of conciousness for information about the enemy. Once Mada found what he was looking for, he slit the throat of the summoned creature with his uth blade to prevent loosing control.

Taking a breath, Lord Mada says “I have gained information that may be beneficial to your cause. Kalok’s Avatar currently resides within the Olgog called Kolgol.”

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Narrator ~ I’m using the “IMPORTANT NOTE: UNLESS KOLGOL or an UTHVELOR reveals it, none know that Kolgol has the avatar of Kalok inside himself.” In the mission to get this information. I would have preffered to get confirmation on the information gained, but again, as we’re short on time just let me know if anything needs to be corrected.)


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Lalder says "We must pass this information out, it may help keep the UtR together. The Ka Rhug Tribe might not even know that their leader is being possessed by a demon. If we can, we must banish the demon if possible, or destroy Kalok if its too late for Kolgol.

But we will have to be careful near Mt Rhug, and Kalok power demonstrated in Simonsburg, is something we will need to plan for."

Lalder sends out messengers to all allies to let them know of this information.


(OOC: For my sake, can we recap everything from this planning thread (specifically, my part in all of this)? It’ll make it easier for me to figure out what to do if I can find the planning objectives more quickly.)


Lalder says "So heres a recap.
Don’t attack until I give the go ahead. There maybe a surprise that happens, and we don’t want to be in the middle of it.
Pit Mongrels are attacking Mt Rhug. I don’t plan to stop them before. But their may not be friendly either. Stay clear if you can.
With Lur Union Fighters, I will support them by attacking the balgogs that attack them. First priority goes to our Troops and any Friendly Red Furs. Army of the true flame may help here.
Our number one, two, and three goal are the Balgogs, Cooling off Mt Rhugs Lava to stop Balgog production, and Kalok who we now know is possessing Kolgol.
I will have Lur Union Fighters supporting our troops as well. this includes pickups and drop offs. (OOC just not your using them in your post.)
FOr the Volcano, we are planning on dumping lots of cold based attacks on it. Hopefully it works.
Balgogs should be taken at range, if you can lure them out to be attacked by the Air forces.
We haven’t decided how to handle Kalok yet, but a bullet to the head like last time couldn’t hurt.

When this is all done, the Pit Mongrels must leave Tla’loc’al. Either through Diplomacy or force. It will be there choice because if they say no to leaving, it will have to be force. The rest of Tla’loc’al and green furs will never allow red furs to hold terrirory here.

Any other ideas questions"


Shirley nods. She didn’t say anything. This was all so very wrong…


Shirley then responds. “We darn herd enuff. When will war end? Kolgol must pay… demons must be destroyed. But Pluto be right. Vengeance can’t be killin’ all.”


“Let Kolgol come out and pay for his betrayal. If he don’t, den we can proceed. But let 'im come clean.”


Lalder says "I’m afraid the start of this fight is not under our control. I’m expecting something big from Krodnok in retaliation of Simonsburg, and I expect his ego. And the Pit mongrels may or maynot listen to the army of the true flame. I’ve only managed to get them not to get caught in what ever Krodnok is cooking up.

But they won’t listen to me if I tell them not to attack. They have taken Kalok as a personal afront… maybe even a religious war.

The best I think we can do is try to focus the destruction to the balgogs and Kalok. That is all the Pit Mongreals want dead I think. And I think we need to make sure the balgog’s production and Kalok is stopped. Those demonic things are going to want more and more sacrafices. We need them gone.

What I’m also afraid of is that they don’t leave. That would cause a war between many more tribes than there are today. We have to keep in mind the pit mongreals will have to leave or be forced to leave. I’m really hoping we don’t have to use force there."

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