What was your favorite moment from a Live game of Time Shredders?


Fairly positively, actually. All I knew at the time washe was an extremely powerful being, so I expected to get eaten alive or something when I told him that we scattered the rest of the peices. He then told us what his purpose for the weapon was, I asked questions when I didn’t understand, he explained in further detail, and I was ok with what he wanted. He asked where the peices were, and I said something along the lines of, ’ if you’re really a mind-reader, you already know.’ To which he said ‘i do, but i’d rather you tell me, as a gesture of good-will.’ So I told him. The whole back and forth went for like, 20 minutes real time of me and him just talking. Coming from a player who usually plays ‘kill first, don’ ask later because the thing you were gonna ask is dead’ type characters, the whole group was suprised. We all ended up with him giving us some fancy rewards because of it…


I remember the first mission Lord Mada ran. We got sent back to WWII Germany, can’t remember why, and got a WWII American soldier and a resistance fighter, not to mention a Train (I miss my train :(). He tried to make us fight and we scared everything but War and Death. Then his sister grabbed Deaths scythe. The rest is on a previous post. The best part, I think that was my first mission with Nigel, the Nanite Artist.