Ziggurat over Drewsport - Meeting at the council chamers (Open to those helping)


Tor’ol sighed, "Maybe Witch was right maybe the UtR is too filled with propaganda to even discuss the truth openly and honestly about Kalok.

I will say one more thing before I take my leave of you.

Krodnok cannot come through because in this timeline he never descended as an Ancient Evil. Which means his untainted soul prevents his demonic alter ego from sharing the same timeline.

Kalok however has no limitations. He is a Greater Evil here and on my original timeline. He can shuffle demonic energy back and forth between timelines as long as a route or portal remains.

And whether you help us activate the mirror crystal at the place of our choosing, or you ignore it until Lalder begins his full assault, it is a raw gaping hole between timelines."

Tor’ol took a moment to share a drink with Babi in traditional Karovian fashion. Then he said, " Thank you for allowing me to speak before you leaders of Drewsport and leaders of the UtR.
Some of you will see how the other leaders reacted and understand why we could not talk first. We would have just ended up in chains or worse.
And all “our crimes” have been so far against the Church of One OR in regions outside all of your jurisdiction.

You should also know that the Church of One has sent Warmonger demons to betray your kind. As they did when you sent Tanks and Striders to capture Witch near the Kasanthian lands of Bartsport. Yes you heard me right. Warmonger’s demons ride among the Oners to make sure that your people and my people do not ever work together.
Yet they betrayed your crews before stopping Witch. Why is that? Maybe just to make sure we succeeded and then they could pit us against each other.

I do give one last warning before I leave.

Any vessel entering Drewsport airspace without Witch’s permission will be annihilated with minimal warning.

May the Shattered Suns light your path in the darkness.
May their wisdom guide you."


Tor’ol broke the wooden spear over his knee and politely handed both pieces to Babi in a modified form of a Karovian ritual.
With the diplomacy done Tor’ol left.


“The witch does seem to have a point. Kalok, evil Lalder, mirror universe, is there any way we can close the portal and stop the destruction without losing more life? And if so, is it even worthwhile with the (spits of floor) oners working so closely with the demon god Warmonger? What is our next step?” Dol is angry, her usual methods of destruction will not accomplish this goal. If she utilizes plans to take out the floating island it could crash on her city and if she sides with those monsters, she becomes one herself.


Lalder said "Well I see we don’t communicate any better than with their versions here. I never denied Kalok’s existance, in fact that is one of my concerns of an Alternate me bringing him here. We do need to deal with their threat, and if this fleet comes through, we need to deal with that as well. Basically it looks like we have to prep for both sides attacking us.

Is there anyway we can move the crystal to a safe place?"


“The crystal is something that I have never seen, I don’t know where it is. I think that we should have a nice long talk about this Kalok Lalder, the time for secrecy has ended. What are we really up against here?” Dol looks to her old acquaintance waiting for an answer. “Time itself is running out.”


Lalder continued "I wish I knew how to close the crystal. I’m open for ideas. Right now myself not dieing is what is keeping it from breaking completely. Even if I were raised, the crystal would break on my first death. This is why I have not left safety much lately.

And From what I know about this, this Evil version of myself, will work to destroy all I have created. It is a real enemy that cannot be allowed to be here.

So closing this crystal gate would be good if anyone knew how to do it."


Lalder says "Babi, there maybe a problem with me impersonating The Evil Lalder. He knows Technomancy and I do not if we are to believe Tor’ol. While I could reproduce him, as I experienced his actions for a years worth of time. I do not have his knowledge since then. And it seems he has learned much as well.

I have tried to expand myself, and even our forces some. But as we are not under the same conflict, we did not grow in strength as much as they did.

If its the last option, it is still possible. Just won’t be a guarantee. "


The old woman scoffed, “Poor fool Tor’ol. Listening to another fool really set Tor’ol off.”

Turning to her hooded midget with the briefcase, “Gumdrop. Update the log - our time here is short!”

The midget slap the briefcase open. Papers and blue joy buzzer(?) fell to the floor. The papers were blank and the plastic thing looked cheap. Misshapen hands gather the sheets and pressed into them with a quick rhythm. No words or symbols appeared on them; Only very small bumps dot the pages. The old woman picked up the cheap plastic looking thing.


“So, breaking the crystal would be bad? Or make it so the other you can’t get here? Because I could lead you to your first death if you so desire.” Dol contemplated the quickest easiest path of this death. This is something she can help with.


Lalder says "My understanding is the portal was opened when Rapi’og died. The crystal must have cracked. That allowed the alternate version of himself to go through the crystal. I expect the same would happen if I died. Even if I was brought back quickly. When the crystal is destroyed, that would bring all of them. Or at least that is my understanding.

So I think my dying, no matter how long, would be bad. Which is why I have stayed away from too much danger."


Babi stared at the broken spear while he listened to the conversation his anger festering in him. After the others began talking about closing the crystal gate he spoke, “Why we focusing on closing da gate now? Why are we not worried about da threat to Drewsport?”


Lalder says "I think they are both related. But I do agree. What do we do about our first set of invaders? I have one of my Aufs asking the EEF about this ship threatening us. But I’m still waiting to hear back.

As soon as I said they should remove the threat and we would then work on the incoming threat. He stormed out and left. Granted, I could have been nicer about it, but that is the basics. From their side all I see is my way or nothing. My way or we will kill you all. Fight our battle on your home or you will all die.

GIven that, I did not mean to drive him off. My intention was for him to see that we won’t surrender to threats, but were open to talks.

Do you know what we can do with them? Do you wish to call back Tor’ol, Babi? From the looks of his leaving, I bet he will come back? They seem to need my fleet. Or think they do. If he does come back, I will be more patient in my remarks. Though, they removing their threat at killing civilians is a requirement I think."


“Da EEF? Why they help us?” Babi asked concerned, “They use too much force, it destroys Drewsport and then everyone say “Da EEF don’t care about Gogs.” They use the right amoutn of force, da temple crashes into Drewsport and everyone say “Da EEF don’t care about Gogs.” They leave it alone they can say “This threat out there, we need more money to protect da colonies against it!” And then da EEF get rich.”

“Why you think we have a place demands on them? They have a flying fortress that we can’t attack. They threaten our people and we can’t defend them.” Babi shook his head, “They don’t need to negotiate they can say my way or else. We the ones who needed to negotiate.”


Lalder says "The EEF can help us since these gogs have kidnapped my elder and attacked my ships. The invaders have attacked the forces of a colony. Also, the EEF will not want that ship in others hands.

As to how they can help us, they have access to Zela which can counter Annihilation Leyas. At least it can be used to break through the shield. They also have unique forces that can help too.

Additionally to win their battle, they need my ships.

We do have options.

I agree we may have to work with them, but say we work with them and defeat the other Lalder. What is to stop them from just staying and ruling if we role over."

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An olgog some in the council knew as Uruf, knight of the Bladed Sun, cleared his throat loudly.

"Excuse me, gathered leaders. I came to this meeting because as some of you know I have a vested interest in the safety of the Olgog peoples.

I just heard something I would like clarification on. There have been a lot of very emotionally charged statements so far.

But I just heard that the Ziggurat Crew took an Auf Lal’al Elder hostage from the honored Aufgog Lalder?

I had heard before I entered from one of the UtR soldiers that Tor’ab of the Auf Lal’al was captured during battle up north near Bartsport. So is he a hostage or a prisoner of battle? Its an important distinction…

I mean if these alt-timeline Karovians are going into Tla’loc’al and kidnapping Elders we have to act and we have to act quickly…

BUT if the Auf Lal’al are sending assassins after people and those people capture the assassin, then that is not really a hostage is it?

And then you said these Alt Karovians attacked the forces of a Colony. But Drewsport is NOT a provisional colony. Its a free town outside of EEF laws. So did they attack the forces of a Colony, when the UtR Forces went after them and they defended themselves?

I mean I think we can all agree the Alt Karovians did some things some of us consider criminal like attacking Merchants on the roads. But they didn’t do it in any of your territories UtR Folk. they did it outside your territories. So did the UTR just declare themselves Police over the entire South Lands?

And another thing, I see Captain Dol, she is a wise leader and important in Drewsport and its leadership. So is Babi if he’s representing the Kul Gul Rapi Family. But where is Unit 817?

Don’t they have a right to decide if a foreign airfleet comes into their territory?"

Realizing he had just said a lot of controversial statements he adjusted himself and said, "To Clarify I just want to know.

Firstly, Was the Hostage taken as a hostage, or as an enemy combatant on the battlefield?

Secondly, When did the Alt Karovians attack the Colonial forces, and which colony’s forces or did they just defend themselves from attack?

Thirdly, Is the UTR really going to begin an air war over Drewsport without the permission of Unit 817?"

Urog looked around for a Unit 817 representative.


Dol begins to think of some way to resolve the issue of dealing with an Uth, they can see through people and hear what they say. These are troublesome thoughts, but there may be a way around it. Dol takes piece of paper and a writing implement out of her bag. She begins writing frantically, tears the paper into pieces and hands each person in the room a folded note.

“Please stand with your backs to the wall and read then burn. We must stop this bickering and indecisiveness.”


Torlak’ab arrived to see people bickering and then walking to stand next to the walls. Looking around, he raised his voice “Did I miss something important? I know I haven’t been around much, but this looks like everyone just got scolded and sent to the corner to calm down. I spend all my time doing humanitarian efforts and trying to organize and inventory a Peace of Falos military instillation to see what Unit 111 might have taken. Then I turn around and you all seem to have decided to start a war at one of the few independent places around. What kind of crap had the UTR done this time ?”


“An uth named witch Gogkiller came with her army from another timeline through the use of a crystal and Rapi’og’s death. They had been killing all of those that travel on the roads leading to and from Drewsport. We tried to stop them, the (Spits on floor) Oners decided to betray our efforts and allowed the bitch to gain access to the floating island that now looms over the city. As it stands, the bitch can see our thoughts and through our eyes and we must make plans to either aid her or fight her then take on the evil Lalder from her timeline and their brand of evil in the form of Kalok. All in all a bad situation. Thanks for joining us.” Dol looks at Torlok’ab.


Lalder listened. He was annoyed by Torlak’ab’s holier than thou approach. Lalder worked to keep this emotion from his face because he didn’t want to insult anyone. He respected most in front of them. BUt he was getting tired of being blamed for others actions.

Lalder says "First, Merchants, including those of the UtR were being attacked, killed, and raised as undead. The road that was being attacked was a road between Drewsport and Rhug Town. Tor’ab was sent there to find who was committing these murders. And if possible stop them. He left equipped to fight undead actually. This was not an assassination but a police effort. Either way, enemy combatant or Hostage amounts to the same thing. I had 3 fighers Annihilated with Annihilation Leyas, And Elder taken hostage. And demands sent to me. Just the hostage is Drewsport and my Elder.

So, The witches demand is for me to bring my Carrier fleet to fight a air war. This is what I am trying to avoid, not do. let me repeat, My involvement is because that is Drewsport is the Hostage and the Hostage taker is demanding my actions to fight their enemy and bring my fleet. Otherwise she will hurt Drewsport. So I am involved whether I like it or not. That is why the those here are trying to figure out what to do. So Torlak’ab, stop being holier than anyone else. Maybe if you came sooner when I requested this meeting things would be better. BUt until now you have ignored my request to talk.

I also believe my being blackmailed by a hostage taker to take action or they will destroy Drewsport makes this also an EEF issue."

Then respectively to the Uruf “I have no desire to have a war over this city, or any other. That is why I called this meeting. To try and figure out two things. First how do we protect Drewsport. As my inaction will cause Harm, that is not an option. Second, We need to find a way to close the gate in the Crystal to prevent the 2nd invading Army of an Alternate of myself. They seem to have a technomatic fleet. I know no more than that or if that is 100% true.”


“And if da EEF decides not to help us? What’s da plan without them taking care of our problems for us?” Babi asked, the more sure Lalder was that the EEF would help the less sure he was.