Ziggurat over Drewsport - Meeting at the council chamers (Open to those helping)


Torlok’ab shook his head. Looking around the room, he continued "Sorry it took me so long to get here. This is the first time you have ever invited me to one of your meetings. As to blame, I said the UTR not your name Lalder. If you look back over the last few years, the UTR had either been the target of or the perpetrator of many, if not most of the strife in the region. How is this any different, other than they choose a city loosely affiliated with the UTR thru Guts rather than coming after the UTR directly? Why? Because this way, they can drag on the oners and possibly the EEF with out being too obvious. "

"Attacking Drewsport draws in the Shield of the Redeemer, who at least could tell you that the vessel is a type 5 K’ias ziggurart. At least, I have some clue as to what that vessel can do, as I used to serve on one of those during the K’ias wars. I have seen what they can do. If this Witch wanted she could level everthing she gazed upon before you or your EEF allies could stop her. She has the high ground and the advantage. Yet I walk into your scubbaling and crap. I said nothing about you, but you seem to have a guilty conscious. Is there anything else you should the the group? "


Lalder responses "And there you go, turning words around. That is what I’m complaining about. It is hard to solve any issue when, anything you say is manipulated to sound worse. But Lets drop that line of conversation as it will go no wheres.

Right now we have to decide. Are we going to trust this witch and work with her against this 2nd invading Army? I’m pretty confident it is real, but i do not know the strength. I would expect stronger than my current forces as they have been on a war footing for longer than my forces here.

Two, What roles should each of us play?

Three, concerns. I can tell you one of my concerns is that if I use my full fleet, nothing is protecting the UtR from Unit 111 and the oners, unless the EEF supplements what where I have to move my forces. There is a small fleet of Fighters that are for the UtR General defence and I suggest we leave them in place.

Second concern is Kalok. Nothing I have can deal with him or demons. My only gog who followed some of the Path of the Redeemer is missing.

Third Technomancy. If this fleet is technomatic, How do we protect against this? Do we know if they have the plague, or just weapons from it?


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“Da family votes we help da witch so she spare Drewsport, how you vote Lalder?” Babi asked.


Lalder thinks for a minute, the look of concern on his face. He says "I believe we will have to work with them. I don’t trust them with that weapon after they don’t need us. I have already had three fighters and crew Annihilated out of existence.

We may not be able to stop that fleet on our own without their Ziggernut. And the chances of Kalok gaining more power makes it even more sure we have to fight this. But I don’t like the open issues.

So while I vote yes, we should also have with them an understanding of things for after this impending battle."


Babi nodded, “Dat is good, we will need da UTR to beat da other UTR. Can we choose where da crystal opens? Could we open it above the sea so all kalok’s fire gets put out?”


Lalder says “We will need the witch for that. My understanding, which isn’t much actually, is that the crystal itself is the portal. So right now it would open over or in Brez. If that is actually true, it would be better if we could move it.”


Babi handed lalder the broken spear and said, “Then if we need da witch, you need to repair da spear and present it with humility. If you have to beg for an audience then you beg, otherwise we will have to do dis anyway da witch says, or without her help at all.”


It had been some time since Maggul had been able to make it to a council meeting, the Yagogi had been maintaining their borders and trying to keep an eye on the happening over at the Shadow Dome. They had dealt with Kolgol when he brought his troops into their lands unannounced, this had the same underlying tensions all over it and everyone saw how that turned out with the Rising of Kalok. Maggul saunters in to find his spot, giving a little nod to those he’s had familiarity with such as the other UtR members- (damn, no Shirley or Tla’al)

“Lalder, Babi and assembled other representatives, good to see everyone again. I do wish that it were on better terms.”

And here comes the question, “Babi, that’s a broken wooden spear. And here I thought I heard that weren’t you guys all looking for Zela? I am new to everything that’s been going on, but I will eventually get caught up to speed, and will correspond with Yagogi’al for his input. From the oasis of Karov, he concentrates on the happenings of our surroundings, more than the greater picture of the outside world and the plights of others. The oasis has been our way of life and it has kept the tribe well sustained, but it shows how our elder go’ab maybe set in his ways. For gog’s sake, he definitely means well and is vigilant not to have another Kalok on all of our hands. All in all, in my opinion we need to be working together, so I am going to say we’ll back whatever the play is.”


Lalder takes the spear from Babi and puts the spear back together, almost as if it is second nature. His hands smooth out the shaft of the spear removing all signs of flaws. Not one sign of the break. Lalder gives the spear a shake to the side checking the flex in it.

(OOC Lalder is a wood Auf. So figure this is no problem)

Lalder says "I won’t beg. I’m not the one who slaughtered merchants and then said I’m taking a city hostage. And while we will need them for this battle, they will need us too.

With that said, I will work on the Humility. These events have occurred because of actions I and others took. And we do need help to resolve this once and for all. And I say we, as this is a UtR decision to request help, not just my own."


Dol could not believe what she was hearing, they have given up and decided to work with those that threaten her home. With no back up in place to aid once the battle is over, this Gogkiller will destroy everything that she has built. She has already loaded a single zela cannonball into her cannon aboard her ship and had been awaiting the other to help, but she sees that she is on her own.

“So, you will work with these abominations then? And then what? Become more of her abomination army? This is a very bad plan and you are choosing the wrong play. But it seems that I am outnumbered and out gunned for this war. It is too bad that I cannot remove my city from harm as easily as some others can move their armies. I guess that we shall see just how many bodies get stacked up with this failure, Lalder.”

Dol leaves the room, returns to her ship to prepare for a war against Kalok, Gogkiller, evil Lalder and normal Lalder. As she feels now, they are all enemies.


Before Dol can leave the room "Dol, Please wait. As long as we work with them against the alternate version of myself, Drewsport is safe. That is my concern as well. We will not abandon Drewsport or its people.

Right now, we have little choice but to work with them. But Also notice, I’m not stopping any plans about what to do afterwards. We cannot be short sighted on this or blindly follow them. There will be no merging of forces, just working together. We still need a plan to deal with this Ziggernut in the case they betray us. I’m not a trusting Gog. Hope for the best plan for the worst.

I have also requested others to join on this planning.

I have some hopes more the the UtR will show and its allies. Also I’m waiting for word on the EEF as well. Though I have a problem that Drewsport is not connected with the Colonies which ties the EEF’s hands. For right now that limits our offensive ability. In the End, I don’t expect this battle to be over Drewsport or any other city. In fact that is a requirement. In fact the battle location might need to be well thought of as that could limit or expand our options.

Do not leave, let us go into the next level of planning, we still have many things to plan for. We still need to plan how to go about organizing this offense, what to do if the Ziggernut turns its weapons on us, and what to do if they do not agree to our terms as well."

(OOC Lalder will say this before Dol leaves. Dol can leave afterwards if wishes.)


Urik walked into the chambers stubbing a cigar out on his palm. He was clearly very travel worn and covered in road dust.
“Sorry I’m so late. It’s a long bike ride from Unen. So Did I hear right? We’ve decided to work with the witch? Probably just as well. I can’t say I agree with how she got everyone’s attention. But really if she wanted to harm Drewsport. It would already be gone. I don’t know if any of you has ever seen what one of those ziggurats can do but I have and believe me she could have wiped the place clean in a matter of seconds. So do we have a plan?” He asked glancing around the room to include everyone in the question.


Dol considers what Lalder has said, he may have a point, however she will not lower her guard. Planning will have to be done and no one seems to care about the fact that this thing is an Uth that can read our thoughts and memories whenever she wishes.

“Fine, against my better judgement I will stay, but we are running out of time and no actual plans have yet to be made. Plus the fact that the gogkiller will know our plans even before we do upsets me a bit. What is the play?”


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An egghead spoke: “So if we keep Lalder alive, we can buy more time to prepare? Weird.”


“Hm, let’s start with how to rid ourselves of whatever this “technomancy” thing is. How do we neutralize it and what do we have to do to fight this Kalok guy? From what I have been told, evil Lalder relies on working with machinery which is a very odd and strange ability. I know that certain things can slow leyas down, like that shield around the floating structure. I do not have that kind of ability. So we are back to needing zela in large quantities. Am I correct in this assumption?”

Dol was getting irritated being the only one coming up with tactical ideas in a room filled with leaders brought here to help. The more time that passes, she gets even more angry that nothing has been planned, not much communication is happening and working with this gogkiller still leaves a bad taste in her mouth. But one problem at a time, first the invasion of the other Lalder must be dealt with.


It would seem things were very much at a stand still, so…

"Well we’re talking about large quantities of zela but ultimately for what? I mean if the Venerable Tribe of Yagogi’al the Og’ab went out in full force, you would have a zela blade for each gor’ab, former and juvenile alike with about twenty-five strong. We would be without the excellence of Mawen Rapider, who was sent out to the whole museum event in search of Ja’kal and hasn’t been heard from since; dear gog I hope everything is alright there. These battle blades are precious to the tribe, but ultimately what are bhite stickers going to do against a weapon the ziggurat? We have already found they do little against Kalok’s fell Balgogs.

Once upon a time, I heard from a fellow tribesman that the shell of the Beckett company under Godart’s command what dumping tons of zela dust. So Lucky Fate, got any of that on hand to use again as a threat against this Ziggurat? If they can see our plans, and know we at least have a means of disabling their main weapon possible ruining things for them even worse, even the threat of it might make them more inclined to “parlay” while not taking Dol’s city hostage. It works for us, getting the city out of harms way, and potentially works for them as we mean to plan along side them.

On a total side note, wouldn’t some zela just close down the crystal portal?"


Babi had been thinking of a plan to counter the other worlds threat. It just took the conversation a long time to turn that way. "dis is da ting I was thinking. We open da crystal over da ocean away from every ting. Da family will use fabric and da shadow to create a large shadowwalk portal to da bottom of da sea. Kalok’s forces get put out like a match tossed into a wave. The other lalder’s techno stuff short out.

Da rest of da family will try to storm the bridge of da ships and destroy the controls so da ships never fly again.

If other Lalder is half as smart as ours he start using light leyas after awhile. When dat happen da families part will be done.


Torlok’ab looked up from the notes he was reviewing when he heard someone mention Zela dust. “As a representative of Drewsport and those living there, I must formally complain about your proposal to use toxic weapons over the city. As a member of a species that is allergic to Zela, I find your idea to use the equivalent of the dirty bomb that Dunesphere detonated over the Great Uf to be morally reprehensible. I know I have no say in the doings of the UTR, but the use of such a weapon not only would affect your target but it would hinder and disrupt a significant portion of the economy and food production in the area. IF you want to use such a weapon, I must request you lead the target elsewhere. Preferably over your own territory.”