For Discussion with Nereel Pyreen (Nuria's dreams)


“Do it,” Nuria said quietly. “Let me be rid of this taint. This curse. I’ll find another way to get strong.”

She turned to Rogarth, and waited.


Rogarth did an elaborate ritual on Nuria, much to her fear and terror, even ripping her heart out of her chest. When she was alive once more after the ritual, Rogarth looked tired, drained, exhausted.

She felt alive.

Rogarth said, “You will be allright, Nuria. The Sigil of the Fire General has been removed from your spirit. Warmonger will no longer try and contact you anymore. You are free from his path. Your path is now your own…”


(After Finale)

Nuria returned to her cabin in Jemison Post and was surprised to find Rogarth waiting inside.

"Nuria, I learned of your success at the Tower of the Cloud Slavers. It must have been hard trying to take on a General of Warmonger without the protection the sigil granted you.

There is much danger on all sides. The Ancient Evils know that your friends have discovered a way to banish them permanently. If they succeed, Refuge will be free from an Age of Warmonger, and will be able to set their own destiny.

I am going to travel to the Glacial Research Station and speak to the leaders there. But before I go, I wanted to know if you needed any questions answered.

I knew Nereel Pyreen during life, and it was my hand that slayed him long ago on the Prison Dimension."


Nuria hestated for a moment. She didn’t want to sound crazy. Or worse, evil.

“I have found so many reasons to be here in the Glacial Wastes,” she started. "But they didn’t come until after I had been here for a while. The only reason I came here to begin with was I had hoped to find a way to become stronger.

“Finding out I had a way to get more power, that I was born with exactly that in me. I’m not gonna lie. There were a few times when I was tempted to say yes. With that gone now…”

She trailed off, trying to find the words.

“Do you know of another way I could gain that type of power? Legitimately, without having to sell out to an Ancient Evil. I have a settlement to protect, and, as a PeaceLord, potential obligations to fulfill.”


Rogarth eased back for a moment and pondered, "Many ways to get power in this world and the next but they all cost you something. And some prices are far higher than others as Im sure you learned from your run in with Warmonger’s Generals. But there is a way to gain great power with minimal cost other than time. "


Rogarth said, "The Falosini Sovereigns had many a device of great power they have scattered across Refuge and some lost to the Warmonger Cult.

Some were even lost near here. But power can mean different things to different people. What is it you really seek when you seek strength and power? What is the goal of that power? To what ends and I can tell you a way to go or a place to look…"