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Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Official Events

This has all events, including the results of weekly missions, special monthly realtime events and live events

Diplomatic Tent

This is where all official diplomatic interactions are posted between Tribes.

House of Loot

This is where a tribe should post any stolen goods they cannot use but don’t want to openly be seen trading. Subcategories for specific types of items being traded. Others can trade their own stolen goods for these items or they may trade some of their exportable resources.


These are the separate regions of the Goblin Lands. All tribes are associated with one of the below tribal regions. Those who have no tribal region are considered living in Feral tribal lands. This area is for in-game communications between the different regions and the different tribes that inhabit the Goblin Lands. It is also where your enemies from the Uth Tribes, the Church of One Paladins or the Lost Colonies will contact your tribe for roleplaying opportunities. All posts in this section must be fully in-character.

The Provisional Colonies of 2219

These are the allied regions of the southern lands that have been officially recognized by the Earther Colonies to the North. Each is ruled by a different group or faction, but they share common defense goals. They legally cannot war with each other, but that doesn’t stop them from having caused conflict as a part of their inception.

Time Shredders

This section is for all gameplay involving Time Travel, Alternate Timelines, and incursions from other dimensions. It is open to players’ characters that are currently traveling alongside a Time Shredder. Only characters with the appropriate gear AND Narrator Approval are allowed to post in this section.

Crafting, Building, Learning and Creating

This section is for all threads involving crafting artifacts, weapons, gear and other objects that require Narrator or DR Team approval. Approval for crafting and learning can be granted by Narrator, Kincaid, Celyse, Forge, Scout, and Yohai. Unless it’s been approved it can’t be used.

Glacial Wastes

These frozen regions are rumored to be the site of the first landing of Earthers on Refuge. Home to the abandoned Glacial Research Facility, this region has little human presence. Instead it has been used as a hunting ground by I’tashi Slavers to capture the IceWyrms and Wild Giants for their WarGiant production facilities. Players may only post to this section with Narrator permission.