The Provisional Colonies of 2219

Zh’Ka’al When the brave and noble rogue Quall Queen Ar’yay sacrificed herself, in defiance of her allies the Quall HiveQueens and her enemies in the Children of the Falosini, she cured millions of Pit Mongrels under her rule on countless dimensions from their cursed nature. Many, now turned back into Olgogs, returned to Refuge seeking out their ancestral lands. Zh’ka’al has become a haven for these beings, with a strong Aryeserai presence. It has two major locations, the Capitol city of Zh’Ka’al, and the “Feral Reservations of GulTor’Uf” all controlled by the Army of the True Flame. Deryyanheim Formed by an alliance between the enigmatic aliens known as the Cloud Slavers and a religious subsect of the Champions of Asgard following Scribe, a former devotee of Loki. There are rumors that the kulieks of Norse gods wander the streets of the mountaintop capital of Deryyanheim. The Colony of Deryyanheim is best known for Standagildheim Arena, where the careers of gladiators and adventurers are made. The United Tribes of Refuge (UtR) This group formed after the Lur Union of Tla’loc’al joined politically with the Great Northern Army of Brez, the Unenese Bruskti of the Kul Gul Rapi, the Karovian Yagogi Nomads. They have settlements in all the major tribal zones of the Goblin lands and growing cities including Simonsburg. It is led by a council. Absalom and Hebron The Twin Colonies of Earther rule in the southlands are primarily former and reformed Church of One citizens. The Olgogs are not persecuted here, and trade is growing between the UtR and the Twin Colonies. Unlike the other Provisional Colonies which have a majority of Olgogs as its population, Absalom and Hebron can make no such claim. There are also always rumors of Church of Oners causing trouble in the Twin Colonies due to the open trade borders policy that the Twin Colonies have with the Earther Colony of Dunesphere to the North. The Twin Colonies are legally run by Lord Grimaldus.
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