Ziggurat over Drewsport - Meeting at the council chamers (Open to those helping)


Lalder says "Torlok’ab, your concern is noted. I do not thing Zela spread in a mist will help. And again, we are not talking about attacking the ziggernaut right above drewsport. That is why its parked here I’m sure. Afterall, the UtR’s agreement to fight is partially to protect Drewsport not destroy it in battle.

Also as I’ve stated I don’t think any battle should be over a city. Whether its the Ziggernaut or the technomatic fleet.

The talk of Zela is for what do we do when the witch turns on us all. Why we keep talking of zela is to break the Annihilation Field around the Ziggernaut. As that is one of the only things that could be used. For example, If we have any Zela ammunition, that could be used to shoot those on the ziggernaut. The ability to threaten is different from the actual use of it. That is what the witch is doing to us.

Another things is that zela could be used defensively. Reducing the effect of the Annihilation beams. These are why we are asking about Zela. Not to spread a poison cloud of it.

But zela and weapons using it will have to come from someone else as I have none."

Lalder considers the question of zela and the crystal. He was not sure…

Lalder continues “I don’t know what would happen if zela dust was mixed with the crystal. Whether that would stop the technomatic fleet invasion or not. I am interested by that, but I don’t have any.”


Lalder then says "As for the witch. Since I cannot fly up there to tell her our agreement to help and to ask for the release of any Olgogs she is holding. I will most likely use to the staff to protect myself up to her.

I will not stop anyone from taking actions they feel they must. But I think we all agree right now attacking them is not the right action. Though anyone who can come up with something to counter the ziggernaut, please do.

Is there anything else I should say or include? Torlok’ab, other elders, do you have anything you wish me to add? "

(OOC I’m planning only some talk for this mission, real action is the next one for me. I have to right my post either later tonight or early Friday after noon.)


Well if you want to take a crack at the ziggurat its tough as long as the shield is active. The EEF has these fancy cannon rounds with a zela sabbot if we could beg or buy a couple that would do the trick probably. If you’re all so worried she’s just gonna to turn on us. Personally it sounds to me like she’s just desperate and was afriad we wouldn’t listen to her if she didn’t do something big. Anyway, Lalder I think when you tell her we’re willing to work with her ask her to move the ziggurat as a show of good faith.


Babi nodded agreeing with Urik, “Especially if you asking her to move so she can join da fight like she wanted.”


“However, we are missing the other aspect which is, she put it here so the EEF wouldn’t fire on her. If that is the case, she may not move it due to that threat. Which would keep drewsport in the firing range of the evil you and my people will die because if it. We need to give her a reason to move it.” Dol looked like she was lost in thought trying to think of another option to moor over with nothing coming to mind.


Yes, indeed this was definitely a tricky situation. Maggul was stuck in thought, he could definitely sympathize with how Captain Dol was feeling for the town and their well being. At the same time there was nowhere Gogkiller could park her weapon of mass destruction without bringing on any more heat, and from bigger and worse firepower. Maggul was sure he could convince Yagogi’al that bringing the vessel away from Drewsport into their lands in Karov would be a peaceable solution; but being that UtR land was a provisional colony, that opened them up to aeaeaf interference even though it could be an acceptable solution.

Well Damn!


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