UTR - Discuss the nine and their threat


Lutor "So are the nine allowed to run rampant around? Are they allowed to destroy anything they want to? Might makes right? There are other options than attacking. Can they be restricted while in the UtR, banned from Areas?

Myself and mine have been attacked. When others are attacked, I have helped them. Defended them. Not always with force either. But I came to their defense or aid. Urog, have attacking on the mind. I have not mentioned that or said that was the only way. I won’t attack first. But I will defend myself and mine if they attack me and mind again. With or without the help UtR. I will not watch my tribe die without action.

Olgogs are free in the UtR are free by tribe. Not ruled by dictators. When we first formed the UtR. I could have pushed for full control like the Mirror crystal version of me did. But I didn’t. I could have pushed us to attack first our enemies or threats. But I didn’t. I held a defensive stance, and responded to those who attacked us. That is what I have used the Fleet for. Protecting Simonsburg, Unen, Karov and others lands. Not just my tribes lands. I did not make those same decisions that lead an evil version of us to destroy all enemies first.

So comparing me to a twisted version of myself is insulting on top of unfair and non productive. This also ignores everything else I have done to help establish, protect and feed the olgogs of my tribe and the UtR. 3 years ago, Olgogs fought for water and food. That doesn’t happen as much anymore. Urog, you helped lead that with those water barrels. I helped that with the farms. The UtR feeds more than just our olgogs.

The fleet was a defensive deterrent and force. The fleet helped distribute food and protect our food from being poisoned. The pure fact the fleet existed meant our enemies didn’t attack us outright. The fleet has defended us against Oners, Giants, unit 111, and others who have attacked us. That is now gone! What do we do to replace that?

How do we respond to the Nine? What do we tell the citizens or our tribes of the attack? Do we roll over? Do we rebuild? Do we ask the EEF for help to protect us? What happens when the Nine attack earthers protected by the EEF? What of protecting the food production and Transportation? Who is going to protect our borders? Does the nine wish to further destroy the UtR?The nine did destroyed our defenses without offering any help leaving us currently vulnerable to attack.

I am asking for solutions, and not just wanting statements of we don’t care. Or you are wrong Lalder? Or you Lalder are at fault for every event in refuge. Answers. I have to have a conversation with the EEF soon as a provisional colony was attacked. I need to know where we stand and what our plans are."


Urog sighed again. Since when does a Brezan see the consequences of violence before anyone else?

This would be so much easier if Mag Auf Yyanyi were here. He’d use some metaphor about a flower that would make sense but sound stupid coming out of his mouth.

“You were attacked. So let’s do inventory. How many Olgog were lost? What was destroyed that cannot be rebuilt? What are our actual losses?”


Lalder says "The actual loss right now vehicles, resources, and time.

The lost in material are the artifacts, communications crystals, levi crystals used to float everything, the Olgog radar artifacts, any weapons on the crafts, and I expect all the djinni blood is lost. I’m not worried about the Djinni blood as we can make leyas generators now. Something I wish I knew how to do 3 years ago.

The other type of loss is the ability transport Gogs, Equipment, and Supplies like we did. We also have no ways currently setup to retrieve food from the floating farms or bring up supplies. Large transports were done with the bargs on the carrier, and smaller loads were done with the fighters. This i need to optimize when we rebuild as this shows a new need here.

Another loss is the lack of defense of our borders. Patrols and ability to react are currently minimal until others take over what the fleet was patrolling.

Lastly my question, if I rebuild and/or repair what was destroyed. Or build different variations. Like transport ships for the sole purpose of moving cargo.

Is this just going to get another round of attacks by the nine? Those carriers, Barges, and fighters take lots of effort to make. We need artificers to do it. I need time to build these. "


Urog blinked.

“So, no permanent loss of life?”


Lalder says "Currently. What about the time to come? If we are attacked, then? Are you suggesting I can’t take offense about being attacked until someone dies and I can’t bring them back?

So If I were to go to Brez and level all of the City. But Heal everyone injured or killed, that would be OK? "
(OOC some point got to bring up the hostages mission But don’t want to distract from this question.)


Hand Written Letter

Dear UTR, Lur Union, Kul Gul, Rapi Yagogi, and friends of you guys: We’re going to talk to these “The PureBlood Olgogs” in a most nonviolent gogly way. Probably. They sound crazy but we think they might be on to something. Could you do us a solid and not go nuts. I mean, don’t attack. Thanks.

Love Naeil.

P.S. Take a look outside if your curious how we delivered the message this time. Last time we just paid some person. This time is was hand delivered by us. Really big hands!


Lalder says “I’m going to have Auf Laylan talk to the EEF to bring them into the loop on these pure bloods and make sure when she goes, she goes with the support of the EEF and in compliance with any issues between provisional colonies. We have to be careful. This is part of what I warned about. I am very concerned how the Nine handle this as well.”


Zhgog’ol could not fully believe all that he was hearing coming from the leader of the Herd of Auf Lal’al, especially since he saw Urog trying to placate, and smooth things over. They were not Lalders’s YESmen, so maybe there would need to be a change of tactics, such as the old Earth plan from the playbook, ‘good cop, bad cop.’

Zhgog’ol became infuriated, “This is repugnant to think the great leader of the Auf Lal’al is running to his Earther watchdog. Lalder, you are making this into a much bigger issue than it must be, and this should be dealt with by the olgog peoples instead of the earthers. Just bringing them into the loop is concerning them with matters that are bigger and older than they are. The Nine are part of the olgog ways, earthers know nothing of their legend and I don’t think they care all that much either. I totally get it, you take great pride in your work, and this was a direct attack against your lifelong work. Pride is one thing, vanity is another. What’s that saying, Vanity is my favorite sin. The Nine made a decree, they called you out on the bs about the freighters, and being unarmed. They kicked over your toys, and not a single life was lost through their harsh tactics. With all the prowess in the arts of leyas, with artificing teleport pieces and even the totem abilities I am fairly certain we would be able to move the food and supplies to where they need to get. I do not believe that the Nine wish to hamper us so much throwing caution to the wind, and recklessly having us resort to all the old ways removed from homes and fighting for food; I do not foresee this going the way of when I warned of Kolgol’s influence spreading into the Yagogi hunting grounds.”


Lalder responded "Those Olgogs are attacking Earthers, not Olgogs. Those Olgogs are holding Earthers hostage in an Earther colony and that has already brought in the Earthers… I was unware of how that colony had become to hostile to Olgogs. And I believe we should help those Olgogs. But our ability to do that is being destroyed with every hostage killed.

Also, We are a provisional colony that was attacked and where many saw the fleet get destroyed and fall to the earth. The EEF in the end is partially responsible for our defense. So they will get involved either way.

And On our great Olgog traditions. Before the earthers got here, we did have a grand tradition. I believed in it and followed it closely. But our refusal to adjust for what we faced has nearly wiped us out. The last thousand years our tradition was to be slaughtered while trying to fight Oner tanks and armies with just spears. And doesn’t work. Our traditions were to fight each other over food, water, land and scraps. Until a few years ago the Oners had death camps filled with Olgogs selling Olgogs Hides and teeth for jewelry and artwork.

You young Olgogs don’t remember."

As Lalder talks he worked to control his emotions, but glimpses of anger and a great sadness leaked through. A Sadness of watching thousands of friends and tribesmen get slaughtered over thousand years of Olgog genocide. Anger over those who push Olgogs back into conflict with Earthers.

Lalder continued “The Nine have their opinion and it is their way or nothing. So when I asked the nine to make sure we could defend ourselves and I would remove the fleet as others take over the defense of us. LET ME STATE THAT AGAIN. I OFFERED TO REMOVE THE FLEET AS IT WAS REPLACED BY OTHER MEANS OF DEFENSE. I OFFERED UP AN ENTIRE CARRIER AS A START. I ASKED FOR THEIR HELP AND ADVICE. Instead they destroyed the ships and killed those aboard. Yes they revived them. And, so? The healed the Olgogs they murdered. They gave no offer or help or defense. We have enemies still. And now that we don’t have that defense, you want to balk at the EEF’s offered defenses.”

The Sense of Betrayal that Lalder felt at this was plain to see. Lalder continued "And on your insulting and disrespectful talk of my tribe and others who feed and protect us.

Most of the food that comes from any of the farms land or air has been transported using the Lifts, carriers, or fighters. As when I tried to transport or grow the food on the ground, our enemies, including olgogs, were poisoning or destroying the food either at the farm or in transport. We couldn’t stop it while the food was grown in or on the ground. So to the air those went. And then the only access to the farms was through the fleet. That is why the carriers had barges. The food hasn’t been poisoned that way.

The fleet also sits above major settlements not as a show of force, but as a guard against the earther sky weapons that murdered thousands at Tla’loc’al. And they have saved cities using this tatic.

So before you throw stones or call shit on why I do something, maybe you should learn or understand what I tried before that failed. And why I do what I do today."

As Lalder removed all emotion from his face and states "I will not go back to fearing Oners taking my tribesmen for slaughter or to hang their hide on a oners wall. Don’t tell me trust me or have faith. Don’t tell me Lalder you not following tradition. Don’t even tell me to blindly follow those who failed us.

Show me how following the nine prevents Olgogs being slaughtered. Suggest options rather than saying how terrible I am. And before someone puts words in my mouth. I have not mentioned or requested to attack anyone. In this case, I’m not the violent one.

That is what I ask and have asked."


Lalder says "Excuse my rant. I get very tired of everyone looking at something that is done with good intent only in the worse ways. But this is not productive, so i will hold my issues for a later time.

I will start with the suggestions of how to move forward. I will start building crafts that can transport the food, supplies, and gogs. These will have no weapon ports to get confused. These will get our food distribution back on. I will request help in building these as we will need a number of them.

If anyone has any other ideas of how to solve this issue. Let me know. I will even supply an artificer if needed to try it out. I’m concerned about teleports due to quantity you can take when you teleport.

That solves the immediate food issue.

Next issues are the of the hostages, EEF, and our own defense."