UTR - Discuss the nine and their threat


Lalder was not pleased that a group of what seemed to be soon to be terrorists making threats against all that he and the UtR has built.

Lalder says “We should have a coordinated response to this nine. I do not like being blackmailed or threatened to do something. Also what they demand everyone give up, is the same as what feeds our olgogs. Their request is not possible for many reasons, but hopefully they will be willing to listen to the positive benefits and not just look at the negative parts.”


For this meeting, the Venerable Tribe of Yagogi’al the Og’ab would send two members to take part. As always, happy to take the lead in his position would be Maggul accompanied by uhryu elder Zhgog’ol Maklur. It is apparent that Maggul is not trying to cause any more strife thatn what has already been placed on them; he says, “The Yagogi, for their part have little to give up to what the Nine made claim. We have very much continued to live the ways we always have, and the little strides in technologies are defensive in nature. Yagogi’al the Og’ab has stayed true to his Karovian ways, kept us moving and looked to solidify a campground for when danger or time warrants it. We would like to respect our alliances, and yet these Nine make bold accusations against that which you have specifically created. They force us into an awkward place. Are their ways of converting, coming to a compromise and reworking the means.”

Zhgog’ol in a different approach, cleared his throat, " Excuse me, if would will. Lalder, as an elder what do you actually know of the Nine?"


Lalder says "I Know little of them… or at least remember little. What I know is that now that Unit 111 and the Oners have been either driven away or are no longer a direct threat, and we now have the ability to feed Olgogs in our lands. Then someone has come in making demands on others to go back to bones and sticks.

So far for their part, it is not a conversation, it is a demand with a threat.

As whether the weapons and artifacts that we use to grow food are directly used by those in the Olgog ands or not, all Olgogs are benefiting from these Leyas artifacts that we have been creating. Whether in defense or access to food and water, or the allies gained from these advancements.

We should also let them know that being a provisional colony, if they decide to attack us, there could be greater issue for them.

If someone knows more, please inform me of them."


Urog entered the council chambers. It has been a long time since he personally attended. Too long. He had let Shirley handle these matters for too long. She was better than she thought, but he needed to be here today.

“My kin. It is good to see you all. I wish it were under better circumstances.”

He let the debate go on before responding to Lalder. “Lalder, I only know of Protodoxa, whose weapon was cursed and when our kin, including my gang members, helped him on his quest, he granted us all boons. I am disappointed that in all these seasons that Protodoxa was among us be never mentioned anything.”

He sighed, “But I ask, are they wrong?”


Lalder says "They are wrong. For generations we Olgogs stuck to that and the Oners slaughtered us. We slaughtered us. It did not limit fighting. It just increased our deaths. And many of those final.

We now have food, and the number of enemies who can do whta the oners have done is less. Olgogs fight Olgogs less. yes we fell pray to plots of the usurper. In the good we have done, that is the terrible part. The Dijinni Crystal was a horrible price and that will haunt me for all time. But now we should not throw all of that away. Then that was all for nothing.

Also there statement is a blanket statement. Should I close down all of those floating farms that produce food for our gogs? Those are all artifacts of great power. Those are all based on my carriers and ships using artificing and sylvan technology.

And their timing. Where were they when our gogs were getting slaughtered?

I am Old too. I’ve had to watch my tribesmen fall to conflict for thousands of years. Now We finally have things settling down and they come and start up more conflicts? That does not seem to be a way to stop the mag mag gor at all.

Are they any different from the Mag Der’al? Threatening attacks if we don’t do what they want? No talks, no compromise."


Urog sighed. Lalder would not budge. He was not surprised. He expected it.

“So if the answer to court death, how?”


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Lalder "I’m not sure I follow that Urog.

I suggest we try and persuade them. I am most likely not the best one to end our discussions with them on. But I don’t see a great answer on what to do that will not inflict harm in one way or another.

I hope they do not wish conflict, but are seeking a solution to our actions empowering the mag mag gor.

But we need to make sure we are not left vulnerable to invasion from the Oners, giants, or Unit 111 which are still a threat.
We need to be able to still feed our olgogs.
We need to still be able to control disease and keep the cleaner conditions we have now.

We cannot go completely back to what we were, but maybe we can reinforce some of the teachings. Parts we have moved away from.

And remember, we are a Provisional Colony, we cannot just back away from the world again. If we do, we will not get the support, even how little it was until recently, again. And if they attack us, they, Olgogs, are in fact attacking a colony, and that could open a whole new issue that our enemies may exploit."


Urog listened to Lalder. Is this how it started in the Mirror Crystal world too?

“Lalder, good friend, we of Brez owe you much. You taught us farming and many other things. The Great Northern Army would not be where we are if you weren’t such a good friend. But I don’t see how anything you’re saying will lead to peace. You’re threatening the 9 by saying that the Olgog are joined with the Earthers whose weapons and powers are worse than ours. Even if that does pacify them, how will it not lead to more war? What of they take over the EEF and then make the same demands? What then, do we wage war with the EEF again, win, and then seek other planes of existence to wipe out the 9?!?!”

Yes, this must have been exactly how it began.


Maggul had the privilege of being his tribe’s representative in the UtR meetings, it was a roll he proudly accepted. As his tribe’s representative, he strove to grow into the confident elder that may someday have a tribe of his own. Now hearing Lalder and Urog discuss things, and that which was left unsaid between them; Maggul was grateful that Zhgog’ol Maklur was there with him.

Zhgog’ol had listened patiently, both leaders had made valid points, so now was his chance to chime in and Lalder probably wasn’t going to like what he would hear. Zhgog’ol said, "Dear friend Lalder, I must agree with Urog. We will get nowhere by casting out more threats against threats, are you looking to challenge the unchallengeable? I warn, do not let your pride or creativity get in the way of what is best for the olgog people. These Nine are our history, and if anything of the legends stand correctly, they have played a crucial part for our people. I believe, they stand against the use of technomancy and technological war machines- IT IS NOT THE WAYS OF OUR PEOPLE. As a provisional colony, then technomancy would be outlawed.

We as a people have a great resilience, I assure you we most certainly will endure. You are correct in worrying about the concept of the farms, but have we learned nothing from Auf Ur’sa. We have all been granted great boons through her and we have been too stubborn to truly get together and use the farming or oasis seeds that have been given. We are looking for suitable ways to peacefully coexist, and we are not looking to be barking war against legends of the past."


Lalder says "I’m not talking of technomancy. I’m just taking of Artificing. I don’t care about the technomatic stuff at all. I already sacrificed one of the 2 techomantic carriers i recovered to banish all demons from Unen. And I don’t even care about the personal guns. I’ll destroy all the technomatic weapons. I’ll do that right now. I have no need for those.

Remember sylvan technology is just artificing using crystals. Not technomancy.

Look right now. How much are Olgogs fighting Olgogs? How are they not wrong by threatening conflict? I am not the one making the demands do this or I will attack you. I am not the one asking for conflict. They are the ones threatening. They are the ones threatening violence on other Olgogs.

I would not seek to destroy the carriers, floating farms, and fighters, as that is what has kept us safe from Invasion. Also the carriers and fighters I have created are the center of the food projection, transportation, and communications of all of the peaceful uses of them. I need a replacement for that safety that we all enjoy before something is done there.

Zhgog’ol, I ask you this? Why did we not farm all the land? Why are the farms floating? Why is this infrastructure in the air? Because other Olgogs in Brez decided to poison the ones I had on the ground. Not because it was some sort of display of power. I tried hiding the farms, I had them in the open. I had them underground. All Poisoned and attacked in that area. The floating farms are the only safe source of food.

I have regular farms where we can have them. But it is not possible to replace the floating farms currently without causing famine.

My question is, how do we handle this? It is not a black or white issue. Good or evil uses. This is a complicated problem that needs time to resolve. Not 1 day. That is my issue."


Lalder then asks "And what about the Immutables? What about Unit 817 and Krodnok. Unit 817 and krodnok existances seems to be against the nines demands just by existing? I hope the Nine can be reasoned with. Because they will not get 100% of what they want. And if they are not reasonable or able to compromise, there will be conflict.

For my part, I plan to ask for a compromise. And We will see from there. Unless someone has a better suggestion?"


Zhgog’ol nodded, for again valid points were made and Maggul looked on taking note of everything said. Maggul couldn’t help but chirp in with a bit of the obvious; he said " Well in terms of the Immutables, we are somewhat in an odd predicament. Supposedly the UtR has two Immutable factions being Urik’s and the Rhug’na’ru. My question is are the Rhug’na’ru really with us at this point? I know they had strong ties to Kolgol and the Kalokians, but I think somewhere along the way they have sided with the enemies and are no longer really part of our faction. Without a doubt, we need to get word to Urik and find his stance on what’s going on with the return of the Nine.

As for Unit 817 and Krodnok, i don’t believe we are their keepers. They may operate in some of the same areas and we have crossed paths on occasions but they are each their own groups. We are here to meet between ourselves, and try to come to something. I would hope that we could meet with the Nine and find out what can be compromised. By the statement, they would have the Yagogi give way of the Olgogolem pendant armor, the familiar vials, any of the artifacts earned through trials and most importantly the Zela battle blades. Yagogi’al would not stand for that, and he is busy working on ways of curing the lands of Karov after the last attacks overhead."


Lalder says "I hope I am wrong about this. But if they know they are not flexible when they made the threat and statements. Then this is just setting up the excuse for conflict. Where they can say the did try. This is one of my concerns. Remeber as well, the Nine have to wish to have peace with us.

Urik’s Immutables are very much part of the UtR, and we should stand behind them.

I have no desire to goto war but I will not stand by while someone attacks my tribe, my allies, or the UtR. And I will not leave us vulnerable to attack from our enemies. Which we still have. Unit 111 is out there. The Sea kings. Oners. The list goes on.

That is the line we are going to have to walk. We have to solve what problems the nine have but not recreate the situations that created those problems. Like why we built armies, why Olgogs fought each other, how defend against enemies, and make sure we can feed the Olgogs. And how do we not leave our enemies a chance to use this to inflict harm or conflict on us.

Doing all of this, while trying to keep the peace with the Nine if the Nine want peace. "


A messenger came running in and upon seeing him handed Lalder a scrap of hide. In rough Earther it said:

"In an effort to stop forced deaths, the Elders of Or’lur, a healer from healer house, and master craft maker fly and meet claimed Nine. We try fallow tribe name and weave minds to end forced death. We ask no swipe with claws, wait and let forced death not make MagMag gor stronger. Take path of wise one who see many seasons.

We meet our people in hope,
Aufgog Lok’Uf’Tor"

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Hand Written Letter

Dear UTR, Lur Union, Kul Gul, Rapi Yagogi, and friends of you guys: The Lucky Fate Squad calling you out along with The Nine to challenge you with nine competitions of body, mind and soul.

This is not a joke.

Directions enclosed on where to sign up.

Love Naeil.


Lalder says "I will plan to offer them, for myself and my tribe, to destroy techomantic artifacts. I won’t outlaw tech weapons, but I do feel that pushing gogs to learn the ancient melee weapons isn’t a bad idea.

As for my fleet. I will only consider reducing it if there is something to replace that defense it provides.

And for the peaceful use of Leyas and sylvan tech, I will not limit that at all. That is our food production among other things. I will not cause a famine because nine power olgogs don’t like how the food is produced.

I will ask them to take the form of advisors not enemies. We will see how successful this will be."

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( OOC This after the savage attacks by the nine across the UtR.)

Lalder calls the meeting of the UtR back for an emergency session. He said to the gathered leaders "The Nine have attacked and betrayed us. Even while under the guise of diplomacy. They have attacked the air fleet thinknig they were attacking machines of war. And while that is one purpose, I also informed the nine that the carriers and its barges and fighters also transport and distribute the food. And they still destroyed. I asked if they would work with us to come up with a defense so we, the UtR, are not vulnerable to attack from our enemies. And they still attack.

They claim its alright because they brought back all of the gogs they attacked and killed in their attacks. They said this I’m sure to make themselves feel better and they can tell themselves they just did not war on an entire nation of Olgogs.

The nine attacked with full knowledge that their actions could cause Fanime and will lead to our enemies attacking us. Their egos and principles were more important than the lives of all the Olgogs we are responsible for. Their egos were more important than taking 10 more minutes and see what could be done without conflict. The Nine only care for what they think we should do as good pups under their rule of thumbs. And they think in the short term and not about what consequences for others due to their actions.

It will take weeks and months to restore our defense and food distributions and protect our own borders. Just think how many of our enemies are moving their forces while we are blind to any of their movements.

And now, when we need our ability to respond when a civil war is bound to start near us and allow Oners back at our doorsteps, the Nine have removed our defense against them.

The nine have attacked the UtR. The Nine have attacked Provincial Colonies protected by the EEF. What are we going to do about this? How will we respond to the Nine? Do we declare them outlaws as they broke the laws? Do we treat them like terrorist or enemies like their actions were? How will we handle the EEF who has a responsibility to defend all Colonies. How do we handle the nine when the EEF asks for our help to defend another colony from the nine?"

Lalder was incensed by these gogs who were nothing more than wall hangings while thousands and millions of gogs died. And now the nine help to set the stage to return to those times.


Urog nodded.

“We start by rebuilding our weapons and destroying the Nine. And when we’re done with them, we’ll take on the Earthers of the Church of One. When we have them grovelling at our feet, we’ll go after the Armies of Eloga, because they threaten us too. But why stop there? There’s the EEF to the North. We’ll take them all on until there are none that will dare oppose our way of living!”

Urog looked Lalder dead in the eye. “And when there are none left, we will cross into another dimension and look for our gor there.”


Lalder says "When one member of the UtR is attacked, the UtR is attacked. I was attacked! Did I say we attack everyone? NO! I asked what are we going to do about being attacked. I gave my description of events that happened in the attack on my tribe and the UtR.

I gave a list issues we have to deal with. Olgogs in Civil war with Oners. Nine destroying anything they don’t like. Less ability to defend ourselves. And a crisis of a vulnerable food supplies or shortages.

Should we attack everyone. No. Do we show our throat to everyone and hope no one takes the offer? I’m sure the Oners and the armies of Eloga are preparing now. This is one where I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

How, in this situation am I the Bad gog in this?

What about the nine? How about those who killed hundreds of Gogs. The brought my gogs all back, so its ok, right? They get a free pass because they have the power to do what they want? They can impose their will on everyone, and if you don’t agree with them they kill you and maybe bring you back if you are lucky.

When I asked Orsa Gul why they attacked, he said “Simple, because no one else can. No one else can stand against your fleet. No one else can liberate our people from these Earthers."

So do you think they are going to stop? Are they going to attack the Oners again? Do you think they won’t do this to us again?

Its nice to say when you and yours weren’t the target of attack. Your tribesmen didn’t fall from high in the sky to the ground and anyone not dead already getting crushed by rocks. What about those who were crushed on the ground? Oh, they brought them back to life. So obviously there is no harm right? That action didn’t feed the warmonger because the nine did it?

Those gogs attacked were transporting supplies, guarding, and defending everyone here of the UtR. "

(OOC of course Lalder is going to be upset seeing 2000 years of work being destroyed by nine overlords. And being attacked.)


“You miss the point, good friend”. Urog sighed.

“The Mirror Crystal fleet. You led them. The Tribal Council followed you to war against our gor. Whoever they were. With the great machines of war that WE built. And while this dimension is different, you are still you. Your choices there led to a war that destroyed everything, including us. And the point, my tribal brother, is that I don’t see how attacking the Nine will do anything except lead us down that same road.”

Down the road: was that an Earther saying? He no longer remembered the difference.