Small settlement in the Feral lands.


“If you can get someone I would very much appreciate it”


(OOC Scribe, Are we at the base camp, and what did the letter say? How much do we know right now. Do we know about Loki’s terms, and the Allfather’s terms? Maybe this is a mission question.)

Lurtor says "I mean no disrespect about the name.

So the reason I’m asking this, is you have directions from one of your gods? Are you going to follow it? Who of those two do you wish to make happy? That decision will determine what to do with the Giants, won’t it?

I personally don’t care. Those giants are not a threat to me where they are."


“I have had a vision of the Giants attacking this town that I am trying to build then going on to strike others with storms. I do not know for sure who sent it to me but if it is Loki or one of the other Asgardians I will think before I act. Asgard has harsh demands for those shamed like I and I have no intent to be given final death for acting rashly. If we can work it I hope not to fight the Giants, but as you said Giants are not peaceful.”

(As Narrator chose this to be the planning thread I will say we are in the area around the arena, training, planning and gathering supplies. We most likely know that we are dealing with Storm Giants and are going to be climbing a mountain.)


LUrtor says "As we go through this, I will follow your lead, but you will have to give us advance warning on intention. Once a fight starts, its hard to take that back. And I don’t want to commit you to something you don’t want, unless we have to defend ourselves.

hhhm, storms and mountains. When I hear storms, I think about winds, rain, and Lightning. I might be able to protect a small group from Debris thrown by winds depending on type of storm, I learned a few songs of protection from the Choir of Payne. But each might have to protect themselves from the push of the wind of the storms.

And since its storm giants, I’m assuming thats not a good sign and we will need to do something about lightning attacks. I can only guess that Storm Giants would throw lightning bolts. It only makes sense. And if they don’t, I’ll just be happy. But since I can summon Lightning strikes, I’ll assume they can too."


“I only wish that the Asgardians would send Thor and not myself. He is the god of smiths and storms and is most likely to strike against them. As for calling up Lightning. It would be best not to use Air or Earth Leyas if we can avoid it, as they do not mix well and the storms could cause a burnout on any of us.”


Lurtor says "Hmmm, didn’t think about that. THough I was mainly planning on using Troubadour for the protection. But that is a good idea. No Air or Earth Leyas.

I have some summoning Elemental Artifacts if we really need Air or Earth.

I think if there was a lesson about the trial is don’t bring Gods into things if you can handle it yourself. I would be worried if this Thor showed up. I mean no disrespect, just of concern. "

Also without Earth Leyas, what do we need for climbing the mountain, is it a hard climb or is there a path?



Before we start deciding to kill everything, shouldn’t we verify that they are going to attempt to kill us all before we attack? Just because we here haven’t been able to make headway with giants doesn’t mean its impossible, especially since there are gogs that have succeeded in making friends out of our ancient enemies.

Looks at Lurtor

Do you really think Loki would veil so thinly his message? I don’t think something so easy is his style of lesson teaching.



looks at Uhryu Apprentice (Uhryu), speaks only to her

Can you go speak to yyan kol’s tribe, and see if they can send someone. They have made friends of giants, and there knowledge can help us avoid fighting here

Can you stop by Drewsport and see if Yirhug is available to teach? Scribe would appreciate that.


Uhryu Apprentice (Uhryu)

Okie dokie Adept! I will go see if I can find them!

Whistles as she walks away


Lurtor says "I was talking about how to get up a big hill, and how to protect oneself from possible weather conditions. Though I do believe those conditions won’t be natural. We are talking about something on a mountain with storm in their name. Words have power in our world.

I didn’t mention killing anything besides asking what Scribe’s intent was.

The only time we will know whether or not the giants are going to attack us is when we say hay, how about some tea. Right now we need to prep for all cases. Ones where we talk nicely, and ones where the giants just want to attack and something in the middle.

And we also need to know what is our prefered outcome. IF the we wish to peacefully get them to play nicely, or do we want to drive them out of the area. I don’t know the answer to that yet and I’m trying to understand."


“I have already said I wish to make this a place where all are welcome, but if the giants are a threat they will be ended quickly. I know it may be different but I hope to at least make peace before we wage war.”


(Have talked with Narrator, Loki’s question will be answered in my second posting on the mission thread. I will be making a first post on Wed night and the second of Fri.)

When not in talks with the others Scribe worked on gathering herbs and animal parts to make several potions. Using his Tattoo kit and Whatever knowledge the Alchemists in the area are willing to share, he hopes to brew as many different potions as he can. One type is meant to allow the drinker to speak any language they hear, another to ease the temper of those the drinker talks with, a third to help the drinker should they fall.

(To Narrator: Hope to make potions for this mission with Translate, A Troubadour lvl1 ability that sooths anger instead of Fear, and Slow Fall. All with a 1 hour limitation.)


Yirhug arrived at the base camp carrying heavy climbing ropes, and hammocks made from fishing nets.

"A message came long and far to reach me. I rode through the night on the back of a fire spirit to get here.
Lurtor many greetings from Drewsport.

Scribe I hear that some of my old family members made your life difficult.
I will one day gain justice for you if the world allows it.

What is our plan to get up the mountain? "


Scribe raised an eyebrow, surprised that Yirhug had come to this gathering.

“I did not send a message to any past or present members of Ka Gor as I do not wish to make their lives any more difficult then they already are. But if Fate chose for you to be here then welcome. Please add your contribution to the pile while we talk on what we will do. So far it is decided that we will try to make peace with the giants and that I will try to learn from the members of the Bladed Sun. We have also agreed that direct use of Air or Earth Leyas is a bad idea.”



Greetings Yirhug, I am adept from Gultor’uf, Gatherer spoke with you before and spoke highly of your empathy . I am glad you are here and able to help Scribe at this time. Scribe, I invited Yirhug here, as he has identified himself as a member of the Bladed Sun to Gatherer.

Yirhug, would you be able to enlighten us about your gods?


Yirhug raised an eyebrow at Scribe’s comment about just joining the Knights of the Blades Sun like it was a ball team. First to Adept he said
“If you have to ask Who our gods are then you may have missed the point of the Knights of the Bladed Sun.
We don’t have gods.”

Then to Scribe he asked sincerely, "Can I ask you a question Scribe? Not just for my enlightenment, also because it ties into the core of the Bladed Sun Faith.

You used to worship the Asgardians? What made you not believe in them anymore?"


“It is more then just not believing in them.” Scribe said. “I spent my life in a place that did not see me, they insisted I be more like one person or another. Even when I fallowed the Loki of my home I did not feel right. But I held true to the teachings and fallowed the rules laid before me. I grow strong and worked hard. But in the end they still stripped it all away and left me with nothing.”

Scribe looked Yirhug right in the eyes and said “I know what is required of a Knight of the Bladed Sun. I had many talks with members in the City of the Gods, and I agree with the teachings. I have even tried using as many of them as I could as a Champion of Asgard, even though I was ridiculed and laughed at for it. I also understand that Morgothians will try to kill me. But to kill to try and bring change will only bring more death and sorrow.”


Uruf arrived just as Scribe was responding to Yirhug.

Uruf had been witness to Scribe’s interactions with Loki and Foresti and was surprised when he heard a Champion of Asgard speak of his faith in such a way.

"Hello Yirhug good to see you.

Hi all.

Good tidings Scribe."

Uruf got a little more serious looking when Scribe spoke about “the gods leaving him with nothing.”

"Heya Scribe.

If you didnt feel right following the ways of Loki, was there ever a time you actually worshipped the Asgardians? Im just confused because you had implied you were devoute Champion of Asgard at the trial and now you seem to imply you never really believed in them.

So who is the Loki of your home and how was he different from the Loki you summoned at the trial?"


Scribe removed the shirt he wore and showed the others his back. Along his back was a tattooed the names and faces of nine bastards along with a date under each face.

"I held true to the teaching of Asgard for the ninety bastards that were given final death in the task that created the Fangs of Loki. I said I felt wrong there because most of my kin would destroy their enemy then force what ever remains to submit. I chose more diplomatic solutions and was insulted for it. As for the difference in the two Lokis…

I guess you could call them opposites of the same coin. The Loki I grew up worshipping did not seek destruction. He used his mischief to protect the family who raised him and his followers. I guess the biggest difference is that down here they focus on the death of Baldyr while we see it as a warning on the effects of listening to prophesy. The gods here are so focused on death they have forgotten about life and how important it is."


“Wait,are the Fangs of Loki people or an object?” asked Yirhug having trouble following along.