In the Brezan Mine of Hob Tor'or, On the border of Brez and Karov


(week 12)

(The Mine was taken between shifts by raiders possessed by a Dead Olgog Mystic named Raga the Dead)


(OCC Daron will help, payment disucssion in another thread though)

Daron says "I will help reclaim this mine. Any suggestions on how to enter. I can dig a secondary tunnel into the mine, so we can avoid the main entrance. And I have attacks that should affect any in a tunnel in front of me. Just be wary of that. "


The mine was saved with Daron,Dragon of Borvis’ help.

In the deepest depths of the mine was found a Nightmare Lord body, in a state of suspended animation.

This is the remains of the being known as the Great Itha.


Also in the mine are a group of sleeping vandals and raiders who had been serving the Dead Mystic Raga.
They still sleep, but will soon awake.


Daron says to the gogs of Gang of Uf Mag’og, “What do you wish to do with the sleepers? We can try to tie them up quickly, but with Leyas, that might be of limited effect.”


Yalar Took had been around the area since the events of the mission, “I am called Yalar Took, a Mak’ab of the Venerable Tribe of Yagogi’al the Og’ab. I followed Lady Hob’Lalol when we heard of what has been going on in the mines. We done not wish any disrespects, but I have had little time to look around the area. Maybe there are herbs that can be used to keep the raiders asleep longer, and then you would have more time to figure out what needs to be done. If possible we could assist, as I am quite capable with herbalism and we could then trade for a larger finely crafted Hobtor weapon?”


Plain Old Gulog was none too happy. She got stuck with the lame nickname… the Ur Rhug would never let her hear the end of it. Cem and Jazzernaut were living it up, enjoying the fact that she was “plain old” Gulog. As she sulked, she strongly considered singing a song… the kind where she hits a high pitched shriek that blows out ear drums. But common sense took over, because there were those dead raiders to contend with.

As Cem and Jazzernaut launched into a fit of giggles after singing a new verse of their song “She’s plain, she’s old, she’s GULOG!”, Daron and Yalar Took (what did Yalar take?, thought Cem and Jazzernaut, as they barely held their composure) approached them about the raiders. Gulog glared at her two gang members, which sobered them up for all of thirty seconds. Golog, none too happy with the current events, waited until Yalar finished before taking umbrage at everyone’s comments, irrespective of whether or not they deserved it.

“Ay, we Brezans are the best herbologists in Der’al!” She said, pointing at Yalar. “We make draughts and herbal mixes you couldn’t even dream of. We don’t need no stinking Karovan to make anything.” (“uuuuuu, burn!” Cem and Jazzernaut whispered). Gulog snapped them a look of uf tor, which sobered them up again. “Yalar, we Brezans act first, think later.” She looked over to Daron, “Daron, tie them up. If they wake up, slit their throats. We’ll drag their bodies back to Brez, revive them there, if we have to.” She then glared over at Cem and Jazzernaut, “You two idiots, quit stroking your cocks with your new fancy names and help Daron. Take their weapons, in case they wake up they won’t be able to attack us.” (Cem retorted, under his breath, “looks like Plain Old Gulog got an at-ti-tude problem.”)

Gulog ignored the comment, talking to Yalar, “You want a larger tool than what you got.” She looked at Yalar up and down, “Figures… so what else you got other than a skill we don’t need?”


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Daron smiles and nods. Then goes over to the sleeping gogs, removing their weapons from them, and tieing them up. Any Gog you moves gets 1 warning “Do not struggle or use Leyas, and you won’t be killed. Do otherwise and I’ll pop your head off. Just remember, we don’t need your full body to revive you. It just makes it harder.” Any who don’t follow instructions find out he meant it.

Daron will keep Leyas site up and keep watch.


Overlooking a Hobtor Mine [DR2220+]

Kas Dannor from another timeline, and King Blood’Og III from our own timeline stood in the dunes and looked at the Hobtor Mine in the distance. Kas needed help, and King Blood’Og III would do it. They took Kas’ hidden airship, the Tooth of Tor, and reached the Hobtor Mine by nightfall.

The mine had Gang of Uf Mag’og guards, and seemed to be processing a large amount of the Ore.

Kas said, “King Blood’Og the third. I need enough of that Hobtor to make both you and I armor, and weapons. And then i will need enough for each member of the army I gather. I plan on taking care of a threat that has many enemies on this planet. And those enemies will be our allies if I can gain a regular source of this Hobtor.”


King Blood’og III had adventured with Kas Dannor from the Glacial Wastes to the Goblin Lands. Blood’og III never thought he would be scared of a human, an earther, anything so soft skin. King Blood’og III was terrified of Kas Dannor and he didn’t even know anything about Kas’s history.

Blood’og III said, “I have ten big gogs I lead. While Mak Lal’tor gogs under Drza Drza steal Hobtor on pallets, I grand King Blood’og III, will crush heads of anyone who trys and stops them.”

Blood’og III said, “Mak Lal’tor not stupid. Ten Gogs not enough to fight all groups. But Brezan stalkers go under, and poison darts friend to Mak Lal’tor.”