New Civilization level Weeks 11 through 20 - The Mercs come to Town Optional Rules


I’m just not really sure of things, and hoping you might be able to help me decide on a hero character. I was looking into the religions sections, is there possibly one that would be opposed to the Church of One and might have olgogs?


I would like to play W’Muba a shapeshifter (Using shapeshifter kit from the core book) who most commonly looks like a kiorn. He is on a quest to learn greater and greater control of shapeshifting in order to “Gain his heritage”.


Would like to have Tiny the time locked D’humb dropped off for a little fun with the Ol’gogs


I would like to bring in Burke an Immutable mercenary, low morals, perfect for working with the Church of One. Used him for a couple of games.


Yeah I was thinking of one and I checked with our artist who created the character and he actually has been wanting a player to try it since Border Wars. The Morgothians, an offshoot of the Kasanthian faith, who sprang off under the rule of PeaceLord Morgoth Dannor has a perfect character for you to play.

Sir Duff the Olgog is a Morgothian Knight who started as an apprentice of Sir Killian (justin’s character) and now would be starting his own parish down in the Goblin Lands helping locals against the Church of One.

The Morgothians hate the Church of One.

But if you decide to play as Sir Duff at various points Justin will either directly PM you or send messages through Narrator via me, when he thinks Killian would send orders. Killian’s rank is Champion of Morgoth, which would make Sir Duff first Knight of the Champion. Think about and post here in reply if you agree to it.


W’Muba the Shapeshifter


Tiny the Timelocked Da’uhnb is approved with the limitation of no timeshredding (even with gear etc) and no technomancy/technomantic gear (regular tech weapons allowed)


Allowed and approved, Burke, Immutable Merc (cuz dammit it, it rhymes and I like that!)


As per live game event. Yyan Kol would like to change mercs to “One Eyed” Willie the illuminated pirate.


Illuminated Pirate Captain One Eyed Willie is approved and will replace tiny.


After lots of back and forth with the Yellow Scout (a.k.a. Killians the Morgothian), I have finally decided upon playing as one of the Morgothian Knights. I decided upon one of my own, an olgog dark paladin named Sir Mag’ Nr (which refers to the olgog language, meaning: of honored guidance).

Hope this works well, and to have this approved so I can make a post in the bounty mission.


Sir Mag’Nr the Morgothian is approved.


the herald of wintermute is arriving in the goblin lands to investigate this United Tribes of Refuge and see what they are made of.


Approved, the Herald of Wintermute has arrived.


I would like to deploy my fabulous, dancing automaton Phantom Mark-93875.

He served the inspiring Lord Roan in all things, and is friends with Windwraith, first Subcommander among phantoms.


Phantom Mark-93875 is approved.