The Hobtla Mag'ol Greet the Olgog Darmag Rider (DR2220 Mission 2+)


Guilder Muin said, “Actually i will be setting up a private party dig in a week. One out in the foothills where the Icewyrms and the Hobtla Mag’ol used to meet to parlay. If i were to invite you along, I would have to pay you per banking guild rules. Twenty Ghaz a dig would be do’able from my budget. Someone who can actually speak to the dead? That is definitely worth twenty people’s salary for a week.”

Glog recieved information on where to meet Guilder Muin for the dig site. (

Glog went onward to the Cold Draft to see what he would see.


At the Cold Draft he was greeted by the barkeep Devin Danes, who offered Glog an Icewyrm Binber wine on the house and a very reasonably priced bowl of stew. As Glog ate he looked around for Jonas. He saw Jonas in the corner of the Cold Draft.

Jonas was passed out, leaned over a table. In one hand he still clutched a nearly full jug of wine. In the other he leaned over the Drum. His tears stained the leather of the drum.

Glog had a choice. He could

A) walk over and wake up Jonas and have a talk.

B) stealth over and steal the Drum

C) poison Jonas open wine with a stomach herb that will make him have to run to the bathroom.

D) poison Jonas’ open wine with a poison herb that will cause him to die in his sleep tonight.

E) Stealth over, slit his throat, and leave him bleeding into his wine. Grab the drum and run before the authories come.


Wrong account


Glog walked over to the table and sat down. Using his foot he jostled Jonas’ chair to wake him.

“I am Glog of the Or’Lur tribe of the southern lands. I am here to trade for that drum and offer you a job.”


Jonas snorted awake, and said, "Yep Im up, Im up. When does my shift start?..Wait…who are you? You’re not Guilder Muin.

Glog you say? Hi Glog I’m Jonas. I used to work for…thats not important…

You say you want to hire me? Great I need work.

But you want to trade for my Drum?? I don’t know, my Drum is my last possession. Its the only thing I have left in life that has value.

What sort of work you want me to do, and what do you offer in trade for the Drum?"


From within his cloak Glog pulled out a single bar of silver, allowing the inebriated man to see it for a second before returning it to its hiding spot.

“My tribe is located near a stop in the hover rail in the far southern lands, but our trade with the merchants that ride it has been slow due to our lack of understanding your…Ghaz.” Glog paused thinking on how to continue. “I have asked several friends and they said I should find one skilled in not only music but also trade as they seem more skilled at selling goods and services. You would be our trader, the one who teaches our members how to work with your trade, in exchange you get food lodging, and once you have finished your job a portion of the ghaz that is made from our trades.”


Jonas said, "Food, Lodging and a percentage of what an entire tribe makes in trade? That would be an acceptable trade. Especially if it means finally moving away from this snowy hell.

I hear the enemies of Jemison Post are advancing on here soon enough, so any job that takes me south and away is preferrable to this place…"

Jonas hands over the Drum, and prepares to leave to travel south.

[The Orlur tribe has gained Jonas as their new trade representative. This allows them to trade goods with the banking guild and with the colonies. Initial spending funds have increased to 100 ghaz with Jonas initial work.]


The drum in hand Glog returned to Gornatla, and returned it to the drummer.

“Are you ready to continue?” he asked as they walked the market thinking on what they might need.


Gornatla cried tears of happyness and thanked the Thunder Gods, and then thanked Glog.
She began a steady strum on the top and said, "I suppose I shouldn’t have expected the head to hold its tune. It will take some time to tune it up.

What is our next step to prepare?"

Glog knew where the dragon was supposed to reside, on a map of olgog hide given to him by the Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol himself.


The dragon Solemnwing was reportedly in a valley between Jemison Post and the lands of the Frozen Homeforge. Technically in the lands of PeaceLord Nuria, the dragon had set himself up as a petty warlord, gathering an army of IceWyrms. Once he secured enough of an army, he was going to return to Hobtla Mag’ol in force.
There were two locations that Glog and Gornatla could confront the Solemnwing.

The first location was their valley camp in Nurialands. It was entrenched but their numbers were less, and it was visible from the sky.

The second location was deep in Hobtla Mag’ol territory. The crypt from which Solemnwing arose. He has been making stops there every single day on his patrols to gather more IceWyrms. It is heavily defended, and will have much higher numbers of IceWyrms.


Glog looked at the map with Gornatla in front of him and Treebighter to the side.

“I believe the encampment in the valley would be our best bet. The open air should help your drum reach the Thunder Gods in their strongest area. The reduced numbers should also help, though we will be exposed being so out in the open. Even going above the clouds would not work as any sentries would see us in the leyas. The best bet would be to come around the side of the valley. Before that though we must find a place where you can preform a proper ceremony, for it is through it that I hope to call aid from a being more powerful then ourselves.” Glog was of course speaking of Kincaid, a being of great power and wisdom. If he could not aid in the actual fight, then his wisdom on this matter would help them greatly.


Together they headed to the encampment and arrived early enough to set up an ambush. Gornatla set up an elaborate ritual circle using stones and torn sections of her own fur. She began to drum. Glog hoped Kincaid was listening…


Kincaid heard the drumming, he had been hoping for a vacation to Les’Tas’Tral before some of the ascended forced all the ascended to stay. Over the valley dark grey clouds rolled in. When the ritual reached its climax lightning struck the center of the circle and as the flash cleared from the gathered groups eyes an Olgog male floated. He was naked his long fur hiding sleek muscle, a long mean looking scar stood out on his left side. He patted the drum at his side and thunder cracked, he said to the gathered. “The drumming of the old ways pleases the Thunder Gods.”


Glog bowed to the higher being.

“Kincaid, it is Glog of Or’Lur. We seek your aid. There is a powerful Darmag in these lands who is powerful. and seeks to end the lives of the olgogs here. Though they have brought great harm to the Drummers, I hope to force them to see their folly, for this creature is beyond Fire and Water. Solemnwing is his name, it is my hope that you can offer wisdom or strength to the lightning we will send at him.”


Kincaid nodded, “I can stop the worst of Solemnwings powers, however it will stop your own ability to use the leyas. For the greater the monster the greater the champion it creates. The greater the champion, the greater the tribe.”


Gornatla said reverently,

"Glog, you must decide. The blessing of the Thunder Gods might nullify the powers of Solemnwing, but they would limit our own as well.

Do we accept this blessing?

Or do we face the unlimited force and fury of Solemnwing undefended?

It is a tough choice. But with the blessing of the Thunder gods, I have faith in our strength and the strength of your own Darmag to defeat Solemnwing."


“You are right Gornatla.” Glog said. “Thank you Kincaid, for the protections. I have faith that with them our strength will be enough to face this danger.”

(Sorry for the delay)


Glog and Gornatla headed to the valley. With the instructions for the Ritual swirling around his head, Glog knew he could render Solemnwing unable to use its greatest powers. But it was still a descended Darmag with a physical power that could easily best his beloved Shaterwing in single combat.

Gornatla began to get the ritual prepared. Glog took the opportunity to scout the valley and was surprised to see Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol on a wooden palanquin carried by four short burly Olgogs. The Emperor said, “I came to watch this legendary event. I have lived for too many winters, I know it is rare to see a moment of heroism like this.”

Glog prepared his mind and his body. He knew when Solemnwing arrived there would be but moments to act. Then he realized he needed a plan. Gornatla would keep the ritual going, and use her powers to disable Solemnwing and empower both Glog and Shaterwing. But Glog and Shaterwing would need a plan, and a good one to disable the ancient Darmag.

He knew the first part of his plan, coming around the valley would give him the element of surprise. But what would he and Shaterwing physically do against the Darmag when it arrived?


The plan that Glog had been forming was simple in concept, but he knew that by the end of the day he would suffer. On his finger was a plane looking obsidian ring, a gift from The Auf and a reminder of his failings. It’s creation had been so full of hope, a chance to help their people do more then hide in caves.His very first artifact.

This ring that has been with him at Bartsport, at almost every meeting with the leaders of each group he knew. Today it would be lost for good.

Before their foe arrived Glog and Shaterwing will be in the air, collecting air leyas into a cloud to try and hide in.

When Solemnwing was in bow range, Glog will shatter the ring, letting go of all it meant to him, and channel all the Air and Light leyas he can into an arrow of lightning and let it fly at the Darmag.

After the first shot Shaterwing will attack her tail stinger and Air leyas attacks, while Glog continues to shoot volleys of arrows, aiming at the wings to try and force Solemwing to ground or to where Glog can get onto the head to use his axe to hack into his brain.

Glog- Tor’og(pc)Will 5, EmC 3, Temper 4, Leyas Combat Ranged skill 5, L.R. 5 (Adept), Air Leyas 2, Light Leyas 2, attacks Melee 4, Ranged 1, Thrown 3, Leyas 1
Dragon Rib War Bow: (Agility x2) +2 Missile dmg
Giant Killer Krato Bone War Axe: 2d4+6 Melee dmg

Shaterwing- Juvenile Poisinbinger


The Ancient Darmag Solemnwing rose over the edge of the valley. The creature was massive, its head large enough to consume an Earther tank in a single bite. Its original scale color had been long lost to time. It was the pale of old fish scales, and its wings extended but the flesh was long tattered. It was held aloft not by the strength of its wings, but by its sustained force of will and the Leyas.