The Plan for the Mirror Crystal (TSGL3 Week 5+)


A rather smelly young Olgog arrives wearing what might have been fancy robes if they weren’t covered with filth “I Hoogooth of Tor’Lalur, Elder send I to ask about EuteeAr flying death bringers now everywhere.”


Lalder says to Hoogooth "They are from an alternate dimension and timeline. They are a UtR that did not hold back but went and conquered their world. It seems they see us as a threat to themselves and are determined to destroy all not them. They are a very evil version of us. Outside of that, know those attacking are not mine or the UtR of here. We are being invaded.

They had even already attacked before this sending in Disease from their version of your tribe that is causing havoc in Karov.

Any help in canceling their diseases or ability to cause issues with ones not from here would be very helpful. "


… a call comes though “Heh. Lucky Fate Squad here. Note said I should call you. There some Crystal UTR guys here. I’m looking for some ground bait. Need something loud or tanky.”


Lalder answers the Lucky Fate Squad “I have something for you. I have a few Steam tanks and crews. They will do some damage but will also draw fire. I will make sure they leave finger tips here just in case. I also have steam rifles. A few Fighters are dropping them off as we speak.”

Godart, add these to your post as I’ve already done mine.
2 Steam Levi Tanks and Crew with Steampak rifles. Crew is +1 Att and +2 emotional Control in Tank, Pilot Tank 3, Procession Tanker 3. (Not 100% sure if they have my standard Leyas shields as well). Should have Shadow Leyas lvl 3 and the rest of the elemental Leyas at lvl 2, LR 3 as all of my Standard Tribals. I’m not sure the number in the the crew is. But I"m sure it doesn’t matter that much.


“Cool. G Gog out.”


Shirley nodded in the background. She had no clue what was going on. It was too much to handle. She let Lalder handle matters. Probably not a good idea, Shirley thought after she left. It was a bad version of Laldy-cakes that caused this mess to begin with.

Right now, there were other things to worry about. When this mirror crystal thing was taken care of, Urog and Laldy-cakes were going to have a long conversation. Until then, there was nothing to say. She stayed quiet, offering no advice or opinion. And when she left, she said nothing to anyone other than a half-hearted and saddened “good luck.”