The Provisional Colony of 2218


Lord Grimaldus read the reports about this Neliff creature, this was certainly the stuff of nightmares. This was even worse then that damn disease the southern Goblin’s cooked up. Sometimes Grimaldus thought he might be better off retiring north to the colonies. That was a foolish thought however, who would protect these people from corruption and the chaos these Goblin’s created.

So once again Grimaldus ordered a quarantine, no one would go in or out by land into the other parts of the Goblin Lands without going through medical screening. He would send a message to the EEF with his decision and ask them to inform the local Goblin leaders of his decision as he didn’t want to risk his messengers.

Everyone entering Lord Grimaldus’ lands would be stopped and ordered to submit to medical screening to test for Neliff exposure, if they refused they would be turned away. If they wouldn’t leave they would be given a single warning shot at their feet, then after that lethal force would be authorized. Anyone killed would be dumped back onto their side of the boarder with a sign explaining the situation tied to them.