Earth 6000: XIX (Alternate Timeline Spunoff by TSGL3 Week 2 Mission)


Maverick said, “EMP is the safest way to take down nanoplague. But if you have a pocket nuke lying around we can use it here…I guess.”

Maverick looked out at the uninhabited city.


"Hey Lurtor you can keep staring at it. I’m not sure what you are looking for.

Its nano-machines. Microscopic robots.

We have a simple choice. EMP the vial.

Or open the vial and one of you can test the contests.

You aren’t going to find out anything about the nanites, while they are still in the vial, friend… it is sealed in a way I’ve only seen used by the Gray." Maverick walked away from the group.

Approaching one of the windows he breathed out on the window material to fog it up. He then used his finger to draw, the Resistance Lives On, in the condensation.


LUrtor says "Even though the one who left this is a racist madman. I wonder if there was something to learn. Something that could prevent this? Is this the result of a timetraveler and not the timeline that was suppose to be.

I’m very knew to this concept, so I’m having some issues understanding this all.

But if you want, I can emp that vial right now. I doubt I would want to open it chancing to reactivate any of those nanites."


Mawen after so much time of hearing those go back and forth about how to handle this new threat, somewhat tuning it all out suddenly had a realization. He was skilled with blades, but a blade even if made of zela, even if it did not currently have a k’ias corpse being hefted on it; it was not the answer to their current predicament. He did have use of the leyas, but not enough to know how to handle this. Although he was a Mag Daron Gor’ab, he did indeed have other special abilities.

Mawen as if the haze has cleared from in front of his eyes , blurting out “DOES THIS COUNT AS A PARASITE?”


Maverick took his hat off and gently placed it on the ground. Then he smacked himself across the face as hard as he could. Then the Olgogs noticed his face began to turn red in the shape of the hand print. He put his had back on cleared his throat and said, “No Mawen it is not a parasite. As I explained less than a moment ago. It’s tiny robots. Not a parasite.”

Oh my god I thought only Ursana was this dense, Maverick worried, are all Olgogs this ignorant?


Lurtor said to Maverick “Most Olgogs haven’t been exposed to Earther tech and especially technomancy as I’m sure you already know. I only have been due to being in the colonies so much. But again, Technomancy is not one of those things many are exposed to due to laws and locations.”

Lurtor then says to the other Olgogs “They are like any tool. Neither good or evil till someone puts them to a task. Though that task can be set in them like those in the vial might have.”

Lurtor pulled out a nanite Syringe. He then continues “These nanites are programmed or told to heal living beings. Those that he has are most likely programmed for the opposite. An EMP or any energy draining leyas will destroy them.” Lurtor then puts back his nanite syringe.

Then to everyone “Which is why it is a serious question if we there is nothing that can be learned from those nanites that would point to who created the original plague. So do we EMP those and get out of here? I have no ability to travel time… and I have a feeling we are too far from Refuge for my teleporting. And Shadow drive is not an option as we don’t have a ship. So travel is up to someone else.”


Silas glanced down at Lurtor and the vial, then with a short crackle said,

“I agree with Maverick, the choice is simple. Destroy the nano-plague and evaluate what resources we have in order to reach Refuge. To bring something like this back from a potentially different timeline, and could then be weaponized would be disastrous to your timeline. It is similar to introducing a disease to a populace which has no immunity to it, and no offense but at a glance I’d wager you don’t have the right skill-set to glean any understanding from it. Why take so large a risk for so small a reward?”


Lurtor then says “Ok without any objections, I’ll EMP it now. Lets move away from this other equipment though so I don’t catch anything else in the EMP.”

If there are no objections, Lurtor will concentrate an focus a small EMP focused on just the vial of nanites.


Lurtor focused EMP on the vial, and after a few moments the silvery liquid inside the vial turned to a dull rusty brown.

Maverick flipped out a tiny scanner of unknown design. He waved it past the vial a few times and said, "Okay the nanites are destroyed. All that is left is the material the nanites were originally formed from. Im getting analogues to a biological sample. Whatever this started as, it bred and evolved inside a living host. From the information I would say it came from either an Olgog or an Earther host lifeform.

Well I guess we have handled the nanite samples. You mentioned wanting to return home to Refuge? I can make that happen.
Just tell me where on the planet you want to go?"

Giving one last glance around the penthouse that had been Lenonin’s operational base for an unknown point of time, Maverick waited for a reply from the Olgogs.


Lurtor looks around too, seeing the place where such a mass murderer lived. He took in the area around so if he had to reproduce an illusion of it he could.

Lurtor says "First Maverick, if you need help in… time… dealing with Mortis Leonin, let me know. Same as with dealing with the Olgog or earther who created this plague.

I’ve always wanted to goto Fort Lendill, but I think TLa’loc’al would be a better idea right now. From there we can get to where ever we need to. Hopefully the place hasn’t burned down while we were gone. I’ve spent way too much time trying to keep everyone from bombing the other and being away concerns me. Last time I was stuck in away I was locked in a different dimension with a Married couple and Night… big bad. I had to calm things down again. At least there was when a clone of me in refuge keeping the peace… I’m nervous that might happen again too. That didn’t go over well either…

Yeah, home might be a good idea."


Maverick looked around at the gathered Olgogs and said, “Sure I’ll drop you off at Tla’loc’al on my way back to the Resistance.”

He gathered together all the people and prepped his Time Shredder. There was a flash of blue light and all the Olgogs and Maverick and the giant suit of armor that is S.I.L.A.S. disappeared.

A few moments after they left the dead body on the couch began to move. Nanites inside it began restoring parts of the body damaged by the sniper’s bullet. The eyes opened and within moments the obscured technomantic artifact inside the old scientist’s body had fixed every aspect of the damage done.

He shuffled to his feet, then wrinkled his nose. Dr. Ian Tambor yawned then sniffed the air again saying, “It smells like Olgogs in here…What happened to the penthouse? Where is Morty?”

He saw the sample case open and empty, the annihilation protections removed and missing. He quickly ran over, hoping the Nanite plague had not been released. He wiped his sweaty brow and brought online the Holographic projector system.

It activated and an image of a grizzled much older Mortis Leonin appeared.

"Dear Ian, it has been such an honor learning from you. But with the Time Shredder and Technomancy I do not need your science anymore. I have something even greater, the will and the knowledge to change the Timeline so this nanoplague never gets released. The will to make sure that Humans become the dominant lifeform in this timeline and every timeline.

Unfortunately the one factor I cannot control or plan for are other Time Shredders.

If this hologram activated then the Nanoplague sample must have been destroyed before a cure could be found. Unfortunately this has deeply offset my plans, and I will only discover this once it is too late.

I am sorry old friend, both that I had to kill you and leave you there, and that I could not find a cure to the Nanoplague in the past or the future. I have left an artifact implanted in your left pinkie finger, and it will restore you to life and provide you food and water for as long as you remain alive.

I know it will be frightening Ian, but know that at least in the Earth you are trapped, the plague has run its course. The Earth is safe and you too are safe. Enjoy this new Earth. In case this occurred I have secreted some cloning equipment stolen from Lord Siedermann down by a retro-skating rink that you can see from your window. Follow the path of the sniper bullets that killed you to find it.

You can use it to make a new humanity for this new Earth. I wish you luck Ian, may all send blessings to Dr. Ian Tambor."

Dr. Tambor was about to rage, then he stopped and looked down. There was a bunch of silvery splatter across the floor. He grabbed a discarded vial and began collecting it. Racing to the computer he put the bio-sample in. It began to tick off confirmations one after another.

To Dr. Tambor’s shock it seemed whomever had destroyed the sample had been bleeding a K’ias all over the place. Dr. Tambor followed the blood drips back up the stairs to the roof.

Looking out across the abandoned and empty Earth, the wheels in Tambor’s head began to turn faster and faster. Cloning technology, K’ias blood samples, and all the time in the world to be uninterrupted. Oh he would have his revenge on Morty for leaving him here, and he would repopulate the Earth.

And when he was ready, Leonin would feel his wrath…


[S.I.L.A.S. gains Computers +1 to his skill and gains +1 Fast Talk Skill and +1 Seduce Skill

Lurtor gains +1 Stealth Skill and +2 Leyas Recognition skill, Lurtor gains L.R. 6

Derlur the Nomad gains L.R. +1

Maverick gains +1 Skill Military Officer, Gains +2 Skill History (Goblin Lands)

Yagogi’al Gains Mawen Rapider gains +1 L.R. and +2 Edged Weapons skill.]

They are now transported to a different location and did not witness the final scene. They arrive a little off course at a Bar in Deryyanheim.