Eli Begins his exploration of the Coast near McGraw Expedition Harbor


Eli looked at the brochure quickly before handing it over to Captain Pren. He realized it had been printed by the Chooru Ministry of Tourism. It omitted all the news about the Demons and Ancient Evils returning during the border wars, anything about Ancient Evils in fact. There was no reference to Warmonger in it at all. It didn’t discuss any Children of the Falosini history.

Captain Pren quickly read it and said, “When I crash landed, the Warmonger was another name for the K’ias Emperor Mar’un’ga. Has he ruled the stars all these Aeons?”

Of course that wasn’t true but there was at least 10,000 years unaccounted for, and Eli didn’t even bring up the recent rise of a new undead Sylvan Empress and the scism between the Sylvan Empress and her WarLeochs.


Lurtor says "Well the good news on the Warmonger is that he has been Annihilated and all demons and ancient evils have been banished from this timeline.

As for the sylvans, I know some but not all. When we arrived here, I requested more detail from Auf Lalder of Herd of Auf La’al. He knows more about the Sylvan’s than most, but there are some details he would not share without being in person. So you may need to go and find more answers.

First I’ll start with the current state and go backward in time. The current state of things is not good for the Sylvans. The undead are split and the living are cursed. Auf Lalder tells of a tragic story.

Recently Warleoch Iessa Iuhari, who was revived from a crashed ship that laid dormant for thousands of years, has delcared herself Empress Iessa and brought the Sylvans both living and dead out of hiding. This action split the Warleoch Council and the sylvan undead. This split revolves around an ancient weapon and its use. Those undead who existed during that time agreeing never to use the weapon again.

Empress Ieessa was not involved in that as she was not… alive… existing… during this time. Her ship had crashed killing her after the sylvans were cursed, and before this decision was reached.

Many sylvan undead have left and are currently staying on Refuge. One of these is Warleoch Calphas who leads this group. I’m not sure to how much of separation is between these groups as I have not been involved.

To know what next to explain, Do you know of the curse on the Living Sylvans? The Siurcut’n Keyaba."

Lalder told him to look for recognition or confusion.


It seemed Captain Pren knew very little of the events surrounding the Curse of the Sylvan, but his eyes lit up when Lurtor mentioned Captain Iessa.

"Warleoch Iessa was a famed captain when I was still a living Sylvan. She was killed in action by the rogue Nightmare Lord Da’kot’ha before the K’ias Wars were even fully underway.

I mean that I served as a living Sylvan citizen of the Empire for an age after she disappeared, but before I passed away and became a Warleoch in defense of the Empire."


"Iessa was MIA for my entire service in the K’ias Wars? I know she was on a secret mission before she was reported killed in action.

But all is not lost if Calphas, loyal to the Old Empress, still takes action.

Tell me more of this curse? Who cursed my people…and why? Was it the Yyan Gor? I knew the Citadel you found me in was their last Capital, but I never expected the Yyan Gor to ever really challenge the Sylvan.

Was it the Nightmare Lords? Did they break the peace and betray us?

Or was it the slaving Krato? I know they wanted vengeance on our kind and would do anything to get it."


There was EMP blast on the edge of the hill and who comes strolling over the snowy hill but Ryuk, most talked about Kasanthian in the news, and Buffy, Eli’s much wanted wife.


Eli McGraw was confused and concerned. “Buffy, what’s going on? You usually bring uhm… P.O.I. back unconscious. Though I have to say I’m impressed. Wow, I was kinda just guessing when I made that statement to that reporter.”

“Like, what?” Buffy asked as she shifted her weight.

“You know.”

“I, Eli I don’t.”

“Oh boy. Let me get you up to speed.”

Eli told Buffy about Yildor little speech and his latest adventures.

Buffy was little pissed as she explained what happen to her.

“Well there then. Ryuk? I thought you be taller. This is Lurtor, spymaster or something and this Captain Pren who has been air quote asleep end air quote for thousands of years. Lurtor and Pren, this is Buffy my wife. I’m going to get some drinks. Wait. No. I’m, going to get lots of drinks,” Eli corrected himself as left for a bit.


Buffy spoke “Lurtor, Pren? Good to meet you.”

She then turn to Ryuk " Oh! Was this your first rodeo? Did not think to search Yildor for bugs? Thanks. Not only do I have him and the 99ers after me, now I totally have his followers who want to vote for him gunning for me!"



Didn’t matter to me, I recorded the whole thing too. To many time I’ve had eef and vlad use me as a scrapgoat.

OOC: still recoreding to unity


Adressing everyone else, Ryuk says

Hi Lurtor, you won’t find me as benvolent if you try to kidnap and torture me this time. I’m a busy man and don’t have time to deal with it.

Captian Pren, Im certain there should be a plesantry here, but I’m in a bit of a hurry.

If people can let me know what they want, i can deal with it and be on my way.


Lurtor found those statements from Ryuk ironic. Both Lurtor and Eli knew that Ryuk had wiped out a solar system and committed many many other crimes.

They also knew that Ryuk was lying about being set up by the EEF. The EEF has never used Ryuk as a scapegoat,in fact both Lurtor and Wli would have seen a huge verified “rap sheet” of crimes committed by Ryuk AGAINST VLAD agency orders.

They even had records showing that on his first VLAD mission Ryuk actually attacked the very Ambassadors the EEF and VLAD had brought him onboard to protect.

Lurtor and Eli would not trust Ryuk at all, doubly so as he is a Kasanthian agent wanted for interfering in the Colony General Election.

Both Eli and Lurtor are surprised such a known villian “who is on the run” would be so verbally abrasive with them after arriving in their region.

Both Eli and Lurtor know that Ryuk does not understand the gravity of what he has done from interfering with the CG elections.

Ryuk however should quickly start realizing he committed a huge crime in threatening a CG candidate and despite his own desire to get “get his way” he is ON THE RUN.

[If he does not gain allies in this thread he will not be able to do so for the rest of DR2220 due Ryuks crimes and knowledge of those crimes spread. News about the murder of the Dauhnb queen will not be known until the event posts. This is Ryuks last thread to get player allies. Use it wisely Ryuk. If you play the pride and the BLAME GAME instead of taking responsibility in a way that is meaningful to the characters around Ryuk, you will rightfully lose the last chance for Ryuk]


Captain Pren said, “Who is this K’iorn that ignores the respect and greeting of the Peace of Falos? His clothing tells me he is no member of a wartribe. What tribe birthed you, rude Kiorn?”

[Ryuk for future notes. the Children of the Falosini have great respect for the Sylvan WarLeochs. One shows courtesy and graciousness in front of a Sylvan Captain. Now Ryuk so far shows Nobody any respect when it comes to doing and learning proper greetings. And that is how the character has been roleplayed. But there are consequences for trying ro rush a greeting with someone important when first one should give a respectful greeting. ]

Pren muttered, “The Sovereign lords of the Falosini must know that their children have forgotten the basics of our culture and our system of Respect.”


Lurtor stood up from his seat, and with his one free hand put on his cloak that seemed to absorb him a little. While standing and putting on his cloak, he brush his hand against a pocket to activate his own private comm crystal to allow Jemison Post to monitor their conversation.

Since there were there relaxing, Lurtor was not in an alternate form.

Now that Lurtor was standing, he was almost 7ft tall, muscular wearing a large black cloak and a black uniform that seems to stretch against the largest muscles. On the areas of his body not covered by clothing or shadows, his fur is green with lines of Shadow crossing his skin/fur with small fleshworms going in and out. In his right hand is a long Metal looking staff with unknown inscriptions on it. On both ends of the staff are what loook like claws. Lurtor’s expression was stern as the interruption and conversation were not off to a good start.

After standing, Lurtor nodded to Buffy in acknowledgement but did not speak as he didn’t want to interrupt Pren.

Lurtor stood there quietly holding his staff looking a Ryuk with all his senses and thought"
If Ryuk attacked them, those looking for Ryuk could be notified of his location. Anyone who destroyed a solar system had to be taken seriously from the start. A Jemison Post, Ft Lendil, EEF, or all 3 strike teams could be here quickly if needed. As long as Ryuk stayed… friendly… well he was already unfriendly, but at least not violent Lurtor would let the conversation go to see if this could be resolved without violence.

In the End, Lurtor would have to decide what to do. Whether to turn him in, capture him, or talk Ryuk down. Kidnapping and trying to kill a Possible Future Colony General is a serious crime and he did not want to get on the wrong side of the colonies.

What to do…???"

(OOC Lurtor is sensing for possession, mind control, larva, and Leyas Sight)


[This conversation is the last conversation before the events of Charity event 6: The Inevitabled Descention of Leftenant Ryuk. At this point in time he is not yet a Primal Descended and Primal Evils are not yet known.]

Lurtor could tell that Ryuk had a modified Unity Uplink.


Eli McGraw came back with the booze. Lot’s of it.

“Alright, you’ve guys haven’t murder each other. Buffy, looks like you’ve behave,” he said as she rolled her eyes.

Both Eli and Lurtor are surprised such a known villian “who is on the run” would be so verbally abrasive with them after arriving in their region.

But he wasn’t really surprised. Eli didn’t know too much about Ryuk but he did know Ryuk was famous for being… well… you know… cough an ass cough. Kinda like the other native here to this planet but in a different way. Not Pren. Eli wasn’t thinking of Pren. Eli “my mind is not blank” McGraw hope no one here other than Buffy could read his mind. Not that he really believe that.

Buffy really couldn’t read his mind but she thought she could. Women think. All and all she was having problems reading Ryuk. Back to Eli though. She thought she could read Eli’s mind until she saw him pull a couple guns out on Lurtor.

“Lurtor. Put the staff down and calm down partner. We’re all in trouble now thanks to Buffy and Ryuk just stopping by and…”

“Get totally bent Eli!”

“…let’s just keep our heads on out shoulders.”

Eli whips the pistol into swim trunks.

“Alright I got potato whisky, bimber wine, hard nanye cider and vagna. Who wants what?”


Buffy was red the face.

“How you can be so calm -gimme that bottle of bimber- about this Eli?” she asked as he threw it to her.

“Been going to the same shrink you’ve have for my temper. Figure my turn not to be a spazz,” he replied as she caught it.

“Right. Right. Sorry. Ryuk you’re in trouble. I’m in trouble. Not so much because I’m me. We need to make Yildor irrelevant. You can help me.”



This is going as well as my conversation with Yildor . . .

Captian Pren, I don’t belong to a tribe, its just me , Ryuk

Buffy, As much as I would like to shoot Yilder in the face and how much I enjoyed watching maud kill him, I don’t think I can help. We would have to take out his whole operation and whoever is turning people into bombs.


Lurtor ignores the staff comment as it is irrelevant. He can’t put it down. Lurtor says "Connor, please send me a few copies of Ryuk’s file. "

Then Lurtor will reach out of a shadow pulling a folder up and handing it to Pren and Eli.

Lurtor says "I won’t get involved with Ryuk to where it gets Jemison Post or myself in trouble. That said, that doesn’t mean we can’t resolve this to a point where no one gets killed or final deathed, if Ryuk wants to settle things down and remove the bounty from his head.

Ryuk was suppose to be sent to Jemison Post Guest program. I was sent his file in Prep. My suggestion is that he attend classes and enter the program. Collar, Classes, and restrictions. Then as long as he doesn’t enter the Colonies, Ft Lendil, or cause more troubles, he won’t be attacked.

And since Buffy brought him here, Buffy can claim that she took him to turn him in. I am here to receive Ryuk after all. Then Buffy won’t be in trouble with the EEF as her involvement in kidnapping Yilder was all to capture Ryuk.

In the current situation, that would be the best solution for all. And might even make the EEF happy if they feel Ryuk is contained."

Lurtor hoped that Ryuk would see this was his best and only option to escape his worse troubles.


“Lurtor, that’s just awful,” Buffy complain.

“Let’s go with my idea that’s my idea! I need to take his whole operation out from him. How? If we can get enough evidence of wrong doing, no one’s going to care if deprive of his stuff, his money, his power and I’ll make him homeless and unloved! Then I’ll hurt him and kill him and rez him. Then leave him alone for a year. Then do it again.”

Buffy was gleeful as she continued “You know my way is better the Lurtor air quote Let’s put a collar on Ryuk and call it a day end air quote nonsense.”


Lurtor responds "As a part of a leadership of a country, things have to be done in certain orders. First Ryuk and the damage he does to us has to be minimized otherwise we can’t do anything else. We’ll make enemies and burn too many bridges.

My suggestion is:
Step 1
Deal with Ryuk. Jemison Post Program frees him from hunting parties. Hell, Ryuk could write a paper as a class project as to why Yildel should not be elected and we can have it published across the colonies with the evidence. Also, Ryuk doesn’t have to stay in Jemison Post, we just have to be able to track him.

Step 2
Clear Buffy. Remember your Brother’s Campain Buffy, you are sinking it. Which helps Yilder btw. And I generally like your brother too.

Step 3
I see is what your concerned about. Finding the damaging information about Yilder, and making sure all the voters know about this.

if your true goal is to take down Yilder and his campain, there are much more effective and legal ways to do it. But none of that is possible if protecting Ryuk makes us enemies of the colonies because Ryuk Kidnapped and killed a Colony General Candidate. It doesn’t matter that Yilder was found an revived. The EEF will treat as an attack on the colonies and will send raiding party to pick him up. My suggestion accomplishes steps 1 and 2 and leaves both of you open for step 3.

I am giving Ryuk and you buffy a way out.

Also, this is a limited offer that only exists because of my position in charge of the Jemison Post program. It is truly lucky I was here when you arrived Buff, Ryuk. Since Ryuk has been submitted, I can attempt this once. After that, I won’t be able to block any attempts by the EEF to capture Ryuk."



I’ve spoken face to face with the new McMurphy, No I won’t submit to what you called it? being collared. I’m not a nightmare.