Herd of Auf Lal' al - The Artificing caves


Auf Lalder noticed one thing missing from his ships. A way to get the supplies to the ground or load them up into the carrier. He would have 2 platforms created that will be large enough to lift a skimmer into the air, or bring it back down. This should make it large enough to bring a good amount of supplies up and down too.

Then they should be able to be stored inside the carrier at the cargo bays, for later use.

Lalder will asign other artificers to make the levi stones for this. Each will get a control crystal.


Auf Lalyan ordered the artificing caves and crystal caves security to be on alert due to a waring they received. The crystal caves were off limits to everyone except those tending to the crystals and the tribes elders.

The Auf Lalyan went to check on the Carrier, Crystal Cargo Skimmers, and the Lur Union fighters. As soon as the carrier was done, they needed to switch over production to supply the army with Lur Union Skimmers, Lur Union Fighters, Water creating artifacts and equipment for farming. The goal was to be done with what the army needed so they could concentrate on the needs of the new farms that were sprouting up.

When Lalder came back, he wanted to make sure production of non combat related items was increased. These farming items would be some of the tradable items the tribe would have to switch to trading since they were giving away knowledge about water generation and farming.

(OCC outfitting the army and the farms are the tasks of the artificers between week 15 to 16 break.)

(OCC The crystal caves have always been restricted and not talked about. The elders just want to make sure they well protected due to the issue with replacing them)


(OCC This is assuming I know that gogs are getting sick. And we don’t know how its happening to the food, but that its getting gogs sick. Starting at the source and go from there. Alive plants are the easiest to start with though.)

Now that the security of the caves was settled, Auf Lalyan had another problem. She had been talking with Lalder after he got back, and told him of the issues with gogs getting sick. She was concerned about the farms being a target if they feed so many. They needed a way to verify that the crops were healthy.

That is when she came up with the idea. She had used a similar trick to find creatures underground when the needed to find a yodals for that trader.

She took a staff crafted of good wood, then she concentrated, starting with the earth Leyas find minerals and added some healing Leyas into it. But instead of just targeting life, she would use Healing Leyas to target disease. From this she would try to create a template for an artifact that can find if a plant has been poisoned or diseased.

Additionally this item would have speak with Plant artificed to it so they can inquire to the plant how it was doing.

The last step of the item, would be to add Cure disease and cure poison.

To make sure he artificing took, she would use conversion and have Ogor there to heal here as needed.


(Ooc not sure if fully possible, but work will start)
Olgog Radar:
Problem to solve: Visual checking for Church of Oners, Vehicles, and/or Olgogs that are hidden by Leyas can be fooled by Obsure and Light Leyas Illusions. Need a way for the Lur Union Fighters to patrol and find these threats.

Solution: Setup an artifact that:

[li]Displays a Map of the Ground (Unsure if this could penetrate) if possible. Or just a scaled Circle like earther Radar.[/li]
[li]Using Earth and Healing Leyas Detect life forms (Appear in different Colors Depending on Aura, or Race) and plot onto Map their location. (This detection is the in the Air and Ground. Hoping to detect those hidden Copters)[/li]
[li]Using Earth Leyas detect Metals, like those used in Earther Vehicles to plot them on the maps.[/li]
[li]Using Earth Leyas to Detect Underground tunnels if possible.[/li]
[li]Leyas site added where needed to make functions work.[/li][/ol]
The idea is that by Detecting life forms, your getting around illusions that are covering earthers/ologogs and their vehicles. Like the banners the Oners uses to sneak up on Simonsburg. By Detecting Metals, you would pick up vehicles and Swords. With Larger amounts of Metal being easier to detect than smaller amounts.

If an Aura could be detected, then the race of the Targets could be distinguished. Or if Multiple finds have to be artificed for each race you are searching for.

Olgogs working on this (Lalder and Lalyan minimal this week due to missions):

[li]Lalder ((Auf) LR:5, Heal:4, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:5, Fire:3, Water:4, General:2, Shape:1, Summ:3, Troub:2) Adj: (Charisma +4 (Item), Temper +1)[/li]
[li]Lalyan ((Auf) LR:5, Heal:4, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:4, Fire:3, Water:4, General:2) Adj: (Agility+1)[/li]
[li]Lalog’na ((Auf) LR:4, Heal:4, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:4, Fire:3, Water:4, General:2, Summ:3)[/li]
[li]Lalur’ab ((Auf) LR:4, Heal:4, Light: 3, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:4, Fire:3, Water:4, General:2)[/li]
[li]Ka’ab (Ur Rhug) (LR:3, Light:3, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:3, Fire:2, Water:3, General:2, Summ: 1)[/li]
[li]Rhugal (Ur Mak) (LR:4, Light: 3, Shadow:1, Earth:2, Water:1, General:2, Summ:3)[/li][/ol]

Have access to all Leyas except Annihilation and Technomacy. Though mostly at level 3 or lower. Max Leyas Air-3, Earth-(5 and 4), Fire-3, Water-4, Healing-4, Light-4, Shadow-3, Summoning-3, Troubadour-2 (could be 4 if needed) , and General 2


By its nature, what you are trying to do it would require the Level 6 Earth leyas ability Find as part of the combinations.


Lalder between meetings pondered what to do next. They needed something to counter the heavier firepower of the colonies and the Oners. They needed something that could go into an area and take out those striders or gun pods. He needed a tougher version of the Lur Union fighter, but with a few big differences. Something needed to act as a deterrent as the Olgogs can’t counter those radiation bombs that the oners used in bartsport.

Lalder continued to think. If a fighter had a few seats around an illusion 3 dimensional view of the area around, one view for the gunners, one for the defenders to counter attacks and initiate repairs. It should be

Destroyer / Battleship (OOC balayon 5 White stars or the Deep Space Nine Defiant)):

[li]Artifact: Earth and Light. Weapons Fire and Light Uses Levi and Command Crystals.[/li][li]Size: Bigger than a Lur Union Fighter, but not by much.[/li][li]Armor:[/li][LIST]
[li]Heavy. Strong armor artificed with Skin Like Steel.[/li][li]Also can the armor be made to self repair?[/li][/ul]

[li]Like Carrier, Immune to Lasers and reflect Magi Cannon Leyas.[/li][li]Like other vehicles, have crew able to apply Leyas shields[/li][/ul]

[li]Weapons: (Thinking like balayon 5 White stars)[/li][ul]
[li]2 or 3 heavy Weapons. Like Laser and Fireball for area attacks. Just at a larger level.[/li][li]Wouldn’t mind the Chill Sticky mine cannon each of mine have. Maybe if it was wrapped in Nightmare hide, or something. Don’t want it to interfere with the Light leyas defences.[/li][li]Projectile Launcher: (Fire Melt Metal, Warp Wood, or Rock to Mud ammo.) -trying for armor piercing.[/li][/ul]

[li]Cloaking. While cloaked, Reflect Magi Cannons wouldn’t work I’m guessing.[/li][li]The Self repairing armor ((OOC as mentioned above, still disucussing this with the narrator))[/li][li]Light Leyas mapping system.[/li][/ul]

After drawing out the plans, Lalder took many of this tribesmen and 10 artificers to start working on this project.


Narrator Queries, must be addressed ingame in this thread (so not an answer to me, but Lalder actually figuring out how to source said material and ship it to the artificing caves)

1- What material is the Destroyer going to be made from to get that Heavy armor stats? Especially since its only a little larger than the Lur Union fighter per description above?

2- When discussing Laser or Fireball but larger or more damaging there are 2 ways of handling it. Way 1 learn level 6 Light for Solar Flare, and Level 6 fire for Incinerate.
Way 2 begin setting up crude turrets with multiple Lasers or Fireball artifacts firing as a salvo. Now here is the thing (salvo rules are in EEF Guide) Salvos can only be fired a maximum of once per ship per combat round no matter how many attacks the crew has. Any number of weapons mounted together can be salvoed together, BUT salvos are not effective against individuals. They are effective against vehicles, squads of troops and structures. Because a user would be activating so many artifacts at once, if they do so using an alternating Leyas artifact they will instantly burn out (unless an Undead, Cursed, Bandit or Vampyr who will be dropped to 0 HP). If there is a natural disaster of the element related to the Salvo (volcano for fire, solar storms for Light) the gunner firing this weapon will become a burn out. Once artifacts (unlike tech weapons) are artificed to fire in Salvo, they cannot fire individually or seperately. Their artifact auras are also now linked in Leyas Sight and Aura sight. This many artifacts artifice to salvo together also make Obscurement impossible.

3 The vehicle could have a Light Leyas mapping artifact, BUT the technique for creating an artificed data storage method have not yet been discovered by Auf Lal’al. Therefore it will only show what is directly around the vessel not maps that can be stored or replayed.

4- Projectile Launcher: (Fire Melt Metal, Warp Wood, or Rock to Mud [change earth?] ammo.) -trying for armor piercing.
It wont make an Armor piercing projectile, but instead I’d recommend actual just Artificed Cannons artificed with those three abilities. It fires and does all three to a target affecting metal, stone and wood hulled targets. Because frankly I can’t figure out a projectile that would be the least bit aerodynamic that is not made from wood, metal or stone that Auf Lal’al could produce that would actually hurt vehicles. (i mean a bone spear could be the projectile but that won’t do much in the way or Projectile damage. But a pair of mounted Artificed cannons with those trio of abilities would be effective.


Lalder was looking at his initial design for the destroyer, and it didn’t fit. To keep it smaller, he would have to use stronger materials, like Steel. The Alchemist could forge more steel for him. Or he could use his Earth leyas to convert stone to steel…"

Lalder crafted a frame to see it is was how it worked. The problem he was seeing now as that if he put on enough armor, there was no room for gogs. The Size would have to increase, to 2 or 3 times the size of a Lur Union Fighter. This increase size would allow thicker armor. of course this meant more levi crystals to make it responsive.

Since the ship would be flying due to the crystals, he didn’t have to worry about the lift as much. The shape was the next thing. He needed a shape that didn’t expose too much of a broad sizes to be easy to hit, but they needed to be able to shoot in multiple directions. Maybe a circle or a slightth eliptical, something that in the center is tall enough for an Olgog and then go down to edges at the outer parts. This is where the guns could rotate around. (OOC Flying saucer, with the 2 weapons on top and 2 weapons bottom circle)

Next was the gun placements and the gunner placements. He liked the Center light leyas map for targeting, but maybe the gunners needed their own view screen, so they could see where their gun is aiming. But how to control them. He couldn’t use an artifact to launch another artifact, but could the control Crystals help move and target the guns for the gunner.

So what to do about to do with the weapons. He couldn’t make many weapons that the pilot or gunners could activate. But the Weapons on the Lur Union Fighter might not be strong enough to take down targets. So what if he made a pair of cannons that were articed with a few abilities to destroy armor on top of a Laser.

Lalder kept thinkng. Right now he doesn’t know how to make it stronger… kept … what about… a different power source. They Light leyas artifact that Lurtor brought home. If he hooked that up to the Laser cannons it should increase the output. So a pair of cannons together artificed with Melt Metal, Rock to Mud, and Shieldbreaker. If the target is wood, he shouldn’t have to worry about that.

Next the other gunners need to have weapons that deal with personel. He had been doing fireball cannons before. But he now thought about a switch. What if he had the smaller guns be artificed acid cones. That way, the cannon would take out strong targets at range, and anything that got within 20ft would get the acid attack.

One last thing he wanted to try for the main guns. Could he use the Magi Crystals to create ship level guns. Lalder studied the Warmachine Magi cannon that he had mounted to the Crystal fighter.

(OOC Changes: Using more crystals, levi, control.
Size increase: At least 3 times the size of Lur Union Fighter to allow room for the armor. Use steel either created from the alechemy or Steel skin.
Keeping: Sylvan shields
Use multiple Levi Crystals.
Use Control Crystals to aim and fire cannons.

Using the Dual cannons for the guns. Dropping the Warp wood for the Shieldbreaker.
Secondary Acid Cone Guns. If there is a way to extend the range would be helpful.
NEW Idea - Magi Crystals. Can LAlder use them to enhance or to create the main or secondary guns?

Still not sure how to implement, but repairing the armor


The new Auf Lal’al Destroyer was ready.Made from Alchemical steel

VAR 60 VS Melee
80 vs Missile
40 vs Energy
move 13 flyer

Dedicated Mechanic Restores 5 AR each combat round. MECHANIC HAS 10 HP
ANTI-Build Cannon:shieldbreak Change Earth and Melt Metal Lesser cannon at 3 successes. Lowers VAR and SAR by 10 points.

Acid cone mounted guns 8 (NO AR) attack lowers var and sar by 8 pts

Multicrystal Magi Cannon 25 Energy dmg, x4 energy dmg to vehicles.

Sylvan shields.

The first of these vessels comes equipped with the Light Tablet of the Isle of Mag Buskt installed in it.
All others do not.


The entrance to the Artificing Caves will be sealed and reinforced. Inside the Healing trees and other trees that are in the base caves of the tribe will provide some of the breathable air while the vents are closed.

The Entrances will be reinforced with rows of earth columns.


As Lalder had gained additional insight into Earth Leyas, he figured out the missing piece to his Olgog Radar. Lalder would now restart his research into his Olgog Radar to locate dead and life forms. Working to get around any concealment, especially of large groups. His intent was to make sure the Oners could not sneak an army around one of their cities again.

(OOC Lalder now has Earth 6 LR 6. His complete list is: Lalder ((Auf) LR:6, Heal:4, Light: 4, Shadow:3, Air:3, Earth:6, Fire:3, Water:4, General:2, Shape:3, Summ:3, Troub:3) Adj: (Charisma +4 (Item), Edged W 2, Temper 2, Melee Strike +2, Rapid Throw +2) )


Auf Lal’al Finder has been developed by Lalder. This artifact requires an active Adept to keep their hand on it (giving up all attacks this combat round to use). It will project a cohesive light display of the surrounding ten mile circle showing all living targets and all undead targets. However it cannot distinguish type of species and cannot pierce into underground tunnels, deep ravines or caves.
It is effective on ignoring Obscurements of 4 successes or less. Obscurements of 5 or 6 or more successes will still be hidden from the Radar.
It will find vehicles, and can distinguish human sized threats from K’iou sized threats from giant sized threats. It can also pick up high concentrations of armored troops (a single armored troop will just register as normal).
It will pierce one mile in all directions around a settlement into tunnels and show that on the display with targets moving there as well (one mile only on subsurface) cannot pierce water, cannot see warded areas of 4 successes or more in Earth Leyas underground.


Lalder was very impressed how fast the artificing caves were reopened for work. Now that they have installed the reinforced sealed doors with protective aura and the air purifiers to protect against the flamewinds, they needed to get back to work. He needed another Destroyer and carrier at some point. Also he had an idea for a new project.

(OOC With the artifacts from Week 24 that I created, I should be able to reopen the Artifcing caves and put the area back to work.)


With the next destroyer finished. Lalder wanted a few more hover steam tanks. Also he wanted to see if they could create steam rifle weapons that would work on Immutables as well. Much of their weapons did not work on Immutables and with recent actions, they may need that in the future.

(OOC I don’t have much time to write up a big on description. What I’m looking to see is what it takes to build the hover steam tanks and the Steam Rifles (Time Shreaders book). )


Four Steampak rifles built and one additional steam tank for this weeks missions.


With the influx of Gogs, they needed to do something with the waste in a clean way. The plague vamps couldn’t take it all. Lurtor had told Lalder about the Earthers devices to do that. He figured that Olgogs could do something similar.

Toilet - Purify Water, Creater Water (and rinse :-p )

Next more ways gogs could get water. In their settlements, Lalder had the equivalents of drinking fountains created. These water artifacts would be for the settlements use and be tied into the ground so they could not be removed.

FOr the needs of Food, Lalder went through the additions to his tribe and the UtR, looking for gogs who wished to learn leyas or farming, in exchange for the labor to create and maintain more farms. These farms would be both on the ground and ones in the air. With the sudden influx of Gogs, this would need to be done in mass.

And Places to live. At first Larger caves and buildings would be built from the ground to provide shelter to the influx of Olgogs. These shelters would be built to withstand the flamewinds (in the basements) with Purify Air, and the ability to seal the doors. The alert system should give enough warnings to use them.


Auf Lalder’s carrier was being over used… needed in too many places. He needed to build another.

With the use of the Sylvan undead and his artificers, he had them build another Carrier. If at all possible, making this one just as capable as the original first one, Storage, Transporting, weapons, and life support. The part left uncertain was the Leyas generator in the original carrier. He could not reproduce it and he would not ask for another.

He hoped the Sylvan could help with this.


The production of the second carrier craft continued apace. Life support and comms had been installed but the Leyas Generator was a concerning development.
Without it, the vessel would be effective within Refuge’s atmosphere but would be Limited to acting as an Airship.

The Sylvan engineer onboard toiled day and night to find alternative options. In a way a workaround was discovered That would allow some use of the Leyas enough to power the ship and its defenses.
Big bulky lattices of newely grown crystal was added. It provided some power and while the Sylvan seemed afraid to teach his olgog allies the technique but did provide ten additional lattices which could be incorporated into Lur Union fighter craft .

(Leyas Generator lvl 5 included on new carrier + 10 lur union fighters . these cannot be used for Leyas lvl 6 abilities)


Artifices Toilets could now be found throughout the UtR Lands. This increased community safety and has generally raised moral among the UtR citizenry. The Auf Lal’al are now know among the southern tribes for their cleanliness.


Lalder asks T’Mar "These Leyas generators, can we build a few for the Leaders or those in position to need a Leyas generator. Like the ship, but for personal use for a very limited few. This would be an ability we would not advertise, or show. I understand the hesitation on building these. But In the event there is a need, it maybe too late to build them.

If I’m reading into the hesitation too much, please let me know."

(T’mar is the is Sylvan Engineer.)