Mission Questions


They are rather large so putting them at thr ends of hands or tentacles is the only way to get a really aimable weapon out of them.


Not meant as a joke, Jamie feel free to chime in. I genuinely dont remember if that was before or after the Bruskti had been under attack.


Is there a way that they could be grown smaller? Or would that make them less effective? Or not work at all?


The fighters taking people from Simonsburg to the ‘underground city’… Do they have enough time to make multiple trips, or is 100 all they are able to carry?


Other than followers of Krodnok. 100 agree to go.

The rest choose to stay in Simonsburg.
They dont trust


Do I have time in game to try to convince others? or has it reached that, ‘it’s too late’ point?


I definately remember it being discussed before, I don’t recall if it was after. Bill was sad olgog after he used rez potion on lenore.


Poor lost lenore.


You can try and make an impassioned speech in the thread to woo more but no promises.


Can the crystals be grown smaller, or would that make them less effective/not work at all?

Can they be shaped as they grow? Grown long and thin, to replace a bone in the forearm…

I have a Lab, these are the kind of things i’d try…


In Simonsburg: 1) Was the EEF “embassy” destroyed? 2) About how many lives were consumed by the “statue” 3) what’s the status of the hovertrain station?


They need to be grown to their current size to work. Smaller growths do not work.

  1. by what?

  2. So far three: the two Ka Rhug who activated it, and one citizen who attacked it.

  3. It hasn’t been deactivated.


Ok. Sould be my last question about the crystals…

Do they HAVE to be implanted, or can they merely be held by the user?


As my tribe has spent weeks working on the Farms and Shelters for the settlements: Absalom and Hebron.

What did I get done. Since we’ve struck the training deal, I have kept the 10 Aufs, and 20 Tribesmen (With Farming kits). Also I have trained 10 earthers to Water Leyas 3, adn 10 Earthers to Earth Leyas 2.


Do the Levi Crystals work off of Air Leyas? Or something else?

If they don’t show as Air leyas, its it obvious that the Carrier is using Sylvan tech? ANd in turn, the soon to be floating Farms?

Trying to figure out if the EEF knows the full use of Sylvan tech by my tribe. Also trying to guess the effect of the flame winds on the crystals. Of course I’ll know after the mission :-p


Must be implanted and does not work for immutables (tho its energy ray can damage immutables)


Will address concretely this weekend


All Sylvan Crystals are living sylvan tech and recognizable as such…

They are Leyas powered.

To those “in the know” it would be obvious they use sylvan tech.

To most refuge Colonists though it would be unknown.


I am thinking of changing Scribes Faith and am looking at Bladed Sun. If he took this would he be able to regain his runic abilities?