Temporal Enforcement Agency (Booking Station 74) (TS GL3 Pregame week 1)


The TEA team 74 was split in half. Some went with Hekeriki to Maverick, the others left with Khalid for the Lions of Earth and Tarris.


Lalon returned to find Visij looking concerned.
"Well Hekeriki went off to find that criminal Maverick. She arrived safely but no word yet. Hopefully she hasn’t given away the fact that she is undercover.

Khalid and Resugent left for Vulfrym’s base in the past. They arrived safe but again no word.

I hope one of them actually focuses on the plan and gets the Time Lock and doesn’t get distracted by their own petty wants and needs. "


Lalon needed a status from Hekeriki. They had been gone so long…

Lalon said “Visij, can we tell what is happening back home. Or Do we have anything that will allow us to commicate with each of the teams?”

Visji says “You can use this communication device to reach out.”

(OOC got narrator approval for this, I don’t have too much time to be as elegant as he would be :-p )

Lalon picks up the communicator and sends to Hekeriki “THis is Lalon, you have been gone a long time… wait do we care about time… Well, its been a long time for me. What is your status? Do you have the time lock yet? There is no telling what Mortis has done in our time… is there… Wait. Boss guy is concerned as he’s heard from none other than me.”


Hekeriki: From over comm “Yawn, uhm… I know I’m a light weight but… ahh here’s that - ok you can hear me. What’s up Lalon? What do you mean about Visij? I sent in my bi-annual report three months ago. Any word on Maverick’s son Armenius?”

sounds of puking could be heard

“Ahh sick Madeline! Why did you have to throw up on me? Not like I was on the… never mind.”

“Sorry about that. Hung over. Why are you going on about Time Lock again? Did you Time Lock ability misfire or something? Anyhow, the tracking device will done in 6 months or so here. You should know this… ahh damn… you’re… I messed up.”

“You’re young Lalon and this is day I messed up and intercepted your message to young me.”


Visij looked over with concern. He said, "I believe we may have lost Hekeriki to the Resistence. Maverick does this all the time to Temporal agents, convincing them to stay and help out in exchange for training and toys.

It’s quite frustrating. I guess our only hope now is if Khalid and Resugent recover Vulfrym…"


Hekeriki: From over comm “Or Visij, this was bigger than the you of the TEA, Resistance and Four Horseman for them to handle on their selves. Don’t blame you jumping to conclusions nor do I blame you for being a control freak. This is something I’ve learn to deal with because most of the time you’re right. Being a time traveler, information is a double edge blade - so at this point per your orders from you here are my agent codes: “Bad Weather”. If you go to interrogation room Yellow 34, you will find Agent “Grandma” restrained and awaiting your questions. Or you could talk to young me over the comm. Further information from me is not available.”

“Lalon, stay alive and continue your mission. Don’t forget my words… Time Lock. You going to need to learn it or bad stuff will happen.”

sound of paper being wrote on

“Agent Hekeriki out.”

In Lalon’s head : “Don’t panic - you’re sane. Here’s the way to get into Yellow 34. Act normal.”


Visij’s eyes narrowed and he grew very angry, "Hekeriki, your mission parameters were to learn or find someone with Time Stop. Now you are telling Lalon to do it. Maybe you don’t get how being a TEA Agent works. We didn’t allow you to take part in Jak’hal’s prison break so you can just run willy nilly around time. We only allow time travel in limited very limited circumstances. And you are way off the farm. Hekeriki your TEA authorization has been rescinded. "

Visij typed quickly into his computer and then teleport ed away in a flash of blue light.

Lalon watched as Hekeriki ’ s status on the computer changed from Active TEA Agent to Kill and Collect on Sight. He grew increasingly worried.


Lalon says "What can I do? We have no time lock ability? Can I sit in on this interrogation? See what I can learn from them? I’m trying to figure out a way to learn it as it seems we lost our chance to find someone who has it. Maybe this grandma knows something about that. "