The Assembly of the Ascended Beings (a Demi-Dimension owned by the Falosini)


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The chamber drifted on clouds, a fact that Abel knew was designed to put the attendees at ease and had little to do with the real physics of the demi-dimension created for this meeting. And there were hundreds of beings here milling about.

Many of the Ascended Beings in attendance were survivors of Warmonger’s Engine Dimension on Draco Epsilon 7.

Those who had not been subjected to the horrors and tortures of the endless battles and bloodshed and death that occurred on the engine dimension did not quite understand why those who had said there would be no great war against Warmonger’s Host. And one being who survived the engine dimension but did not learn its important lessons egged them on. That one being was Ceroj the Red.

Ceroj the Red, Falosini Sovereign, demanded, “Why? Why can’t we just take Unen by force.
Kalok has stepped past the limitations placed on both sides. We could simply go in full force. No weak avatar bodies, our full forces arrayed against Warmonger.”

Berototh the Blue, Falosini Sovereign and brother of Ceroj countered sarcastically, “Or better yet why don’t we just let Kalok blast half of Refuge off in a Volcano aimed at destroying the Warmonger. We are here to protect the people, not destroy them. A fact you often forget.”

“You still hold me accountable for Xephon’s escape during the Border Wars,” snarled Ceroj, “You know I was tricked.”

“Tricked once,” said Berototh, “Yet unafraid to be tricked again.”

Abel Dragonsbane watched the Falosini Sovereigns argue. He had learned it was act that froze the progress of most meetings of Ascended Beings since the end of the K’ias Wars.

The newest members of the assembly of ascended beings, Kincaid and Uriel, were standing off to the side whispering. Abel approached them and said, “Welcome Uriel. How are you acclimating to your great sacrifice for the good of the uninformed masses.”

A shuffling Olgog hunched where Kincaid stood tall, withered where Kincaid was muscled pushed past them. It was a shrunken thing, but exuded extreme power. Yet it seemed that the being was neither male nor female, or perhaps both. The being swung its head around and looked upon the three Ascended beings and snickered, “Auf’Ol sees the conspirators, conspiring. And Auf’Ol is tired of Falosini complaining and doing nothing. What does the young ones conspire about?”

Kincaid introduced himself, “Auf’Ol is it? It is good to meet you. I am Kincaid, who gathered the GodSwords of the Bladed Sun and assembled them.”

“Yes yes and prevented the Tsogari Black Claw from gaining them. A good thing it was you did. Had the Black Claw ascended with Warmonger’s Claw still embedded in his skull, he would have been a weapon of the Warmonger in our midst. He would have slain us all, a Black Claw indeed” said Auf’Ol proudly.

Abel Dragonsbane introduced himself, “Greetings Auf’Ol, I am Abel Dragonsbane…”
“Yes yes another gatherer of Lord Falos’ master puzzlebox,” snickered Auf’Ol, “I do think you did a good thing banishing Dako’tha Nightmare Lord once and for all. But all that collateral damage…? The religions and the Morgothians and the Knights. So much pride human…so much pride.”

Abel stepped back feeling chastized.

[IN that moment they can ask Auf’Ol questions about the Assembly, about the other Ascended Beings, or about who else of importance is attendance

OR players can direct their characters questions and observations to the two Falosini Sovereigns debating.]


The situation was awkward enough that even Uriel realized it. “Greetings Abel Dragonsbane,” he said. “I think I am acclaimating well enough. Though I do find it a bit odd being able to be in two places at once. May I ask if it would be possible that I ask you some questions about the early Morgoth Church? Perhaps when this current crisis is resolved?”

He gave Abel an eager nod but turned to Auf’Ol. “I suppose you know already but I am known as Uriel. Obivously you know much of this Assmebly while I know very little. Perhaps you would be kind enough to share some knowledge? Specifically do they always argue like that?” He asked indicating the two Sovereigns.


Auf’Ol chuckled and replied, “It is strange at first. As long as you are not in your avatar form, you can appear in as many different places as you need be. Your ascended mind understands distance is simply the emptyness between atoms and circumvents it. You will become used to it…or you will grow mad from it…in either case it will be what it will be.”

Abel interjected, “But beware, Uriel, despite the fact that you can appear in different places at the same time, you cannot act willfully in most places.”

Auf’Ol chided, "See pride again, it is not acting that is problematic. It is acting as a God-like being.
If you go and create an avatar in a place and you can do anything a normal person could do there.

It is appearing over a city and doing acts of God that are what allows the Ancient Evils to act."

Abel actually asked, “None of the other Ascended have explained why that happens. Why do our actions allow them to act, but their actions…”

“Seems as if the Ancient Evils and their servants can get away with murder…literally?” asked Auf’Ol.

Abel just nodded not wanting to seem foolish before this ancient wise Olgog.

“Yes they often open up the playing field more often than our side does,” said Auf’Ol.


“That is one of the many reasons why the Two Falosini Sovereigns seem so intent on arguing instead of deciding,” said Auf’Ol, "The Ancient Evils will often allow a small stray on their part, in hopes we overstep and allow them free reign.

But free reign is what we all saw during the Border Wars.

Ceroj overacted during the Border Wars and his overstep allowed the ancient Evil Xephon to possess the newely resurrected Lord Falos’ Avatar form.

Then it was free reign. Xephon’s armies over New Vorik, The Creeping Darkness training up the Angels of Desolation, the Maw of the Deep taking on the Tarrisians, and the Accuser taking over Dunesphere and nearly nuking S’vana from the map.

A full Demonic War…"

“Since the fall of the ascended hero Mar’un’ga to Warmonger and his persecution of the Four major Ancient Evils, these timelines have fallen far from the balance. Now it is worse than it was aeons ago, with Warmonger enslaving the Four Ancient Evils only two years before your ascending. You are revealed in a universe far different than the one I entered all those years ago,” whispered Auf’Ol, “Each time the Warmonger has nearly freed himself in the past two years since the demonic enslavement, the ascended beings have averted the end. Each time we have also averted the release of End of Worlds, a doomwyrm assigned by Lord Falos to wipe out Refuge to prevent Warmonger fleeing.
We are simply lucky that the End of Worlds has been sleeping, held in a state of stasis sleep healing from wounds delivered by the Dragon of Unity.”


"Both Berototh the Blue and Ceroj the Red draw their rule back to Lord Falos. Both have equal support among the Falosini they rule, and among the Children of the Falosini. And unlike many here, those two Falosini Sovereigns spend more time in their Avatar forms among their people than in their ascended form.

If Ceroj were to win, a new ignorance would be enforced by sword and fire upon the Children of the Falosini and the Earthers and Olgogs until not a single living soul could name an Ancient Evil. If it were up to him, everyone would still believe the lie that Warmonger was just the K’ias Emperor gone rogue and tearing down the Peace of Falos. Ceroj believes among the non-ascended ignorance is bliss.

Berototh would be a better leader than Ceroj but it is their third unspoken brother Azrael who was truly chosen by Lord Falos to succeed him."

Pointing towards the massive black cowled Falosini leaning in the corner of the chamber on a massive scythe, Auf’Ol continued saying, "Azrael gained the ability to know all things even in his avatar form. Quite a feat but it cost him his place in Falosini society and caused his beloved K’iorn and Baribur troops to be cursed for all time and his K’iou quartermasters to become raving lunatics, and all three to be cast out just as he was. Breaking the rules is frowned upon, even for the Ascended Beings.

For Aeons I have watched him watch his two brother argue. Other ascended beings have come and gone, but always that black cowl in the back watching thoughtfully, while the blue and red cowls argue and argue. I suspect Warmonger laughs at us all."


Abel interjected, “Azrael is a good being. I have spoken to him and length and he is well meaning, and wishes only the best for this reality. And so far he has been right. He knew allowing the rise of the Dragon of Unity would also return to us the beneficent Oleifera.”

“They are nice trees but I don’t see your point,” muttered Auf’Ol.

“The Oleifera have birthed the Quall N’Haram, a variety of Quall which will end the need for the Quall N’drone hordes to take hosts from other species,” said Abel, “Azrael knew this one set of possibilities would lead to a reality where the Quall don’t need to leave their dimension and conquer other dimensions. The Quall would end their endless war on other species. They could live peacefully, tending their herds of Quall N’Haram.”

“It is a beautiful possibility,” grunted a massive red furred beast that pushed its way over to them, suddenly they recognized the being as a Quall HiveQueen, “I am Kedorox HiveQueen. I rule the trans-temporal Hive of the Kefeda. Warmonger threatens my new home. The eruption of Unen would affect my new home in Deryyanheim quite negatively.”

Uriel suddenly realized how many Quall HiveQueens were walking around. It seemed they were ascended beings, which was quite astonishing considering their actions as a species.


Uriel nodded sadly. “I saw the Boarder Wars from very close indeed. I would not like to see such things happen again. So much destruction and loss. I have heard of Azreal’s ability and curse before. I find it somewhat surprising that this assembly isn’t more willing to listen to him. Is that just because of his brothers hostility?”

He looked up at the HiveQueen and made a slight bow of greeting. "I am known as Uriel, Kedorox HiveQueen I am pleased to make your acquaintance. Sadly I do not often be the opportunity to speak to your people. I am surprised to hear you sound positive about the Quall N’Haram. It always seemed to me that Quall enjoyed conquest. But I am happy to hear it. I am sorry to say I only encourted markedly aggressive members for your people in my previous lofe So obivously my experience is limited.


Auf’Ol seemed afraid to speak of the real reasons why none listened to Azrael’s council. His glances over at Ceroj to see if the red cowl was listening was a shockingly nonascended behavior but told Uriel volumes about the politics at play.

Kedorox was delighted to be treated as a Peer. As a Quall among Falosini she was obviously shunned by many.

She replied, "Within the Quall society, each Queen is ranked by how large her Hive is. How many children she has birthed that still live under her rule.
In ancient times until now that means conquering others and implanting them, or convincing others to join enmass through the Cult of the Horned Dog. But if we had a free and morally safe to draw upon pool of hosts it would change our dynamics immensly.

The Quall could be at peace…"

Auf’Ol snorted at that, “Until Hives raiding each other to steal N’Haram become the norm…”

Kedorox did not seem dismayed, even if most Hives stopped attacking other species it would be a dramatic change for their peoples.


Uriel looked between Kedorox and Aul’Ol.
“Well I for one think that any chance to lessen tensions between the Quall and other races is worth exploring at the very least. I know it would certainly help some of my old employers rest easier”


Kedorox snorted as she overheard Ceroj say aloud, "Isn’t this the time we have all tolerated the Quall for so long? The time where the Queens will bind the Host of Warmonger and defeat him once and for all? Drive their horn into his host? Isn’t this the only reason we have allowed the Quall their ravages since the end of the K’ias Wars. The promise that if Lord Falos’ prison dimension failed…as it obviously has…that they would use their endless armies to hold the Warmonger and their horn to protect us.

Instead some have turned to Warmonger Worship, and the rest look at our mortal children as fodder for their own greed…"

Kedorox was going to say something when someone glided past them.

None recognized the man, who wore the red quall leather trenchcoat, and carried the face of an old earther. On his back was the Daemonsbane sword, and within moments Azrael was in motion barring the stranger’s path.

Berototh was the first to ask, “Who are you old one? You are new here.”

The old man sighed, "I once was not new here…but you all should know me to be Mar’un’ga. Or at least all that is left of the being who would once be Emperor over the Peace Of Falos. And Emperor over the future.

I know I failed you all, and let Warmonger into this timeline by seeking future-seeing through the Ruric scepter and powers stolen from the Da’uhnb. I failed Lord Falos and led to his deaths. I am that criminal against this reality, but I also seek forgiveness.

Allow me to once more join with Warmonger, and I will place myself willingly before the Quall Queens. No war will be necessary. Only a little cleverness over the old serpent. Tell me why should I not sacrifice my ascended nature."

Azrael lowered his scythe drifting back across the chamber whispering loud enough for all to hear, “Because your slave General Tharr ripped apart all of space and time to free you from Warmonger’s possession the first time. Why would we trust you to succeed in overpowering the serpent this time? And if you failed, wouldn’t Tharr and his Time Shredding apprentices just destroy this timeline and hunt for another where they can free you again?”

Mar’un’ga drifted backwards, almost falling into a seat. The pride seemed drained from the old K’ias. His featured shifted into a weary mask with two long curving horns. Red and silver now extended down his form.

“It has been a long time since a K’ias graced the halls of the Ascended Beings,” snickered Ceroj, “I wonder how most would view your centuries of slow treachery, Mar’un’ga. You sought future sight through the Ruric Scepter and damned countless realities. At least my brother Azrael was just smart enough to damn himself and his tribes instead of whole realities when he cursed himself with future sight through the Stream of Consciousness.”

The sound of Azrael’s scythe click against the stone floor could be heard only for a moment.

Ceroj sighed, “Let us not have a War among the Ascended. We need a good plan. One that will destroy Warmonger, and allow us to trap Kalok and the Dragon of Fate. That is what we need…”


“Excuse me,” Uriel said to Ceroj, somewhat surprised to find himself speaking. “But are you not forgetting that The Usurper must also be dealt with? It was after all his machinations over the last several years that have bought us here. And it seems to me that Kalok and Warmonger have trapped each other very effectively at least for the time being. Though I do agree that the Dragon of Fate could easily upset that and should be prevented from doing so.”


Ceroj flew over to Uriel, seeming to observe him very closely. Uriel was equal in his observation. Finally the pair floated back from each other for a moment and then Mar’un’ga finally stepped between them and said, “Uriel is right. The Usurper is the graver of the three threats. It was he, when trapped in the Ruric scepter who convinced me he could grant me access to a being whose knowledge and power would keep my people safe for all time. Something beyond the knowledge of the Ascended beings. How could I know at the time, that being was Warmonger, a being so terrifying the Ancient Evils created the Da’uhnb just to hunt him and his demonic princes.
I led the armies of Balance in the most unbalancing act of freeing Warmonger from the Da’uhnb Queen. I then gave myself fully. My corruption was 1000 years in coming, but when it finally overcame me, I was no longer the ascended being I had been. Warmonger in the host body of an Ascended Being allowed him to birth the Daemonsbane monster by raping the Da’uhnb Queen. A weapon capable of striking back at his enemies among the Ancient Evils.
A weapon that killed countless species who were hosts to ancient evils. And that weapon is currently on the Unen Coast.
If someone could convince my estranged son to face the Usurper in his Daemonsbane-form he could consume him, and render him powerless. But my son does not know I am alive, and I would not hurt him with knowing about my second death if I am to give myself over as sacrifice to trap the Warmonger in a host capable of being turned by the Quall.”

Ceroj muttered, “Trusting Quall and K’ias? Next you’ll be offering up the Neliff as a worthy ally against Warmonger.”


Auf’Ol countered, “Any ally is a worthy ally against Warmomonger…what of the unnamed?”

Berototh said, “They tried deploying He-Who-is-Known-As-I-Am to Warmonger’s last escape attempt. Afterwards he fled with a fleet of stolen souls and wiped out several Unity and Iron Republic Planets before finally being contained again.”

“By the EEF I might add,” interjected Kincaid.

“Agreed the Earther Military has been helpful in the past. They even have militarized Exorcists,” said Berototh thoughtfully, “But the region in question is outside their jurisdiction.”

“Warmonger has no jurisdiction,” snarled Ceroj, “Stupid Earthers.”


Uriel decided to ignore Ceroj’s muttering. Speaking to him hardly seemed constructive.
“And who is your son?” He asked Mar’un’ga. “Perhaps one of us could go instead and attempt to convince him to confront the Usurper. Or find a being you think he may listen to.”


“Deploying I-Am is out of the Question,” said Ceroj firmly, “We might as well simply respond to the Demon’s incursions by nuking the coastline with Blessed Atomics.”

Uriel wondered…Blessed Atomics, was that a thing?

Berototh said, “So our choices seem limited, Firstly, Send in Mar’un’ga and have the Quall convert him locking Warmonger into the Quall N’drone who is birthed from it. Secondly Unleash I-Am and hope he only Annihilates Warmonger and not the entire city of innocent folks. Thirdly, we follow Ceroj’s terrible plan of an Ascended Assault on Warmonger to try and …what?..Kill Warmonger? if that was possible…”

Auf’Ol snapped, “There is a fourth option.”

“What is that?” asked Berototh with interest.

“We modify the first plan, but instead of Mar’un’ga throwing another Ascended Host to Warmonger, we make his current host body uninhabitable and force him into a more mortal host for the Quall to take,” said Auf’Ol, “But we would need a willing mortal. Someone who understands what they are agreeing to, or we are no better than Warmonger’s Soul Takers.”

A silence filled the chamber for a moment.


Mar’un’ga leaned in to Uriel and said, “My son travels and hides under the name Rogarth DesDaemon. He is a blue skinned Cambion. I watched him working at his new job as a bouncer for a Party Boat in Drewsport. The Batavian Bat was the ship and its captain was
Dol Kuglok.”


Uriel nodded to Mar’un’ga. “I have heard of him before. Perhaps he can help in dealing with the Usurper. I also think it may be possible to convince the Usurper to withdraw from Unen. His plan is all but failed he may be desperate enough to run. If someone attempts to do that it may help to buy time to get the Rogarth and a new host in place. But where can a person willing to host Warmonger be found?”


Uriel looked around the assembly once again. “Very well I will go to Unen and seek out Rogorth DesDaemon. I will also attempt to convince the Usurper to abandon his course of action. I hope you can find another host willing to sacrifice themselves in that time.” He looked to the Hivequeens. Please be ready if a host is found we will need your aid."


The Assembly had been called again. Their success against the Warmonger had been quite profound. None had expected such a powerful HiveLord to form from the vile little K’iou the spirit of Warmonger jumped into. All knew Warmonger was hiding among the Sea Kings offshore, moving constantly always steps ahead of their eyes and ears.

A strange new visitor was speaking with Azrael and Berototh and Auf Ol, before the rest of the Ascended arrived. The stranger was dressed head to toe in a blue track suit with a blue hoodie marked by a gold accents. When Uriel, Abel and Kincaid looked into his hood, they could see the creature seemed to be made from a collective of nanites.
Auf’Ol introduced them to the newcomer.

“It seems the defeat of the Thousand Dragons of Fate was more influential than expected,” said Auf Ol, “This is Len of the Legion Immortals.”

The robot in the hoodie gave them a quick thumbs up and said, “Hi, Len Vehn Vekn, good to meet you. I represent a group of hundreds of thousands of ascended beings,” said Len, “I realize how crazy that may sound, but we are the remnants of the citizens of Tarris, Korpu and Tal Hanon who contracted the Legion larvae, but overcame it through a primal memory bonding upload and using them as our medium we ascended.”

“That is absurd,” interrupted Ceroj, “That is not how ascencion works.”

“Tell that to the Quall Larva the Legion Larva were upgraded from,” said Len with a bit of humor, “Or ask your Quall Queens how that works out. I don’t understand how Quall HiveQueens ascend. But they do. And its different than how you Sword Gatherers ascend, and different from how Uriel over there ascended. Our powers are not as great as other ascended, but we are a veritable army of intellects.”


“Now that the Dragon of Fate has been driven from our dimension, only the Dragon of Unity remains, and the hundreds of thousands of Legion Immortals I represent are now safe from our most dreaded enemy,” said Len, "While the Dragon of Unity is our Shadow, our mirror, we hold a place of balance with the Dragon of Unity, much as you folk do with the other Ancient Evils. The Dragons of Fate are an abomination that should not exit in this timeline, so I am proud of your mortals work in defeating them.

But as you are aware two other dragons still threaten this timeline.

The Dragon of Unity sleeps, much as its enemy the Doomwyrm End of Worlds sleeps. Each is infected with the other. The Dragon of Unity grows mad with pain, from the annihilation wounds on its descended spirit caused by the claws, bites and breath of the End of Worlds dragon.

The End of Worlds Doomwyrm sleeps below the Glacial Research Facility. Its flesh is infected with the nanite disease caused by the bites of the demonic unity dragon. Even now its disease threatens the mortals nearby, but they are unware.

It is this latter threat that brings us forth to meet with the other Ascended Beings.

The nanite disease, this Dragon Sickness, will spread if not prevented."

“Preventing the spread of a demonically initiated infection using our powers will just allow the descended to do more in this reality,” said Berototh, “It must be discovered and cured by the Mortals.”

“And if the mortals do succeed what advantage do we gain against our enemies in the Ancient Evils?” asked Ceroj grumpily.

“Knowledge that the hands of the Ancient Evils are tied, limited to just using their mortal instruments,” said Berototh, “Mortal instruments who can be defeated by the Children of the Falosini.”

“So I bring this news to you, and you plan on just letting the Dragon Sickness spread?” asked Len a bit incredulously.