The Last Citadel of the Yyan Empire and the surrounding peninsula (Week 8+)


Eli rolls his eyes.


Eli said in good humor “Good job Lutor, I’ll take it from here.”

“Pren I wouldn’t despair yet.”

“Well, this was a wash. Follow me to submarine gents. We’ll regroup there,” as he started to laying down the law with his crowbar.


Lurtor says “Dam, sorry about that. Sub it is.”

Lurtor followed Eli’s Lead disappointed he had misunderstood the trap and triggered it. Lurtor had his staff to swing at anything coming near them. He used this time to help learn his new weapon since he could not let go of it.

Only If they were getting overrun, Lurtor would use an vortex cannon from his pistol to clear the way and keep the nightmares off them.

If he needed to shadow jump them, he would pull both along with him saying a warning “Lets go through these shadows, I’ll pull you through Eli.”


Pulling them through, they arrived quickly at the submarine and sealed it. Finally being able to take a deep breath, they got back into their seats and began piloting the submarine back out of the hole, and upwards towards their boat.

Finally leaving the Last Citadel of the Yyan Empire behind, they both knew there was much more to explore, much more to find. Eli was pleased to see the database of the Submarine showed another unexpected location. A second missing mini-sub, this one south and closer to McGraw Harbor.

Captain Utaph Pren looked at the pair and said, “I like this undersea vessel, but its power source is so antiquated. Once it reaches the surface, may I upgrade it?”


[Eli gains Pilot (Sub) either of 3 or +1 to his current level of skill.

Lurtor gains History(Yyan) 2]


Eli thought about the upgrade.

“How could you upgrade this? I barley got this thing moving…”

The lights flickered. He wonder when he could get to advance repairs.

“…and to work and you… well, let’s hear what you got to say Pren.”


Captrain Pren scratched his undead chin and said, “FIrst I would replace this crude solar generator with a power converter that would run forever without needing recharding. Second I would add a pair of biogentically developed filters to clean your air so you don’t have to rely on these crude carbon scrubbers.”

[This would protect the vehicle from EMP attacks, and give it unlimited air supply even if damaged]


Eli looked back Pren and shake his head. "Thanks but no thanks. I’m what’s called an Immutable. Leyas and me don’t mix. Since I call dis on the sub before…

“Dibs for Eli!”

“…thanks J.J. - before Lutor, these improvements could backfire on me. I’m sure never could get the power source repaired or replaced by myself. Biogentically developed filters you speak up could really bite me in the butt if they get poison or worse. Before say ya’ll come back to ya, we need to get you back home. You need to get your life back.”

“Where and whenever that is,” Eli breath calmly.


Lurtor says "Don’t worry. I have no place to put it. If I have need of it, I may just ask you for a ride though.

But I would not discount his gift. He could make those enhancements and your immutability wouldn’t effect it from the controls. Of course you couldn’t repair it, but I could arrange someone if Captain Pren isn’t able to. It would increase the range of this greatly.

As for getting Captain Pren back, I think he is going to want to learn about events, especially with the sylvans, before he goes back."

Then Lurtor says to Pren “That offer for a place to stay or call home for a while is still there. Sylvans helped my tribe in the south and you helped us back there and you got us our of there after I messed up.”


They arrived back at McGraw Harbor, Eli stowed the mini sub and the trio retired to Belinda Frost’s Spa and Hot Springs to debrief.