The Last Citadel of the Yyan Empire and the surrounding peninsula (Week 8+)


“Can you drown?” asked Eli.

“Anyho you hoy, Let’s not touch massive skeletons. Unless you want to talk to them. Either way, we should make our way to the ship.”


Lurtor says "I don’t think I can drown. Even if the area flooded and I did breath, I’d just breath like a fish. I’m worried more about you. And I have no plans to get near those skeletons. I’m nervous getting close to the nightmare lord ship… Actually this whole thing makes me nervous, but I think its good. A healthy dose of caution isn’t a bad thing.

I guess lets just worry first about the ship."


The front of the Nightmare Lord Vessel slid open, and from inside it came fetid water. The fetid water washed against the wall that Lurtor had made. A few moments of drainage and finally the fetid water was gone.

Eli could see inside the vessel and saw a large cockpit with various seats for different stations. Most of the seats had what looked like nightmare ash and crushed bone dust. In one seat was what looked like an obvious mummified body of a Sylvan alien. The Sylvan had been partially crushed by the force of the crash.

The sylvan corpse had an obvious magi pistol in a holster at its waist.


Careful not to touch anything he didn’t have to. Lurtor looked over the controls and the stations. Finally he looked over the skelton to determine if it was one of the Sylvan undead, or a sylvan before the curse.

Lurtor says to Eli "I’m not sure if that was a sylvan undead or from before their curse. I do not know if we tried anything to bring it back, what it would be. An Undead Sylvan skeleton, or an Alive Sylvan and if alive if it would be under the curse.

Lalder once found a sylvan ship and awoke a Sylvan Skelton and Sylvan Leoch. That turned out well because they were happy to be rescued. With our luck so far, I don’t know if that would repeat.

Also, since my conversion, I don’t know what would happen if I tried to bring him back as I couldn’t use healing leyas. Actually, I’m not sure what would happened if I touched him right now since we know nothing about what happened to me. Though if we do anything, I suggest you grab his magi pistol before we do.

What do you think? Should we try something with this Sylvan or leave it for now?"


Eli picks up the magi pistol and pockets it in his coat.

Eli whips out his guns. “Thanks. I’ll see if the little swiss miss could use this. Wake him up and let’s have a talk. If the dude gets nasty, I send him back to night, night land.”


Lurtor says “Ok, be ready, this won’t be pleasent for him I’m sure.”

Lurtor will move anything that would be on the body aside so that there is nothing going to crush and rekill or destroy the sylvan. Next, depending on whether he was alive or a skeleton.

Lurtor will uconversion to restore the body and bring back the sylvan. If his body requires nanites to rebuild it (Not sure of the limitations of conversion). When Lurtor has to touch the body to initiate this, He will do that very tentatively with his will on restoring the sylvan.

(OOC As a player Im not sure if the damage done has to be restored by nanites first or not.)

As it comes back Lurtor will say “Be calm, much time as passed since you were first killed. Thousands of years most likely. Take a second to get your baring and don’t be scared by appearances. We mean you no harm. We have found you in a crashed ship where you were killed. My name is Lurtor and this is Eli. We have many questions for you. We would like to hear your story when you are ready, and then we can catch you up.”

If he goes hostile, Lurtor will hold him down, until he settles down. Holding back his Ghost fire.


Eli places the Magi Pistol in his belt for his lady dearest, (Sylvan Magi Pistol 3d8 dmg either Energy or Chill or Pain dmg, choose for each shot made. can be used by Immutables or Leyas Users. Sylvan Tech)

Lurtor leans forward and restores the Sylvan Warleoch to life. The creature is restore to its undead form, and opens its glowing green eyes and says,

"Greetings Lurtor the Olgog, and Eli the…the…well I am not quite sure what you are Eli, but greetings to you as well.

I am Utaph, Captain Utaph Pren of the Sylvan Empire. Things have not been good. The Peace of Falos was broken, and the K’ias are slaughtering the Nightmare Lords. The K’ias have employed their Krato slaves to create entire armies of Yyan Gor to crush the Nightmare Lord holdings across this planet.

The battles have not gone well, and the Nightmare Lords are desperate and pulling back to Vec’zne…"

“But if you are here Olgog Lurtor, and if what you see is true and thousands of years have passed, I can only hope the messages the Nightmare Lords sent south to the Mag Buskt were successful and he met and crushed the Yyan Armies at the Oasis of the Great Uf.”

Lurtor was shocked, this sylvan was reminding him of carvings he had personally seen at the Isle of Mag Buskt years earlier. The Carvings on the Pillars of Triumph had shown the Mag Buskt lead the Olgogs in crushing the Yyan Empire.


Lurtor says "Well met Captain Utaph Pren.

Mag Buskt must have received the messages. I have seen some of his work here and carvings that told of the events here. Actually until just now, I didn’t realize what those carvings were describing. All of the Yyan here are dead, though they look like they may have been prepped to be raised one day.

There was one Yyan who was alive when we got her. The Yyan, Uhldag. He was under a curse I expect came from Mag Buskt, and he was the last living Yyan according to him. The curse was a nasty one, it seemed to cause Uhldag great pain, but also may have kept him barely alive. He is now dead though. We were chased away by fleshworms before we inspect more about his death.

I promise After we leave here, I will answer the questions I can for you on the time passed. And I will setup a a private place at Jemison Post while you get things in order and come up to speed. There are many changes. Really important and that I can’t be covered all you need to know in a few minutes.

But I’ll give you the major events. The major major events are Kias Wars are long over. The Sylvan Warleoches helped save Olgogs from being wiped out by the earther church of one religion and colony. The warmonger recently annihilated banishing all demons as well. There are many changes in the Sylvan empire as there was a split between Warleoch Calphas and Warleoch Iessa. I don’t know all of the details of this, but before you decide what to do, you should get as much information as possible. I’ll help with that if you like after we leave here.

After this, I can take you to where Warleoch Calphas is. Or, I can take you to Mag Buskt if you wish as he was revived a few years back and is on his island.

If your willing first, we must deal with this place as it is a more immediate issue. We must Can you tell us of the events and this area back then? Uhldag mentioned Yyanogdol, Maw Catcher, and Gorguldol. Can you tell us more of these? Or of the ritual on the corpses pinned to walls. I have a feeling we don’t want to accidentally cause that to activate."

Lurtor will take them out to show the corpses pinned to walls if needed.


“Oh boy… yeah. What’s with the corpses pinned to the wall?” asked Eli McGraw.


Captain Utaph Pren ignored Lurtor’s barrage of questions, focusing instead on the last one about the corpses. He followed Eli and Lurtor out of the cockpit and looked closely at the Yyan Skeletons.

He stepped back and said, "There are some impressive Warmonger Cult artificings obscured over these bodies. Some to keep the remains from degrading. Others to restore them by drawing in the life force of everyone in the citadel.

These bodies must be destroyed immediately. This Yyan Army. Destroyed. Immediately."

The ancient Sylvan Undead began looking around for some weapon to start destroying bodies.

Looking up at the ceiling he said, “Maybe I should drop this entire level down and crush this entire floor.” He seemed to be honestly considering it. If any power mad Earthmancers on Refuge tried to drop an entire cavern like this in one shot, there would be a very real risk of failure and catastrophe. But a Sylvan Warleoch was tied deeply to Earth Leyas and could do it possibly maintaining the structural integrity of the city above.

Both Lurtor and Eli knew about the infestation of Fleshworms on the level above…


Eli left eye twitched. “Woah, woah, hold your horses… err Ma’ile there Pren. These guys bad news? Let ol’ Eli air quote takes out the trash end air quote McGraw take care of these bodies. You’ve been away for awhile. Pull up a chair and relax. Plus, I’m a bit immune to horrible leyas.”

“Except tenomancy, annihilation, Buffy when she cooks while you’re drunk…” the voice from his coat countered.

“J.J. please. You weren’t there and I’m not going to explain it again that it was an accident.”

“Wine tasting doesn’t mean to drink every bottle dry.”

“It was only twenty between us.”

“You would dead it wasn’t for nano machines, son.”

“Yeah, yeah not my mom. Just jealous Jellia Jamb can’t drink juicy juice.”

“I can experience things so beyond your little meat bag mind. Anyhow, guess what human gesture I’m making with my virtual hand?”

“The fist bump of Eli McGraw is the greatest gunslinger this side of Dusk!”

“That… that’s just stupid,” she said exasperated.

Turning to Lurtor, “Lurtor, entertain our new companion while I work out some kinks in the muscles. Wait! Better yet, get me a barrel to burn some bony scum. I think have a crowbar in my pack,” Eli said as he searched his pack.


Lurtor says “Eli, I see the Captain Utaph Pren intent is to destroy all of the skeletons in mass as there are so many of them. While I think you could work out your aggression on some of them. It would take a long time to bash them all.”

Then to Captain Utaph Pren “I would not advise dropping the ceiling. Above us is a huge lot of Fleshworms above us. In fact we came from above through a hole I opened and closed. if you were to break a crack in the ceiling or walls, we maybe flooded with Nightmares, and I do not have access to anything to hold them back anymore.”

Then to both “Maybe a sonic force to shatter the bones but focused enough not to target the walls and ceilings? I do think we should be careful, these skeletons have been here a long time, as long as we don’t do something to wake them ourselves, we should be ok to plan this out.”

Lurtor was thinking of Sonic blast, using his technomancy to help focus his troubadour leyas.
(OOC if the others agree, Lurtor could try this. )


Eli grabbed a crowbar from his back, and brought it down with a heavy thunk against the shin bone of the massive giant skeleton. The shin bone broke into dusty bits. Eli battered the large giant foot bones until they were dust. When he finally looked up to see the rest of the pinned body hung off the wall be began leaping and smashing bits until it was broken from the hip bones down into a dusty powder. Eli was standing there breathing heavy, wondering how long it would take him to batter the catacombs filled with skeletons one by one. He needed something like a Cherry Picker, or a Crane to lift him higher if he was going to do this in quicker time.

Lurtor began speaking to him as he continued to shatter the body, and Lurtor explained his plan for the sonic shattering.

Utaph Pren stepped back and watched the fiesty human, impressed that the creature which was so tiny compared to the giant was so intent on rendering it to dust. Already he was beginning to like the unknown alien, this Eli “Takes out the Trash” McGraw was obviously an enemy of the Yyan Gor and by deduction his own ally. The ancient undead Sylvan smiled.


(OOC: Now imagine this little scene with the music from the Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta playing in the background. If anyone asks what I was doing at this time of post, I was not writing fan-fiction, eating dinner or hiding from people who want to show me a good time. Because of Easter and all and I have to be well rested to visit my parents. I was just writing this post which took me hours and hours (I write slow and have poor sentence writing) and you get the point.)


Lurtor says "Eli, can you get our your guns, keep an eye out, and cover us while we destroy these skeletons. Besides those fleshworms or nightmares, there could be that other guy that the Giant talked about. Though this isn’t an area filled with water. "

Lurtor then turns to Captain Utaph Pren and says "Captain, can you reinforce the walls near where I’m sending my song to destroy the skeletons. Hopefully you can keep the structure sound and prevent any cracks for the flesh worms to come through.

I’ll focus to destroy the skeletons in mass. With you protecting the walls, I won’t have to keep as tight of a focus, speeding this up. I’ll start at a lower power and then bring it up until we get a good balance.

Also, all 3 of us should be close incase i need to shield us.

What does everyone think? If your good, lets do this."

Lurtor will prep sonic blast leyas combined with Consume nightmare (DC 9). He will also make sure his djinni blood is exposed to help him with this leyas attack. When he start this, he will hold back, slowly expanding and strengthening targeting the skeletons to destroy them. Hopefully in mass. Consume nightmare is incase a nightmare makes it into the area through a crack.

If they are starting to get swarmed and his sonic blast doesn’t deal them, Lurtor will activate an empowered Burst shield combined with consume nightmare around the 3 of them. Lurtor would have to thank Grim for the idea of wrapping Fire and Shadow leyas like this.

(OOC if both are good with this idea, Lurtor will go forward.


Eli frown and reply “No. Honestly, why does it always got to be leyas with you?”

“I understand partner you want to do things smart like, but this plan is a bit overkill. If critters were going to bother us, they’ve would have done it six shakes of a mock hare ago.”

“My way takes longer but doesn’t cause as much noise nor will it puke leyas out for those things to home in on us.”

“Also you’re getting a little fat Lurtor,” Eli “Not smooth” McGraw added plainly.


Lurtor says "Its not fat, its muscle… leyas enhanced… but it is muscle.
As for why leyas, In this case was just a way to deal with an area without touching them. And I’m not sure of the changes yet, so touching Skeletons stuck to a wall with a ritual I don’t understand seems a little risky. I’m not wild about touching much of anything. I thought it was a risk, but a worth while risk , to awaken Captain Utaph Pren. I barely touched him to do the conversion. We needed some answers.

Eli, you are an immutable, so you won’t chance triggering something I would or even Capt Pren.

So either I can assist you in getting to the skeletons to smash them, or I could smash them with you."

Lurtor ponders for a moment, and then concentrates. A huge sword appears in his free Hand.

Eli “how strong are you? This sword with its size should do better than your small weapon. But it is heavy. If you can swing it, you can use it for now. Also, I’ll make some stairs to help you get up to the top of the skeleton to fully break them. I’ll also purify the air so you can continue to break down here. That should speed things along.”

Lurtor will hand Eli a sword larger than Eli.

(OOC The sword Lurtor summoned was the non artificed Daemonsbane’s GiantKiller Sword. Bad part is it requires a Str of 8 and 2 hands to use.)


Eli tries to pick up the Daemonsbane’s GiantKiller Sword with STR 5.


Lurtor takes the sword back and frowns… and says "Hmmmm, non leyas weapons… Most of my weapons are not the crushing type. Guns and blades are my preferred. I have tons of them. The sword would work great against these guys if your strong enough… "

Lurtor takes and plants the sword into the ground, growing an extra arm to hold it there while he searches his pockets and hosters. Then leans against it. Then pulls a pistol out of his holster with his normal arm and says "

I have 2 skull crusher magi pistols. They are sylvan tech, not technomancy. The work well in destroying skeletons and undead due to the impact… Though this is my favorite set, so I’ll want the pistol back if you use it. Since its sylvan tech, it should work for you.

For me, I could use my absolution leyas based magi cannon myself. It has a flame thrower and wind blast as well. Of course if I use the fire too much I’ll need to purify the are so Eli can continue to breath."

Lurtor will shoot the Skeleton with the skull crusher pistol that Eli started breaking aiming for the spot to it fall to the ground so it would be in Eli’s reach. Lurtor will be careful to keep his distance from the skeleton.

If that works, He’ll hand Eli the pistols if he wishes to use it. And he’ll take out his special magi cannon pistols from another holster. Man this staff was annoying, only one normal hand free.

(OOC Skull Crusher pistol is sylvan crystal tech, not technomancy. Lurtor has 2. They do 3d8 Energy / Bludgeoning Dmg.)

His pistol are:
Lurtor Maurader Skull Pistol
25 Missle Dmg - Sharapnel Cannon (5 Succ)
8d6 Energy Dmg, Fire Flamethrower (4 Succ)
4d6 (No AR) Pain dmg, Cone (+4 Dodge T#) or 2d4 (half A.R) Melee Dmg +4 Bonus to called Short - Vortex Cannon (6 Succ)
Scope + 4 Bonus to Called Shots with This weapon
Magi Cannon - Absolution Vengful Skull 9d6 Dmg - 9 Succ - x4 Vampyrs, Bandits Nightmares, Undead, Vehicles, and Sructures. +8 Dodge T#


Eli had tried to raise the Giant sword, not sure how it would help him get to the higher up sections of the giant skeletons. Then Lurtor took it back and made his speech.

After pulling out a Sylvan magi cannon, made of sylvan crystal tech, he pointed it at the skeleton and prepared to fire.

Captain Utaph Pren thought he’d say something to the Olgog about the artificings running from Skeleton to Skeleton. The Immutable Eli had diffused the artificings with his touch on the Skeleton parts he had already crushed. But when Lurtor fired, all the artificings running down the corridor activated. They were there specifically for weapons of their enemies. One of the most common were Magi Cannons since it had been artificed at the height of the K’ias Wars.

Suddenly the entire corridor of the catacombs was filled with moving angry looking giant skeletons. They pulled themselves off the wall, clutching the metallic spikes they had been bound with as weapons.

Utaph Pren created a pillar of stone below Lurtor, Eli and himself raising them up towards the ceiling at great speeds. He opened the ceiling above, and they popped out in the area outside of where Uhldag’s corpse had been consumed by Fleshworms.

He looked around saw a bunch of fleshworms and began to fire off cones of leyas created acid out into their masses.

Captain Utaph Pren turned to Eli and Lurtor, and asked, “We may die here my new comrades. But I will take on Fleshworms any day over Yyan Gor Undead. If this city is a necropolis, then my mission was a success. Do you have a way out of here?”