UTR: Diplomatic requests


(After hearing the VovF declaration.)

Lalder says "I have no words for the Betrayal of the VovF. Punishment was one thing, but their statement went too far.

Urog, Get the EEF’s agreement that they will not attack. That leaves us with just having to deal with the Warmongers forces and the Church of One. Possibly attacks now by the VovF. We need to know the EEF will at least stay neutralbe if not help us.

Next, with the protection of the VovF gone and their declaration basically inviting Earthers to come down and take our land. This will give the Church of One their cover needed to attack us outright. We need to mobilize our defences and the United Tribes Army that was created to patrol our borders.

Also since the VovF declared our land open for the taking. I suggest we declare our lands as ours openly. Publish it where it can pass through our trains and into the colonies.

Right now we need to be ready for the attacks that will come."


Babi shook his head, “What you expect the Valley do? This was my fear when da treaty was signed da way it as, the Valley didn’t treat us like equals. They set up da olgog lands to preserve the way of life for the feral olgogs. We mess that up, either we try to make the feral tribes act like us, or we kill them, either way it break da treaty.”

Babi shrugged the frustration of the back to back failures in diplomacy was getting to him, “I originally hated da treaty because it didn’t treat us like equals, but now I see why. Da UTR didn’t do anything, when da EEF come looking for terrorists they had to bargain with each tribe. Now when da Valley say we violate a treaty and say this is how to fix it, we ignore there request and instead make promises we try not to do it again. If anyone should feel betrayed it be the EEF and VofV for putting their trust in da UTR to govern.”


Lalder says "I don’t see we had much choice with the Ferals as they did attack first. Though I don’t like how some of the tribes handled it. But we’ve talked over all that already, and I won’t redo that argument.

But Originally the idea of protecting the goblin lands did not stem from protecting just the Ferals. I was there. It was due to an argument with a Oner and Sira over Olgogs. At least it bought ourselves a year to build up and consolidate.

The EEF was a mistake that we didn’t all work with them. We should have done what we’ve done now in nominating one to speak for all. And for the UtR to work with the EEF. That we can fix. And that we have to fix.

But now, while Urog works on the EEF, we need to approve the Army to protect our borders.

Also we must make it known that Earthers do not own this land. And we need to do the last part well worded in Earther, and make sure its noted as a statement of fact, and not seen as an act of aggression."


“I don’t think we’re in danger of attack from either set of colonies right away. Well,except from the church of one but that’s nothing new. I’m more worried about the Mag Der’al. As long as they’re hiding within our boarders, in our towns and attacking the colonies they’re putting a target on us all. Every colonists they injury or kill is somebody that has friends and family who is going to want payback. Every dead body the church can stack up is evidence against us. Sooner or later they’ll be enough scared angry people looking for payback. Once that happened they’ll come after us and they won’t know or care who’s Mag Der’al. They’ll just want olgog blood.”

Urik put a cigar in his mouth but didn’t lite it and instead turned Lalder. “Mobilizing our forces is a good idea but I think you’re focused on the wrong threat.”


Lalder says "I agree with you on the threat. But To take care of the Mag Der’al, I think Urogs talk with the EEF will handle much of that. If we reproduce what happened with Babi’s and Urogs actions in their lands in conjunction with working with the EEF, that threat can be resolved. But that is at least the starting point we need. We need the EEF back on our side and we need them to find the Mag Der’al. We don’t know what to look for.

Its the other threats we need to deal with. And the Church of One will jump on this. If not this week, next week. And they got an open invitation from the VovF to do it. You heard what was said. We need to counter that quickly, while Urog works with the EEF to resolve our issues with them.

Remember we also have the threat of Unit 111 just south of us. They have a factory and have been dormant for an entire year. I’m sure they are watching. I’m sure the Oners are watching. If I were either of them, I would watch for a major attack by anyone against us from one side. Then I would attack from the other. They don’t have to be allies or working together to take advantage of us. Neither side has to win to cause major damage.

And in that assessment, I’m not counting either the EEF or VovF attacking us."

(OOC Lalder is obviously pissed. Seeing treaties he worked hard on getting thrown away. )


“All I’m saying,” Urik replied. "Is that we’ll be in a much better position to deal with the EEF and the VofV if for once we bring something to the table. What do you expect Urog to say to them? ‘Hey remember those terrorist you asked us to help get rid of and we mostly told you to piss off? Yeah, well now we’ve decided they’re a problem and we’d like you to come take care of that.’
“Babi is right they don’t see us as equals! And, that is because we don’t act like equals. We don’t fix our own messes. The Mag Der’al are our problem. We fix it or at least start trying. Then we can show both colonies that we acknowledge we screwed up but are able and willing to address that. After that we offer to help the VofV maintain and supply their new reserve if they let us. Provided that works out we can work on normalizing relations with them again. If we get that far we can discuss working with them to take care of Unit 111. Like you said they’ve had nearly a year with that factory who knows what kind of force they have built up by now. They could easily be a threat to the whole continent. We might not even be able to stop them alone now. So we mend fences with our neighbors first. At least that’s what I think we need to do.” Urik finally lit his cigar and took a long slow pull. He’d have to make them last, with both boarders closed he wasn’t going to be getting any more.


(OOC Lalder does not like Bill at all and sees him as a fool at best. Bill has hounded Lalder on every move Lalder has made, even complaining about the farms Lalder was creating to feed gogst outside of Lalder’s tribe. So talk of bill does not settle him down much :-p )

Lalder thinks for a moment and considers Urik’s works.

Then Lalder says "First on the reserves, I’m not sure we could supply them. That was the problem in the first place. Not enough food. We have these seeds to plant that together might feed another 100 gogs right. Maybe if we get 5 of us to plant them together, thats a bit more. But that won’t feed the reserve. If given enough Land and workers, I could help create farms to feed all Olgogs, but others need to help me.

The petty part of me wants to see Bill Fail. He bad mouthed us in that meet and was part of the problem being so high and mighty. He said things like, I don’t know why you defended yourselves and didn’t just give away food to gogs who would just take everytime. Bill also said he would take all of the ferals and didn’t consider the hard facts that he couldn’t feed them. Well, now he has them. Hopefully at some point he sees reality and ask for help. And then we can try to help him when he’s not so much better than us in his head.

Enough of my complaining. Action items.

I will agree to help try to feed ferals. And work to solve that issue. I prefer the ferals in our own lands first. Then the reserve.

For the EEF and the Mag Der’al, do we know enough to hunt them down. I’m all for a full campaign against them. I just need to know how to find them. And we all need to take action at the same time. I’ll vote to approve Babi’s forces leading this as they had the most success. And I’ll give gogs and what ever else is needed to take down Mag Der’al."


So many tribal leaders, and so much animosity. It was true that there were legitimate events in the past that added to the bad blood between tribes, but the constant remembrance of these events kept all from a unification process. Life was not fair, but behaving like a pup was no excuse. And fear of doing what needed to be done was something getting in their way; Lalder was smart but he had already been burned being accused of being a tyrant because of taking direct action and not checking with others. It was what happened across the UtR leadership when first addressed with the ferals, that all acted on their own and none consulted because it was their own territory. What was done, was already done. His main advisory, the Uhryu Bill had knowledge of the generous ways of Karov but without the support of those was stubbornly getting into something way over his head and would probably have ramifications for his Yagogi as well. Urik had an advantage, having worked with the earthers before in dealing with technology, and fully knew what they were capable of doing. Babi had knowledge of how the earthers were working, that every time the tribes called for the Green Privilege the earthers thought that much lower of their people. Urog had great strength and the trust of his tribe behind him; but hopefully he would not act as hypocritical when negotiating with the EEF as with the past experience with some Herald from from the north. He demanded respect, when none was given because they were came before him. Now the shoe was on the other foot, things were very serious and the only ones in the need were the Brezan people. Together these leaders were like minded, thought humbly of who they were dealing with and knew the threat of waking this sleeping giant.

“I would like to make things known plain and simple, we do not have time to be wasting. I believe that if we are to truly go into negotiations, we must take action in finding something resourceful to pass off to the EEF, something that they will need as the gogs need open trade to survive. Rather than just pawn the Mag Der’al off on the EEF, we need to take responsibility for this: take action to learn about them and take them down. I happen to have learned that our prized zela blades which my tribe have honed their skills to work most effectively with, unfortunately have no effect.”

There was a gulp and then a momentary pause, as if dreading what needed to be said next, “I have also been informed that one who has come to us, one of the former kolgul militiagogs who willing joined my Yagogi is infected and has offered himself as a willing experimentee. I look as him as if he were always one of my tribe, because of the willingness to participate and take efforts to grow into the roles of the tribe. He has shown his bravery, and has been respected by others of the tribe, choosing him at their side. If Yayi the Trumpeter is willing to give himself to finding a solution, I will stand alongside him and be subject to the same testing. What is good enough for the tribe must be good enough for the elders and especially the leader. I would request that what was voted on stands and both he and I are not put to extreme measures of final death. If this is plausible, those gathered can conduct research to find out how to track and take down the Mag Der’al. If my conditions are agreed upon, I will send for Yayi immediately and we would have suitable information to provide to the EEF.”


Lalder listen carefully and was concerned. It seemed that the Mag Der’al was more than just thinking. He did not realize that you could be infected with it.

Lalder says "I agree to the no final death, or death if possible. We need to get to the bottom of this. And we need those who come to us to help Olgogs in general will benefit from the helping others. And if it is an infection, maybe it can be cured.

As to find out more about Mag Der’al, I’m not sure what to do. But there is a great amount of skill and talent here. Maybe together it is possible. And we should not waste this chance. "


“What do mean infected? Did they use some kind of biological warfare on him?” Urik puffed on his cigar again. “What did it do to him?”


Vektor had remained quiet during proceedings. Urog had already left to speak with the Earthers from the North. Shirley was… … …

So Vektor was here, so speak for Urog. He smoked some urya, not saying anything, waiting for yagogi to answer Urik’s question.


Yagogi’al the Og’ab had experience hunting and tracking many different gor and species from across distant shores. He had experiences training the juveniles of the tribe; teaching the young the ways of the gor’ab and how to survive the wilds of the land. Now he was in an unfamiliar predicament, dealing with a threat he did not fully have knowledge of, and basing his judgment on the details of others. He looked between Urik and Vektor, took a big deep breathe and taking in the second hand cigar/urya.

“Yayi the Trumpeter, as he was called coming into my tribe. He has shown great love for for my tribe, the ways in which we live and even taking on responsibilities of an acting herald. He was once part of the Kolgul Militia, who along with several others became dissatisfied by the ways things were being run in the Kolgul and decided to leave before matters got any worse. He expressed a deterioration of life, living as a king to scavenging like rats. He and the rest of the former Kolgul gogs never mentioned any testing on them, but I have a suspicion that there might have been brainwashing going on within their ranks as I witnessed firsthand when two gogs of my own returned severely changed after dealing with them. In fact, fairly soon we must deal with their acts of treachery. None the less, Yayi has been fully supportive through his transition, and offers himself as a test subject. I have heard tale that it was if he had an instilled nightmare living inside him, a creature made of a goopy material much like dried blood that has made its own actions with his body. Yayi is a good one, but he is definitely worried about his current ailment. My Yagogi have taken him in for studying, saying specifically that this was no leyas curse…it was something far more insidious. He is one of my tribe in trouble; we will get to the bottom of these matters and I will experience this journey with him.”


“So it’s some kind of parasite? And here I was thinking it was already about as bad as it could get.” Urik said shaking his head.


Vektor shrugged. He knew Urog sent the Mag Der’al to the Earthers of the North. He held up a finger and said, “wait a moment”.

He pulled a comm crystal out and called Shirley. “Ahmdhdb hjdmdmdb hhhh… Ooooooh yes!!!” was the only response. Vektor looked up, shrugged. “Shirley is busy… Can’t ask her about the gog we turned in. We expect an execution shortly. Maybe the Earthers of the North can tell us something .”