Lord Grimaldus has Olgogs to trade


Now that he no longer served Dunesphere the laws and policies they used to dictate no longer applied. He still had multiple slave labor camps that his forces controlled, however it would really not be appropriate to keep working these Goblins to death under the current circumstances. So he sent messages to as many tribes as he could think of to let them know that he was freeing the “Olgogs” in the camps. Naturally since he didn’t have the resources of Dunesphere anymore he couldn’t transport them anywhere, plus as he had to feed and water his own people now he really didn’t have the resources to keep them alive. Rather then just release them into the desert to die (it was tempting but again would send the wrong message) He was going to free them to anyone who came to get them.

“So come one, come all! thousands of Olgogs for the taking. Come soon, we don’t have any food or water here so come before people starve and or die of thirst…this isn’t a threat we really don’t have supplies to last more then a couple of days. Please take back your people because we really cannot keep them going much longer.”

(Note these are half starved Olgogs that have been in camps for years, they will never be right again, thus they cannot be soldiers. They can however be used as civilians living in your lands. No one tribe can take them all, they will be spread around to as many tribes that ask for them. You have to be able to feed and water them regularly)


Mama Rapi’gog had cloistered her coven for a long time. At first out of fear of the reaction of the eldest to her disruptoing his ceremony. After it became apparent no sudden harm would befall the family she kept them quiet. They still honed their new trades, honing the art of storytelling to generate harmless fear, and learning how best to enforce the laws but they had not acted. Instead they listened.

She heard the message from Lord Grimaldus and responded. Sending Babi Yaal with a trio of guards to first scout the area and then if their were no signs of a trap to help as many olgogs as they could. Babi knew the travel would be slow but the shadow cocoons they carried with them were full of smoked fish as well as fruits and berries.


An armored young made greets Babi Yaal “Greetings, I am Paladin Hore, welcome, have you come to claim some of these Olgogs? As our message states we are quite low on food, if you can take some of them into your care we would appreciate it. However before you do we need to see that you can afford to feed them. We ask for you to leave a donation of food here to show your abundance and ability to care for these poor souls.”


Tlahob heard of the release of the olgogs and rode one of Glogs steads and carried his bag filled with woven baskets. He carried with him enough water to last a tribe of 100 about one month. “Will this show that we can care for our own.” He said as he fought his urge to simply lead the olgogs away from these earthers.


“Welcome, you too may take some of these poor souls back with you. you have water enough for many. We here humbly request that you leave behind some water for others so we may care for the rest until others come and get them too.”


"The water is for you to care for them and your own people. If you need more send a message to the Or’Lur Tribe and maybe we can work out an agreement.


Word had arrived in Simonsburg that Olgogs were being freed from the slave camps. Gulog, the Goblin King who was officially in charge of the olgog contingent in Simonsburg, told Urog via comm crystal. Vektor took the line. He smirked. He remembered the way the Inquisitor he met with in Unen argued about these camps. He remembered how unwilling they were to negotiate. And here they were, in dire straits, unable to support their own. Vektor took the information to Urog, who insisted they send 20 censor craft, along with water and food for a week. He wanted Tla’al to go, just in case they ended up in Simonsburg. He was tempted to have some Earthers to go, just to rub it in the face of the Church of One, but Urog remembered the purpose of this mission wasn’t to defeat the Earthers, it was to save his kind.

He send Tla’al with a hob of create tla, just in case they needed more. He also sent Rubbah, just in case.

When they landed, Tla’al, the better speaker of Earther, said, “We come to take 400 of our kin. We have,like, a week’s worth of food for, like, 50. Same for water. However, if you have stuff to put it in, we can give you as much water as you can hold.”


Paladin Hore turns to the newest arrival, So many arriving so quickly, they still had a bit of their original supply left and more resources were coming in, perhaps these Olgogs might all live after all if things keep going this way.

“Greetings new arrival. four hundred you say, that is quite a few. They are quite frail at the moment, however I see you brought craft to carry them. (I assume that twenty censor craft can carry that many?) Very well, we shall begin loading them, but remember they are weak and some may have to lay down, so you might not be able to carry as many as you think. We shall see how many we can”

(Depending on how many people come to the thread shall ultimately determine how many tribal members go to which tribes. This way we prevent the biggest tribes from simply taking so many that the smaller players get nothing)


Tla’al nodded, not wishing to disagree. She knew her ships were great artifacts of healing, but didn’t want to start trouble. She kept quiet and waited for everything to settle.


A set of 5 Lur Union fighters landed near by. Auf Lalur’ab and Auf Lalog’na got off the a fighter. One trait of the fighters becomes obvious this close, they have room to transport multiple beings, earther or Olgog. Some Tla’loc’al Olgogs begin unloading food.

Auf Lalog’na greets the Paladin and says "I’m Auf Lalog’na of Herd of Auf Lal’ al and I have Lalur’ab with me as well. We have heard about the closer of the camps. We have brought enough food and water for 20 for a month. So if what i hear is true, we can take 20 Olgogs.

Additionally we offer to help Heal and transport any olgogs who have tribes they can goto that do not show up to pick up gogs. The additional fighters are here to do that. They can take 8 Gogs per fighter besides the Pilots and Co Pilot."


Lalog’na listens to a crystal and then steps up to the Paladin, and says “I maybe able to take more. We are still double checking with the Lur Union about numbers, but we should be able to take an additional 500 to 1000 Olgogs. Gathering food resources like that, do take a while though. But our goal will be to take as many so none are left to die.”

(OOC I still have to double check with a thread post to the Lur Union, but from the question, we have the ability to support that number. I just missed it when I read it the first time.)


Yirhug left Drewsport treking across the desert to the camps.
Once there he would present the food he had bartered for in Drewsport.
“I have brought enough food to bring ten Olgogs with me back through the desert to the port.
there they will be given jobs homes and food.”


Babi Yaal and his guards opened their bags and then the shadow cocoon inside the bag. They dumped out more food than seemed possible to hold in the bag. “We can take 45 gog with us. We are sorry its not more.” We said wistfully. Food was harder to come by this year than any in his memory. “Do you all still believe da gog are evil because of how we look? Do you still fear da leyas?” He asked the knight herding cats with all the differing requests.


Paladin Hore Greeted each new face and then sent his Squires to orginize the Olgogs for each group. He also had some Squires collect the food and water that each group donated (if they do donate)

Turning to Babi Yaal, “Indeed food is difficult to come by, we must all make preparations for the future. As for the belief of your kind being evil, honestly I do not know. I believe that the Church lied to us, but I also know that I have lost friends to raids. I agree with Lord Grimaldus and Knight Resugent that your kind should be given a chance to prove yourselves. We shall see what your kind shall do with our faith. We could have just executed all of your kind here, and saved food, but this is our way of showing that we will not let hate guide our actions. As for your magics…I mean this leyas, much like you, I shall have to make up my mind in time. This is the best answer I can give you. It is the truth.”


Yagogi’al the Og’ab had made decisions that sent the tribe all over the place, and sometimes back and forth again. He had chosen certain gogs to be in certain places, but with things happening the way the were, it made him restructure place and send gogs elsewhere. Now there was news of acquaintances who were former Church of Oners looking to make good on their promises to change and looking to get gogs back to their own kind to save them. This was something that Yagogi’al could get behind. after all he had heard good things from a certain over eager totem student about Sir Resugents. They were working to a mutual coexistence in these lands. Maggul was off with a chosen group of warrior/friends in search of the Kul’Gul Rapi family, which only happened to mean going into a council meeting. His own cub was off toward Mag Buskt leading a group of trusted gogs that could be sure to protect each other from whatever they encountered. The master mag ‘ol Zhya Gog’mis was patrolling their borders with a group of his choosing. Now Gog’mis, went to assist over at the Homeforge, and replaced by Der’ LooDol. Now he was going to be replacing her with one of his own gor’ab because she was needed elsewhere. Mak Uf’ab was the caretaker of the refugees; she took care of the earther children, and worked to get gogs informed of the ways of the tribe. She was good at it too, so she wanted to meet with the Oners, along with Or’Tor and Der’ LooDol. Or’tor now one with the Mighty Yadol could summor a dire Yadol which would be used for transport and carrying goods. Der’ LooDol, still not having selected a specific totem would commune with growling to making group shadow walk possible and transport much quicker. Or’tor strapped Mak Uf’ab’s wood shaped vessels to hold water, and Der’ LooDol carried vessels of food. Hopefully they would be a substance amount to bring back free Olgog civilians.

Mak Uf’ab addressed the knight, “Good sir,the Yagogi brings gifts of food and water from the lands of the oasis. May this food be passed along to your kind, showing a spread of good faith to these lands.” Or’tor chimed in, “And say hi to Sir Resugents for me. I was going to pop in one of these days just to say hi but i didn’t want to startle anyone. I kind of have a tendency of doing it. Good luck with things at the castle.”


an apprentice quartermaster of gultoruf, would come, carrying a pack as large as him. As he arrived at the camps, he would ask that he take as many gogs as they were willing to let him take. Gultor’uf, as a tribe see that these gogs are nursed to health and then, as the gogs own choice, either start a tribe themselves or join another tribe of their choosing. Gultor’uf pledges their support until all the gogs are healthy and have new homes.


Paladin Hore nods to Yagogi’al the Og’ab “We thank you for your donation, it shall be remembered by those it sustains. I shall pass your greetings to Ser Resugent the next time I speak to him.”
Then turning to the Apprentice quartermaster of Gul’Tor’uf, “Greetings, I am Paladin Hore, you are welcome to take in a portion of these individuals, provided of course you can show to us that you have the resources to do so. We also would humbly request a donation of food and or water as well. It isn’t required but it would be looked upon kindly.”


Mak Uf’ab had another important matter that needed to be addressed, because it spoke of her personal role within the tribe. She was a mak’ab, a hunter of food and caretaker for those that stayed with the tribe. She looked to get others acquainted with the ways that the tribe did things and how they differed from their own ways. She was possibly the most experience tribal in the cultures of the outsiders. Her role was certainly a handful after many decided to join the ranks of the Yagogi, but this could lead to a bittersweet ending but it needed to be done. Mak Uf’ab cleared her throat as she began, “We had spoke to your Sir Resugents regarding the matter of the saved children from their memorable crusade. It has been my duty to care for the children, to see that they were being fed, keeping clean and free from dangers. Good Paladin Hore, I wish what is best for the children and I would like to invite Sir Resugents to speak with them. Let them know they have not been forgotten, but they are free to return back to their own kind or most welcome to save with the Yagogi. Though there has been some fear, i know there have been roots established with these children and they will blossom wherever they choose to live. Please deliver this message, along with Or’tor’s greetings. We look forward to hearing back, and know that I personally want whatever is best for the kids.”


Paladin Hore turned to Mak’Uf’ab "Ser Resugent shall head over to your lands to speak to the Children. Perhaps they would be comfortable in Absalom. That town contains both Earthers and Olgogs, this way they can continue to live in peace and be exposed to both Earther and Olgog culture.


Ser Resugent arrived and after speaking to Paladin Hore turned to Mak Uf’ab. “Greetings Mak Uf’ab, I am Ser Resugent. I have been brought up to speed. I will accompany you to the children and speak to them.”