Mission Questions


VAR 30 Melee
15 Missile
10 Energy
Move 14 Flyer
Artifact Air : Fly at 6 Successes and Levitate at 6 successes
Keeps crew safe from poison gas attacks and always provides crew fresh air even on dimensions without fresh air.
Requires a crew of 3 can have a total crew of 50 (40 in hold)


What are the limitations (if any) on my Penguin Surprise Attack!!? Since it says I can make one “completely unexpected” attack, how completely unexpected can I get with it?


Is the artifact in the Pit guarded by anyone? Could a non vampyr just walk up to it and take it out?


Can be used with any abilities Lord Mada knows or weapons the Penguins have access to as well as the environment during the third invasion mission.

They can basically pop up anywhere the water reaches for this surprise attack.


There is a GulTorUf tribal who dropped it off. It is unknown at this time if he simply left it or is hiding nearby in wait.

But theoretically a nonvampyr could just walk in and pick it up.


the Invasion pt. 2… Can i post on that, only talking to Lalded via my comm crystal? Is that how this works?


I have gotten a promise to heal the remaining K’iou from the thunder gods ceremony. Should I post in the Trading tent or are there other plans for this?


You can talk to Lalder via commcrystal. You can send a character down to physically negtioate.
Both of those are available to you.


Kincaid will post the healing of the Kiou.
Probably after ive finished the Mag Daron vs Mag Deral mission report.

He may post it earlier tho.


Is Karov still plagued or did they fix all of that? Lord Grimaldus had closed down his boarders so I was wondering if the sickness had died down enough for him to reopen them.


The portal to the factory that is in the lab… does that connect to the parts of the factory that i control?


I know if a standard PC makes a deal with a demon like the Usurper they get replaced with a Malevolent Lesser Evil.

What happens if they make the deal but already have a Quall Ndrone larvae in their head (which protects against posession)?
Does one counter the other?

Do i need to pay 2 red mana and tap? (Cheers, i could not resist. My top question is real)


Okay, couple of quick questions about the diplomatic mission.

1 - is the Usurper a minion of a specific Ancient Evil or a free agent?

2 - are there any other demons or people who are possessed/infected with alien larva in the room?

Path of the Redeemer(level 1) - lets me detect/tell these things


Yes it is, the area is connected as long as the shadow walk artificing is not destroyed.


You will have to test it and find out.


Usurper is a greater fiend of the Warmonger.

The Church of Oners present are demonically tainted.

The Zh’Ka Guls of the True Flame have Quall Larvae in their head.

I will check on the others present.


The Church people aren’t tainted, they have been blessed to share their bodies with higher being of wondrous power…not really, they are tainted :-P.


I think my question might have been overlooked. :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess it will really depend on how much plague the Tor lallur spread this week :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I will keep my fingers crossed, come on guy! No plague! :stuck_out_tongue: