Online Game Rules Questions


Welcome to the Goblin Lands Online game experience.

Each mission will be posted to the mission section. Then you the player will read the specific mission rules and post an action (based on your tribe’s resources) to that Mission thread. The Mission will be assessed by the DR Team and an Event will be created in the Mission Reports section of the Official Events section. This event will be the final narration of how that mission played out, and will also list any rewards gained by various players during various missions.

Beyond that standard rules for the Leyas, Zela Metal, Death is Transitory and Immutables apply to all missions.

What questions do you have?


Where do you find the translation of Move to speed in the books?


GREAT QUESTION: Move rules are in the DR Core book but I am happy to summarize them here.

Move doesn’t quite represent miles per hour or other speed reference. It is designed so at a glance you can tell which vehicles can catch up with and/or outrun other vehicles.

A few quick examples:
Move of 3 is your average human
Move 8 is a good horse
Move 10 is a good car
Move 13 is a hot rod or race car
Move 15 is an good airplane
Move 18 is a good combat aircraft circa 1990s earth
Move 20 is your average starfighter speed in atmosphere
Move 30 is a high end combat starfighter in atmosphere
Move 50 is a reliable starship’s engines in space
Move 100 is only the fastest racing starships in space .(very very rare)

Distance traveled has less to do with speed from a metagame perspective than type of Move.

For Example:
A Move 10 car is not as fast as a Move 10 (Hover) as the Hover does not need roads and can travel directly.
A Move 3 walking guy would take a few weeks to get from Unen to Karov.
A Move 10 vehicle would make it from Unen to Karov in two-three days
A Move 10 Hover would make it from Unen to Karov in about a day of travel
A Move 10 Flyer would make it from Unen to Karov in a few hours
A Move 20 Flyer would make it from Unen to Karov in about an hour.

Move will never be held against a player except in vehicle on vehicle combat.
Players are encouraged not to worry too much about how long it takes to get from one place to another, unless everyone is on foot.

Feel free to utilize any vehicles you have creatively against foot troops as their movement will give those vehicles a decided advantage.


I know this isn’t too relevant yet, but I’ve been looking for how much each skills, attributes, etc cost.

The only thing I found was what I got bookmarked at Gag on pages 54 to 56. (and each Leyas section gives their initial cost).

Is there a page that shows how much skills and attributes cost?


While we are on the subject, I assume that layas users who utilize the ability for travel would have a modified movement? Such as earth layas used across land, water to travel along rivers, and air to glide above the land.

If this would be so, then how does that advantage translate to move, and how easy would it be for one adept to assist allies in such travel?


Could I use the blog feature to organize purely descriptive pieces about my tribe, my characters, and my home? This would allow me to build a database of information about my faction that would be organized by player, rather then dispersed all over the forums.


So, say a tribe wanted to make a treaty, but also wanted to include trading benefits with said treaty. Would that go in the Treaties thread, or the trading thread?
Or would the two stay seperate?


I would think you would first draw up the treaty and then put in the trade forum every instance of trade caused by the treaty.


Yes its covered in the Narration section of the DR Core Book.

Attributes and Skills are x2 the current level in points.
Leyas rating and Leyas abilities are x3 the current level in points.


While it does depend specifically on terrian of mission and type of Leyas used, a good rule of thumb for the online missions is LEYAS RATING x2 as Move but only for creative use of Leyas on the environment.
So an Adept with LR of 6 could achieve a Move of 12 if utilizing the element in a creative way to surmount terrain obstacles.

One adept would easily be able to do this for themselves +1 ally. For each ally after the first it would count as multiple sustains so definitely becomes much harder after the third ally who benefits from this adept.

Only Adepts with a 6LR will be moving large amounts of people (10 or more peoples).


Absolutely, just make sure before doing so you have a description set up in the Introduction to your tribe thread in your characters home region. As that will be the main info know to other tribes about your tribe.


You can work out all details of the treaty, including any trade aspects in the treaties thread, but until you and the other character agree to those trade aspects in theTrade thread the trade will not count as occuring.


So, are the missions that were recently added considered to be happening simultaniously? As in, my character ran off to go do one mission, and then I realized there were more, but technically my character is still off where ever.


Each of these missions are happening at the same time. Thus if you dedicate half your tribe to one mission, and half of your tribe to a second mission, you will not have anyone else to send to a third mission. Thus you must pick and choose how to spend your resources carefully.


Regarding cannon, are there any past instances of trial-by-combat for leadership in either the Olgog or Krato culture? Its okay if there isn’t, I was just interested if there was such a thing, and, if so, what sort of rules have been imposed upon such trials in the past.


The Krato Ur-Kings decided who would lead in a trail by Combat designed to be one on one with no weapons and no Leyas abilities just fists. This was simply known as the Trial By Combat and only pureblood Krato were allowed to take part in it (no Armorfiends or swordsfiends).

The Olgogs do have a form of Trial by Combat for leadership in Brez but not in other tribal areas. Since being the largest and strongest is grounds for rule by Brez leaders, their fights are brutal as they can tap into any weapon or Leyas ability to win as long as they do not summon allies or utilize other creatures to win.


The Olgogs have a traditional combat-based way of settling arguments known as Rapi Tor, or Death by Claws. In Rapi Tor two Olgogs agree to simple combat fist to fist, hand to hand, claw to claw, fang to fang with no Leyas abilities and no weapons just raw unarmed fighting styles. However Rapi Tor is used to settle disputes NOT for leadership. In addition, Rapi Tor is never combined with attacks that cause final death, an Olgog is encouraged to be resurrected if they lose Rapi Tor.


Thanks. Very helpful.

Another question: I’ve noticed you use ‘Lurlur’ rather then ‘Lurur’ for the title of my character Ripi-tu. Is there a proper title of ‘Lurlur’? If so, does this mean I should consider a way to change my character’s name?


Nope pure typo on my part ill have it fixed over the course of this week :wink:
If anyone else notices a misspelling of character name feel encouraged to bring it to my attention and we will fix it during the following week.


Made good time tonight, I believe all reference to Lurlur has been replaced with Lurur in reference to Ripi-tu’s name, and with Ka Rhug Tribe in reference to Lurlur tribe in the Dead Heads Mission.