Planning Thread Post2220: EEFer Allies


Lurry enters the Room and says "Sorry for my absence, It has been something since being surprised and taken.

And the first problem you have is Neliffs. I hate Neliffs. Can’t trust anyone with them around. Well, there are some immune to their effects, but not many. Redeemers can detect at first and eventually become immune. Neliffs don’t effect me personally but that is a long painful story and I can’t do much for others. There are also some artifacts that can protect against mind control.

Recently in a ceremony, The Heroes of Mt Sandspire were given an honor and gift of the Crown of the High King’s Favor. I was in Jemison Post at the time. I dug into them a little and they protect against mind control. Even on Immutables. But since they were given as an honor, it might be hard to borrow that. Eli of McGraw Harbor, Spymaster Lurtor, Peacelord Grim, and Peacelord Nuria were all given one.

If I could get a stealth drop off or within site of the Orbital Platform, I can take out Neliffs. I don’t remember if they are a hive mind and will know once one dies? So even a stealth action may need some sort of distraction to support it.

The other option is that we take out the Orbital Platform from a distance before it could be used.

For the forces on the ground, Only thing I can think of is to do a damoclese strike on the support ships of the Attacking force far enough away you don’t wake what lies sleeping below. But a damoclese strike is a bad bad plan I’m sure. bad."

Lurry didn’t know how to get them the information they needed any other way, and he did not want to report to the new McMurrphy as a VLAD agent yet. So this was the best option.


Lurry continues "As long as we can get a ship up there within range, I can use a shadow portal to bring a team aboard the Orbital Platform. Any who go should have some way of being immune to the neliffs control and illusion. I don’t want to have to shoot anyone taken over. Its bad for teamwork to shoot the team.

Once aboard, we will have to move quick. I’ll try to locate the neliffs and take them out first. If possible, I would prefer to save the warmonger’s dead for last. Don’t want to get stuck or pinned down in a firefight.

Also, I will carry a leyas generator with me. Others who need access to leyas should have their own. This is space, so there is no teleporting. Even with a Leyas generator.

If worse comes to worse, I have a few ideas on how to remove us from the platform. But lets not have to use that option, I might have to get creative and that always has downsides."

Oh man Lurry missed having access to Light leyas. No mirror squad shield.

(OOC I’m most likely writing my post soon. So those who take advantage of this please take into account. If someone posts I’ll try to reply in the thread, but this is the general plan I’ll post for the platform.)


Lurry thought for a moment and then said “Hey Moose, This is a platform. Do you have artifacts or space suits for this?”


Moose said, “Yes I can get space suits for the Immutables and Dark Side Bone Rings which will provide air and protection from the vacuum of space.”

Then he looked over to Ani G and asked, “So…the Giant Poop Monkey…what can it do? Other than try and play baseball with Damoclese pitches?”

He looked closer at it and said, “Fascinating, looks impressive. You ever fight WarGiants in that MechaKuelo?”


“Not really. No. We’ve fought multiple acid spiting Giant Krato though,” Ani replied.

“It’s gots of lots of weapons. Pretty good at dodging and taking hits. Uhm…”

“It can amp up personal leyas attacks,” a young female voice shouted from the MDK.

“Yeah. That. I think,” Ani said as he scratched his head.


A voice shouted from the MDK “Are you retarded Daron? You’re going in? The plan was to stay in the robot. Black Heart Sec’? IR!? Are you insane? Fine. Fine. Fine.”

“Heh, uhm boss? The mic is still on!” shouted Ani at the robot head.

“Wait? What? Son of a…” the speaker was cut off.

“So. Anyone want to catch a ride? Still got some room. I guess.”


“You guys are just real great,” Eli snarks as he enters. “How about the sea forces? Got a plan for that? I do.”

“Lurtor and Moose it’s good to see ya,” Eli says as he gives a rude gesture to Ani G.


Ani G gives a rude gesture back, “Eat dirt commie fascist cowboy.”


OOC: Does that sub I have any weapons?

“Right, I’m going to take my little sub and sabotage the Lord Pelos’s Heavy Frigates before they can land on Isle of Holys. I’m going to ask real nicely for Belinda Frost to leyas up some sharp ice spike or something to sink 'em along with anyone else who has a bright idea,” Eli said.

“Anyone else got a bright idea to sink them? Cause I’m sure after the 2nd or 3rd time a ship sinks they’ll know what’s up and I’m going to have to take some evasion.”


“We got frigate we can load up with weapons that a bit fast than what they got. Granted we’re be out numbered and out-goged ten to one,” Ani G. replied.

Hekeriki rocket jumped from the tall mecha monkey. “I can throw a hydra to speed up our boat or couple chimera to cause chaos to their boats.”

Ani sighed “The MDK going to space after they drop us off so… yeah. It’s going to be hit and run for us.”


Eli was not impressed. “Your one ship, my one sub, sea mines all over the place, a few UTR Fighters doing nothing and the Redeemers on the island,” Eli complained.

“Oh boy partners! We’re boned! Ugh, I need a drink.”


Lurry says "if you wanted more, we might have had to invite more. The redeemers were invited and it seems they don’t need help as they didn’t show. No one has brought in the UtR to get them to do more.

So from those just here and what we can pull together, this sounds like mining the coast is the best option. The redeemers are formerly… are… warmongers dead. They are a threat by themselves. Maybe they think they have this handled.

Though with those Neliff protection now being sold, it seems more could be done by the nations."


Eli replied “Or maybe nobody gives a damn. I’m the last one to extend my hand to something formerly vile - present company exclude -, but Neliff are a horror on par with the Q’uall. Compared to 'em, the Redeemers are pretty okay. The Neliff need to be kept in check before they get too big to handle.”


Moose nodded, "I agree boys, we may be going in alone. But that doesn’t mean we are really alone.

I have word that the acting Field Marshall will be sending in a covert sub detail to deliver some torpedo justice upon anyone trying to attack the Redeemers or the Tomb.

That will definitely give your own sub a chance to get in close without being spotted. I could probably requisition a pair of torpedos to add to your sub’s compliment if its got the right tech onboard."

(OOC: Sub currently has no onboard weapons BUT it does have six open weapon mounts. The dual torpedo launcher Moose offered will take up 2 of those weapon mounts and can fire 2 single use Torpedos, it can be reloaded at dock but it very hard to do at sea or during battle. Each Torpedo does 35 Energy dmg, x3 dmg to Naval Ships, Airships and Subs. They count as Guided weapons with a Targeting Computer of 5.)


“Oh goody gumdrops, I get couple of shots then my load is blown. The it’s full speed ahead! Great!” complain Eli McGraw.

A embarrassed gog step into view. “Eli, you need to calm down,” said Snowy Touch.


Hekeriki had an idea. “For someone that has a plan, you don’t inspire confidence.”

Before Eli could speak, she pointed her finger up at him and countined, “Have you considered railguns? No? Railguns are really a misnomer because they actually gauss technology that use ferromagnetic slugs in a sealed staged charged magnetic coils. Easy to store ammo (doesn’t blow up) and lots of it. Perfect for underwater combat*. We got a spare quad one that I can break one down and install on your sub in one hour because I’m a genius (Int 6, Science 6, Profession Engineer 3, Tech Forger 3, Tech Repair 3, Computer 2). It will be effective (4 times 12 1/2 A.R. Missile dmg; x2 Dmg to vehicles and structures - fill up with the rest of the 4 mounts on the sub) and all you have to do is show us a plan on the ground slash sea because we really don’t have one, and STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT AND SENDING LETTERS TO US ABOUT STEALING YOUR MONEY THAT YOU STOLE FROM SOME OTHER JERK THAT WASN’T YOURS BECAUSE IT REALLY WAS NOT MY FAULT - IT WAS WAS TIME CLONES BASED OFF SOME INSANE EVIL PERSON BASED ME - THE RESOURCES WENT TO A GOOD CAUSE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHICH WE SAVE ALL OUR BUTTS TODAY.”

Hekeriki gave a pause from her yelling and quietly added “Can you deliver a plan there earther man child? Well.”

*XCOM: Terror from the Deep for a video game example


Eli blinked. “Okay little girl. Show me what forces and abilities and plans you got.”

Hekeriki did and Eli McGraw faced palmed.

“This is not a frigate - this is a freighter… which means it’s a bit slower than the heavy frigates but you can load up heavy vehicle land weapons on it. APCs with rockets, anti air guns - good - mortars… switch out the slugs and use flame shots. Radar decoy balloons? Fill 'em with some explosive gas - Moose can help you with that. Focus on the Poison Claw Clan Bariburs because they can clear the distance and make you have a bad time. Switch some of your crew for leyas users for damage control. Abandon the freighter on shore if things get bad as a last resort. Stay away from Lord Grimaldus and Redeemers forces though because I don’t think they are going to get along with each other and you. Might see you as the enemy. Fix that.”

“Yeah, you’re going to be the second biggest target so far. Maybe. Have my - I mean your MDK put you in the center on the mine field, and have a clear path to flee to the island to make a last stand. If Grizane’s Big Ol’ Frigates get near you, you’re going to have a bad time. I’ll actually back you up,” he said.

“I don’t like you weebs - yes, I know what a weeb is and you’re weebs - but slap in the guns on the sub and I’ll work on the plan.”

Turning to Moose “They’re going to need those nine balloons filled with hydrogen/carbon monoxide mix (3d6 Energy Dmg, Area Effect (+8 Dodge)), pretty please Moose?”

Eli stared down Hekeriki “Deal?”


“Deal. We’re not weebs though,” Hekeriki countered.


Moose said, “I think i can requisition some Radar Decoy balloons for you to fill.”


(DR2220+ Mission 7+)

Moose arrived back where it all began. A simple snowy camp near Jemison Post and McGraw Harbor.

Moose was greeted by Guilder Muin, and was surprised to see the usual drinkers were missing in action.

“Heya Muin, what happened to Drunkey Pete and Drunkey Tom?” asked Moose, “I was hoping those guys could run flanking striders on a mission I got coming down the pipeline.”