Planning Thread Post2220: EEFer Allies


The eyespies tracking this last group of slaves to the Neliff brought in some interesting news. It seemed the Neliff were moving their slaves back towards the Tomb Factory of Holys.

Some orbital scans, and spy sattellite downloads confirmed such interesting news that Moose convened a meeting of some of his more reliable agents. He was surprised that Remmie and Eli McGraw were M.I.A. He thought back and realized he had not seen nor heard of them since the last battle at the Tomb Factory against the Descended of Pelos.

The rest of the assembled DRRT members noticed that Moose looked very worried.


Moose said, "Thank you for coming. I have some concerning news that could possibly threaten the lives of everyone on Refuge.

The threat of Holys and his Hiveking have grown large enough that the Falosini and the Quall have put aside their ancient vendetta. They currently have a full assault going on.

Allow me to introduce our ally who will be leading the squad into the danger zone. This is the Diplomat Grash’tah. Give him your full respect."

A Falosini in a yellow cowl and cloak entered. He glanced at everyone in the room. For those who had never seen a Falosini before, looking inside their cowl and seeing the endless darkness of space and two stars instead of a face was quite offputting.

"Hello, heroes of the colonies. I am Grash’tah diplomat of the line of Gorsj. The great Sovereign Ceroj leads an army that will reimprison Holys before the sun has set on this day.

But Holys has an entire army hidden deep in the Tomb Factory. An army that will threaten all goodly beings on Refuge even if our Sovereigns cunning plan succeeds in cutting off the head of the army.

Our armies will be fighting Neliff and their slaves. But you DRRT soldiers can deploy quickly using your railships. That gives you the time to arrive at the height of the operation.


The reason we call upon your alliance in this moment has more to do with the fact that we are completely unaware of the different types of soldiers they will be deploying at this location. I understand that there were quite a few variations of Dead Soldier that Holys and his Unit 111 servants have been experimenting on. Holys truly has corrupted the Sylvan techniques in bringing the ancestral dead to war. His father Vul started this path, but this monster Holys has perfected this corruption of something once sacred and good.

But precision is important. The machinery down there is semi-living and very sentient. Much of it is part of the Tomb Factory itself. Your precision is why the Falosini Sovereigns have allowed me to reach out to you.

Do not harm the structure, or all our allies will find the very walls and floors of the Tomb Factory fighting them off. Previous trips to the Tomb Factory were less dangerous as the Tomb Factory’s full immune system was not functional. But now that Holys is awake…

Let us say very specifically, focus your fire on the Dead Soldiers manning the equipment not the walls or the equipment itself. This is the primary reason why the machinery was never disabled over the ages from what the Sovereigns have told me to tell you."


The door to the chamber opened and a soldier dressed in a Dark Side combat spacesuit entered. She bowed respectfully and walked over to Moose and handed him a file.

He quickly skimmed it, and said, "Thank you Lieutenant Dere.

I want to appraise you of some concerning news. It seems that the VLAD agency deployed one its GOD-level living weapons."

Grash’tah said, “I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean? That term did not translate properly.”

“Oh God-like entities, umm,” Moose seemed to struggle for a different term.

Lt. Deren interjected, “Sir, May I? Thank you. Honored Diplomat Grash’tah, imagine a being so arrogant that it feels it must be worshipped. Then that being convinces thousands of other beings to worship them and believe they are powerful in all things.”

Grash’tah seemed hurt by the idea, "I know this technique. The Ancient Evils used to use it rise in the ranks. I suspect the Warmonger was the first to deploy it among the Nightmare Lords. I am always saddened that sentient brilliant people can fall for eloquent words over meaningful deeds.

And this VLAD agency hires such beings as mercenaries? I see. I had heard much of them. Which is why I reached out to you instead.

Expect the walls and floors to fire magi cannon beams at you. It will be increasingly deadly, but hopefully their being at least stopped the flow of the soldiers…"

Moose said, "Our target remains the same. Unit 111 Commander Nezaian. If we can take him into custody, our Uth Seers will be able to extract much of the information about their current organizational structure. That could stop a lot of terrorist attacks and save a lot of lives in the near future.

Let’s break it down about our target. Commander Nezaian is a Unit 111 Dead Soldier. Healing and Light artifacts and Leyas can burn his flesh, and cause him final death. While we would prefer him dead than on the loose, capture is preferred. Final Death is considered a failure from our point of view.

Any Questions?"

[any player character can be present who has previously worked with DRRT. Just start RPing from the point of view of sitting at the table at the secret meeting. To get to this meeting every character had to step on an unmarked AAV with blacked out windows and arrive at the unknown location. NO EXCEPTIONS]


Brooke looks up from her chair, her hood removed seeing the owners of the voices she had been hearing since dropped off here. (in her dress uniform no power armor) and politely bows to Grash’tah and the nods towards Moose. "Good day friends and honored allies. My name is Brooke Harrison, I am here representing the VLAD organization and wish to coordinate actions with the DRRT


Alanze Orestes stepped off the AAV. The earther had long slightly untamed red hair tied back in a manbun. He wore a white armored coat and armored pants with the orestes house crest embroidered on the lapels. An eye spy hung lazily over one shoulder. A Neliff Jammer poked out from his ear. He greeted the group, “May be peace take seed in your hearts, I am Alanze Orestes. I have come to offer FT Lendill’s help assaulting Holy’s fortress. Fort Lendill is prepared to commit a company sized element of mixed forces to the attack.”

Orestes continued, “Fort Lendill wishes to use eye spies to allow access to the factory floor. A team of mauraders supported by a platoon of Fort Lendill peace bringers using worked metal vials of holy water instead of standard shrapnel. The mauraders will focus on the war machines. Once the peace bringers forces establish a firing line and engage the forces within a group of gun monks will shadow walk in from a flank hopefully obtaining fire superiority and inflicting heavy casualties.” Orestes motioned as if he were shooing a fly. “Hopefully they can hold this formation long enough for the other allied forces to be able to attack the commander.”


The squad of irregulars returned they quickly unloaded several trunks worth of gear and staged it near where the AAV dropped them off. “Unfortunately contract negotiations fell apart. If you will have us Colonel we have been instructed to aid however we can in defeating Holys.”


Harald of Wintermute looked around, this was not the company he normally kept. Being a vampire generally disqualifies you to be in the presence of a Falosini, wasn’t the most comforting of situations.

“Good day to everyone, I want to let you all know that Wintermute is willing to use our resources in the south to aid in this campaign. We are here to lend aid to the EEF and the Children of the Falosini, after all, we don’t approve of damaging time itself. Any who wields such destructive power must be opposed no matter what.”


Moose smiled at Brooke, “Agent Harrison its an honor to have you here. I know you were part of the EEF diplomatic team that helped secure the EEF’s role in a new Peace of Falos. This makes you exceptionally qualified to be our VLAD liaison for this mission. That is why I asked the VLAD trinity to please send you here.”

Then Moose addressed Alanze Orestes saying, "Mr. Orestes thank you for showing us that Fort Lendill is serious about ending this threat in the south. Using your Eye spies for deployment and extraction would allow our DRRT elements to move into the combat zone much quicker than I originally planned.

Unless Agent Harrison disagrees, I support giving Ft. Lendill Eye spies access to the combat zone so our own teams can use them to shadow walk in and out. Thank you Mr. Orestes."

Moose continued, “While the Marauders and Peacebringers engage the defenses and the Warmachines, our strike force will attempt to contain and extract our Primary Target, Nezaian.”


Moose said, “Blackheart Irregulars, you will be assigned to back up Agent Harrison. But before I start barking orders, Brooke, anything you specifically need the Blackheart team to do?”


When “Harald” began to speak, Moose was very interested. He asked, "Sir, Now I know Wintermute has been expanding its forces in the south. I remember reading mission reports of your undead being very active in the battle against the Descended of Pelos at this very site.

Holding the coastline against the Neliff and their allies would be very helpful if your forces could maintain such a task. I am sure the honored and noble Grash’tah could get the Quall and Falosini to hold their fire on your unique troops."


“If we are going via shadow walk via eye spy,” reasoned the squad leader. “We should have a back up plan to get out. something tells me technological marvels like that won’t do well in a nightmare factory full of things that could chill their power sources. I request the Black heart team insert via the armory. We will engage the looters only when we have to to secure an egress route from the factory floor. We believe but aren’t certain the two areas are connected.”


“Also,” the squad leader began carefully. If Fort Lendill is deploying conscript forces with anti undead weaponry perhaps Winter Mutes forces should be with us. You get what you pay for with amateurs and I wouldn’t want to be one of the vampires fighting on the factory floor hoping a scared civilian can tell the difference between them and war mongers dead."


Harald nodded at Moose, I shall inform the unit commanders that they shall head to the coast line. Major Set’gal’s unit has been fitted with Neliff jammers so they will be best for that assignment. I will see if we can free up any additional forces to help in other areas." Turning toward the Blackheart Squad leader “I shall try to get a unit to join with your team for support. I can set up a relay of Shadows for our teams to use to exit the facility quickly if necessary.”


Agent Brooke smiled at Moose, “I will be happy to lend my aid, I will join with the Blackheart forces and the (Brooke grimaces a bit) Wintermute team at the Armory. I have been fitted with a Jammer in case of Neliff. I shall go after the largest threats and attempt to screen the allied units from harm.”


Moose looked out to see who had come to the final planning session before they moved against the Northern Kingdoms. Boriel I’tash could not be allowed to rule the Northern Kingdoms.

Moose said, “Roll call.”

[post here name of soldiers aiding the EEF in the final missions. State name, and forces being committed to the battle against Boriel]


Bax finished a comm crystal squad, “Typhoon squad reporting in, Security main is providing additional resources. They are prepared to send an analyst to provide any additional intelligence, high altitude surveilance of any targets, a pair of night hawk quad hovercopters to provide transport and a wing of 6 gun pods with thier wings clipped. Finally to deal with the radiation we can request any number of commercial grade space suits which will protect us from most forms of radiation we can expect.”


“Or…” An obviously annoyed Vorin woman with black hair and barbed wire like tattoos covering her neck said. She wore black marzac body armor and biker leathers and was followed by 8 others dressed in similiar garb. On the back of all of their jackets and cuts was displayed a slanted bulls eye with two darts protruding from the center, blood dripping from where the darts pierced. All of them had 2 patches sewn on the front of their cuts or jackets. The first patched was a blue octagon with the letters DRRT embossed in black on it. The second patch was a black silhouette of Holys factory cracked asunder on an orange background the words “Tomb Raider” embossed above the silhouette. “Or instead of the commercial off the shelf keulo tossings you can use the self healing armored space suits Fort Lendill let us take.”

She turned to Moose. “Commander, I am Set’an’dri president of the original chapter of the Death Darts. With Fort Lendills permission we are going to ride with you because after the insanity in the factory tomb we like how you roll.” The gang of mauraders retired their old colors after the mission to Holys Tomb and were on permanent leave to assist the DRRT mission.


Moose reached out an activated a holographic map of the Northern Kingdoms. He used a holographic pointer to interact with the map, highlighting and zooming in on two different areas within the warzone.

He began to speak, "Zone 1 and Zone 2 are in the region known as the Ruins of Morgoth. Zone 2 is a location known to the Children of the Falosini as the Deathgate. A very friendly place I hear, covered in radiation and prowling irradiated Nightmares.

Zone 1 is a location where the armies of Boriel, Elijah Morte and their Sylvan Overlords will be meeting. The Sylvan will probably stand back and watch the battle. Both Boriel and Elijah are leaders who will probably lead from the front.

As long as the Sylvan Empress Iessa likes one of the two leaders, our analysts suggests she will let them handle their issues through conflict and reward the winner."

Lt. Deren raised a hand and asked, “Moose, what happens if the new Sylvan Empress doesn’t like what she sees?”

Moose sighed and said, "Well the truth is we are in murky interdimensional waters. As far as the IR and the I’tashi Alliance is concerned the Colonies have every legal right to be here on Refuge. The treaties of 2218, 2219 and 2220 legitimize our place here. But that is Intergalatic treaty law. As far as interdimensional laws?

Unfortunately the Northern Kingdoms were largely denied access to the 2nd Peace of Falos which the Quall, the Falosini and the EEF signed in 2218. The lack of official signature of a Grand Magi means the Sylvan were not included.

While the Quall and the Falosini have been fighting over Refuge for generations, the last treaty signed concerning this planet was one between the Sylvan and the Nightmare Lords at the end of the K’ias Wars. The last two Nightmare Lords sold parts of this planet, and others, to the Sylvan in exchange for free passage out of the warzones of that ancient age.

An expedition to the Glacial Wastes found proof of the old treaties."


Lt Deren said, “Sir, does that mean the Empress could take over the whole Northern Kingdoms if she wanted?”

Moose nodded obviously uncomfortable about the topic, "Yes, and many of the Peacelords on both sides would bow down without a fight.

I think that both Elijah and Boriel have a huge problem on their hands. Which is why we are going to help Elijah Morte take down the Slaver Army… And we need to do so in a way that cannot be traced back to the EEF or outside influences.

Boriel has a column of WarGiants that act as heavy armor and artillery. He has a column of Devourers which are anti-infantry. He has twenty Carrier craft with their own compliment of gliders. He has tempest airships to make storms and enough rocket racks to blanket the battlefield in poison gas, flames and chill.

If Colony General Malthus was still around he would just be happy to know this army isn’t marching on the Colonies. After the losses of the Border Wars and Space Campaign, the EEF would be hard pressed to push back this type of force using conventional means. Which means the EEF Authority would probably launch off Damoclese strikes and Orbital bombardment, which would make a ground assault too costly to Boriel. He would unleash his Doomwyrms, and the colonial losses would be horrific.

That is also why we cannot have Boriel link up with the the new Empress. Imagine Boriel with the full force of the Sylvan fleet behind him marching on the Colonies. We’d all end up slaves."