The Cold Draft at Jemison Post


The Cold Draft Tavern would be a glimmer of hospitality in the otherwise bleak landscape. The Tavern would be 3 stories tall with a large second floor deck (With fire artifacts to keep the deck pleasantly brisk). The first floor would be a tavern with tables and chairs as well as a long bar with stools along one wall. The second floor would be a dance floor with some small tables around the edge. The third floor would be the bar masters quarters.

 The deck would face away from the rest of the settlement to offer a view of the jagged mountains in the distance the introspection provoking barren tundra and at night the aurora borealis.  The building would be constructed of bright blue ice (Artificed where needed to stay frozen).  The floors would all be dark grey stones collected from shore line brought back by hover truck.  Fire artifacts would adorn the walls and pillars to keep the tavern warm.  

On the ground floor underneath the deck stands a large boxing ring. The floor of the ring would be dirt the ring itself would be made of items from the expedition like vehicle tow chains giving it a rugged and tough post-apocalyptic look.

The tavern staff would be made up of a rotation of expedition members, anyone who wanted work could work a night as a waiter, bartender, or security.  

   The décor would be rustic with decorations like unit crests and campaign badges honoring the unit at the Glacial Research Station as well as trophies from the adventures of expedition leadership like a set of battle damaged dead spacer armor posed in a comical body builder pose, and a piece of armor from the fallen damoclese satellite with a jagged tungsten shard bulls eyeing the damoclese unit symbol.


When the bar was nearing completion Tal’al’oon would invite Grim for a drink. The Ice Wyrm wine was delicious and cold. “Mightly Grim if I may I would like you to give me the details of how to build the mushroom wine stills so we may increase the inventory of Cold Draft.”

Tal’al’oon paused while Grim drew out any plans, “Also I believe we need to look at the settlements future. Living out of tents and trailers makes it feel as if this town will blow away at the first sign of adversity. With your permission I would like to organize the settlers and to begin building homes. It may send the wrong message but at the moment it seems only the leadership of the town has a truly permanent roof over their heads.”


McIvinson, who was still acting as Grim’s aide de camp, placed out maps of the settlement for them to review. It did seem much of the settlement of Jemison Post was still a tent city. There was the large government building. The underground mushroom farms that kept everyone fed. The Smithy of Sonnah and Zaphophiah. And a few small buildings the Banking guild had set up next to their mobile homes. The rest was tents.

McIvinson left the maps to Grim and Tal’al, placing a few shiny lerne in the tip cup and a handful of dela on the bar before reaching over and lifting up a bottle and pouring a glass of the frosty wine. A few sips…so decadent.

McIvinson looked knew Grim had requisitioned some parts to assemble a Mushroom Still to distill a new variety of liquor from the mushrooms they were growing in abundance. The boxes of parts seemed odd and some he was sure was labelled lavatory parts, but so far every time the little Bastard had said he could do something he had done so.

First stopping an entire Sea Kings landing party with a single squad of soldiers.
Second getting the Dragons to meet and then getting them to agree to a cease-fire for the first time in god knows when.
Now it seemed making mushrooms into liquor was a light weight task in comparison.

McIvinson did love this Icewyrm Wine, it was quite nice.

He looked over at Grim, wondering if he should start unpacking the parts while Tal’al and Grim were talking…


Days later, Tal’al’oon found himself manning the Tavern and greeting the four leaders of the Glacial Expedition. It was really the first time these four were in the same room together. All eyed each other for a moment, wondering why the Guilders had chosen who they had chosen.
They all could tell they were looking at good hearted beings, and with that in mind the planning session at the bar began.

McIvinson had rolled out a map, marking where The Frost had set up a bandit camp. It was equal in distance from McGraw Harbor and Jemison Post, and far outside the area designated protected by either the EEF or Fort Lendill.

McIvinson said, "I scouted the area. It was open territory, and seemed to be right out on the snowy tundra. Not very defendable, but also really hard to approach without being seen.

The bandit camp consists of a thick ice wall, which tells me they got at least one powerful Aquamancer on their side, surrounding ten one room igloos. Each of the igloos are giving off heavy auras which tells me they are artificed in place, and probably stronger than your average igloos. During the trip, I saw at least four Hovertrucks, with mounted .50 cal rifles, and they were in good working order. So the Frost got to have somebody who knows tech.

I don’t know how many mercs are in The Frost but I saw at least 12 guys and 14 gals at various times.

I know you each have your specialities so…"


[Nuria, Lurtor, Grim and Eli McGraw are present EVEN IF they are posting in another thread at this time. Time continuity will be worked out through the mission post, so don’t stress it on this thread. Its most important all four members get to plan together for this mission. Or they will fail utterly…]


looking at the group gathered, Grim has worked with lurtor and Eli before. glancing at Nuria, he says " well, i kinda have a clue as to what these two can do. So what are your specialities?"


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The man in the ten gallon hat spoke up with a laugh, “How? I mean how did these ignorant idiots think they were going to get away with 4 hovertucks in this weather? My track truck barely works in this seasonal icy pain in the ass time. It’s even been winterized and it still breaks down.”

Eli McGraw looked at the selection of booze and decided not to order. It was not because he was picky. Hell no he wasn’t. It was just some monkey habits he didn’t want to start up again. Turing to Nuria he stated and then asked, “I’m Eli not humble McGraw, the best gunslinger in the Glacial Wastes. Who are you?”


Lurtor says "So how do we want to handle this?

Are we going to kick them out forcefully? I’m good with that. Their placement is defensible, but we could get close without being seen. Also we could strike them from above as well, though the vehicles and igloos are harder to crack. And they do have at least 1 or more aquamancers."

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Nuria shifted in her seat. This wasn’t her thing. At all.

“I’m Nuria,” she said, answering the question asked by Eli. “And I don’t have a team, or troops, or anything like that. I’m here in the Glacial Wastes alone. So I’m not even sure why I’m here.”

She finished off her drink and set her cup down. “However, I’m here, so let’s get to it. Who has ideas?”


“We know where they are. Let’s sneak under or over them, pop in while they are mostly sleeping and take 'em out. I go for the mooks on the big guns and use 'em against them.”


Lurtor says "I’m good with that tatic. Clean and quick. As long as I can see a shadow I can be there and pull people if needed.

I’m pretty good with being quiet. Keep it simple."


Lurtor says "we can pair with a local olgog to get us closer, and then shadow jump the rest of the way in. Hopefully staying out of their sights. We may have to worry about infrared or heat signatures. In the open we would stand out with that.

Grim, Do you think we should use the tempest to create conditions to lesson visibility or even strike at their compound?"


Nuria spoke up. ‘Actually, you might not have to worry about infrared, if I come in from the other direction. I can cause a pretty hot distraction.’


Lurtor says "OK, I"ll plan on your thermal distraction then. Can everyone use comm crystals? Grim and I have crystals to each other. Lets make sure we don’t blow up the other.

Though I am good with overkill as making an example of these Robbers might not be a bad idea."

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Eli was not amused, “Leyas on, Leyas off, Leyas on, Leyas off, Leyas on, Leyas off…”

“No. I can’t use a comm crystal. Gunslinger. Immutable. Etc.”, as Eli touched Lurtor’s nose on and off repeatedly.

“Just Shadow Walk™ me to the vehicles and I’ll do my thing. Really should try to recover the stolen stuff. Remember: We’re Big Damn Heroes™!”


Grim nodded, “yeah I can use some leyas to get the tempest close, but not too close. I’m gonna have to pilot it myself. I haven’t had time to train any of the crew to do more than run the basic systems. So this will be good training.”

" I’d like it if a couple of them escaped, by it with next to nothing, but with out too many injures. If we can get them to go back and earn others about the dangers of bandrity in the area, it might convince the next set that it isn’t worth the effort."

“To do that, after they ‘escape’ the fight, we can have the scouts harry them along a route we choose. We want to put the fear of the wastes in them.”


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Lurtor says “Lets hit them at Twilight or dark. Make it even better. We can have some fun with them and make sure the few who escape have some stories to tell. Also, if possible, we could return or make use of their equipment since its tough to get that up here. If you have to destroy any so be it though.”


Looking to Grim Eli had a question of, “What’s the Tempest?”