The Hunt for Inqusitor Mortis Leonin


Resugent’s eyes hardened at that last comment and responded with an edge in his voice “What did you say about Simonsburg? Why are gob…why are your kind in there?” Turning to Kalid “Apparently I have missed much in our quest. This is a lot to take in, but I suppose it will have to wait until after this.”
Turning back to all of the new comers "While I cannot say that this is simple, or pleasent for me, I will accept all of your aid. I find it odd that so many just happen to be near here to help, but I won’t complain…at least not until after all of this is done.

The man inside there is a danger to all, he is insane and is even hunted by the Church. If you want him dead that is fine, I do not care about your motivations." Turning toward On’tor “I forgive you, we can work together to accomplish our goals.”

Back to everyone else "I will use life energy to animate one of the bodies up ahead to cause a distraction, it won’t last long but even a few seconds might be enough. We need to get through that door and inside. When we are inside we need to beware of any copies on the upper levels. Our target however will be in the lower levels. There will be many copies of him inside, most likely with similar abilities. We need to take them down hard and fast. Thankfully while powerful they should be easy to take down, minimal damage should destroy each target.
Once we are in the sub basement I do not know what else we shall face, but be ready for an intense fight. I can bring any who fall back to their feet.

Look I am not totally comfortable working with your kind, but there are more important things then old grudges now. I can put aside issues to save the world if you can."

Turning to the Squires who clutched at their weapons and looked terrified at the increased number of Olgogs present “Calm down young ones, these newcomers will not harm you. The madman inside is a threat to the world and the world joins to kill him. Once this is over we will all go our own way, all you need to worry about now is helping us take Leonin down and stopping his mad plans for world domination.”


Resugent helped the peasants and Squires to repair some of the damage to the tower to make sure that it wasn’t in danger of collasping. Then he took acount of their food and water supplies. Satisfied that they were in no immediate danger he turned to Khalid. "So, just a few questions. First, do we have any idea where Leonin went? Second, what the hell were those creatures who are locked down there, and three, tell me about that book you found.


–[The battle against Leonin has gone successfully. Week 12 begins. Work progressed quickly in rebuilding until Resugent once more stood in control of a defend-able tower. Khalid helped the squires build more defenses including a dry moat filled with bone and metal spikes, a mounted flamethrower on the roof with a range able to sweep the entire entrance way, and an alarm system in case of future attack.

Khalid please now respond to Lord Grimaldus post.]–


—(more folk have fled from the fall of Jamesville to resugents tower. A larger settlement will need to be created to house these refugees)–


Resugent heard about the fall of Jamesville, and he dispared. From what the survivors tol him, a mixed group of Goblins attacked supported by a giant blue monster and nightmare creatures. Also it seemed one of those winged elves set the fires that burned down the town. Resugent began to orginize the refugees and began to help them construct simple basic shelters. however more resources would be needed to create proper homes for these people.


Ka’ab arrives to speak to Resugent. He says "We spotted a force of Oners looking like to attack here. When this was found, I contacted my elder to come here. Ka’ab backs up to let Tor’ab step forward. He is dressed in a Dragon scale armor and a cloak made of Armorfiend Hide with a spear on his back.

Tor’ab steps forward and says "I am Tor’ab of Herd of Auf Lal’ al and the United Tribes of Refuge. I’m told Your not like the other oners we have dealt with, you gave a chance for us to work together on a common goal, and when it was done, nothing bad happened. Other Oners we have tried this with, have betrayed us the first chance they get. The most profound was when we defended Jamesville vs the warmongers and they attacked leveling our forces who were there to help. Who knows if they could have prevented what just happened there. The battle with the war souls who got in, destroyed Jamesville unfortunately. My apprentice, who was at Jamesville during that battle, gave me a run down on what he saw there.

We would like to help defend you and yours here at the tower. As Part, We can help you build a fortified city with walls to protect the people here. We have the numbers to do it quickly. We will also take part in the battle if you would have us.

So you know all of our intentions, I will admit that what you have in your basement interest us as well as we need something to restore 2 of ours who were killed from a great shadow leyas attack. But if I’m right on what they are, those evil beings will have to be dealt with carefully and can wait for another day. We will just need to becareful of where we build for now.

(OCC I’m assuming Tor’ab comes of of his battles intact. I will switch elders if he doesn’t)


As the two Olgogs step forward toward the tower they are surrounded by half a dozen Paladins and ten Squires advancing on them with weapons raised when a shout stops them. They hold their position still with their weapons raised as Paladin Resugent approaches from the tower. “Hold there, tell me who you are and why you are here, quickly now.”

Resugent listens to them (Above post) then responds "It is true that I have worked with your kind in the past, but it was mainly due to extenuating circumstances where much was at risk. If what you say here is true and the Church is planning an attack here then that is indeed a problem. If you wish to fight them that is your own business, I honestly just wish to be left alone here. I have no desire to fight the Church or you. Nor do I wish to aid the Church, or you.

As for these Warsouls, I do not know what you are talking about, I have multiple men here who defended Jamesville and fled here from the destruction. They witnessed your people’s attacks and they never saw anyone besides the attackers who killed so many. I do not care about your justifications for killing so many people there and for destroying the town. It was a monstrous act but one of many made by your kind.

If you want to fight the Church of One task force heading here then feel free to. We shall defend this tower as well. As for helping us build here I shall decline the offer. If you want to fight here, go ahead. After that your kind can leave. After everything that has happened you cannot expect us to welcome you. So if you want to help, then I thank you. After the battle I shall respect your withdrawal like I did with those others."


(OCC I’m assuming that I don’t know about the mind spikes, so I’m leaving that out and just leaving to my non trusting side.)

Tor’ab says "So be it. I won’t be baited into comparing monstrous acts done by either group. There has been much done by both sides over the last thousand years.

Believe as you wish about Jamesville. EIther those defenders lie, were under a spell, didn’t believe what they saw, or didn’t understand what they saw. My bet is spell or not understanding. But Whether you believe me or not, I recommend you double check any coming from Jamesville just to be safe. Though I’m not sure what you should look for.

As for the attacking force, We will be around until they are defeated. Then we will depart.

The last thing, I would like a way for us to talk in the future without having to chance the guards attacking us on sight. Whether a specific messenger, or even myself can talk to you if the need arises. "


A tall, handsome Earther made his way to Resugent. He arrived among the recent influx of refugees from Jamesville. As he approached Resugent to introduce himself, he overheard the conversation between Tor’ab and Resugent. He listened, but said nothing. As Tor’ab finished, he interjected, “Excuse me, sir. My name is Windsor Hamlock. Are you master of this keep? I do not mean to interject, but I am concerned about the reports I overheard from some of the natives that there is a Church of One group on the verge of attack?? With striders? Because if that is the case, I’d like to help the defense of your keep and of my fellow Earthers. What would you have me do?”


Resugent’s face darkened in response to Tor’ab’s response about Jamesvile "You will forgive me for taking the word of the ones who lived there rather then the word of one of your people who was involved in attacking the town. For the attacking force I do appreciate the assistance that you may give. As well as you Mr. Hamlock, I thank you for your warnings and your assistance.

As for what you can do Mr. Hamlock, I am not quite sure. I do not know your talents and abilities. If you are proficient at combat you can help fight. If that is not your strength then you can help care for the peasants whom I plan on temporarily evacuating so they are not harmed during the fighting."

Turning back to Tor’ab “If you wish to speak to me in the future then you can. I will speak to my people, I will explain that they are not to attack any single or small group of your people if they do not approach aggressively they they will be allowed to speak their peace.”


Paladin Resugent gazed upon the tower and its brave defenders. They brought back the peasants and they all began work to repair the damages to the surrounding area. Resugent knew that this couldn’t go on like this. Just waiting for the Church to strike again would only be tempting fate. Plus he didn’t like having to rely upon the natives to rescue them, he wanted to live in peace with those who wanted the same but it looked like until he did something to strike at the Church’s power in the region neither he nor his people would ever be safe. He would have to move quickly so as to get to his cousin before the Church can strike him again. He would need to take a small strike force to infiltrate Lord Grimaldus’s castle. He needed to bring the Church’s sins to his cousin, perhaps then they could work together to educate the local earthers and keep them safe from the Church’s oppression.


(Week13 heroic mission: sneaking into Grimaldus’ bedchamber, will be posted tomorrow.
Please be encouraged to start planning with mercs etc for this mission using this thread.
Limits will be resugent with four bodyguards and 1 standard tribal or merc per player aiding resugent.)


Paladin Resugent knew that staying on the defensive was a guarantee of death, he had to move to secure Grimaldus and show him the truth. A small force would be best, he could sneak them into Grimaldus’ manor using the underground tunnels that their family used in the past. He would bring four of his most loyal Paladins, he hoped that would be enough. Should he appeal to the natives for assistance? That had its positives and negatives. Their powers could be very helpful against defenders, but at the same time his cousin would be less likely to listen to him if he had a squad of natives behind him. He pondered this for a while, and still remained on the fence about it.


Tor’ab approaches with Auf Lalder next to him. Tor’ab had been dealing with this Earther. He was wondering what his next steps were after this attack. He did not think Resugent would just wait for the next attack.

Tor’ab says in Earther, “We are here to see Paladin Resugent.”

When brought to the Paladin. Tor’ab will say "Greetings. Next to me is Auf Lalder of my Tribe. Since you’ve talked to myself, I wanted to introduce Auf Lalder. And We wonder what your plans are now. Depending on what the mission and your goal, we maybe able to help you.

We offer this as you have acted better than any other oner we have interacted with, and want to make sure you stay living."

Auf Lalder says “I also won’t turn down a chance stop or lessen the fighting between the Church and Olgogs. That is why Tor’ab was here in the first place to help.”

(OCC depending on if Resugent wants help, and whether he wants the enemy killed or subdued, will choose who I send if any.)


A man walked up to the door of Sir Resugent’s tower, looking rather unimpressed with the architecture. He had a bored look on his face as he removed his half helm and ran his fingers through his hair to get the helmet hair feeling out. He knocked thrice on the door, after the third time anouncing,

“Here is none other than Lorne Harlas! Finest blade south of Chooru, here to help, if you have the ghaz to pay for my services.”


Windsor looked at the paladin after the battle, plopping down from his newly gained strider. “Well, that went off without a hitch.” He looked over at the olgog standing around. “I was going to ask why they wanted to purge you, but I think it’s obvious by all the natives standing around. Nevertheless, good for you for learning the value of sharing with others, no matter their race.” He looked grimly at Resugent. “However, it also means you’re a marked man for life. What’s your next step, now that we’ve saved your keep?”


When Tor’ab approaches with Auf Lalder next to him walked up to Resugent’s tower the Guards tightened their grips on their weapons but didn’t draw them. Nodded at their request and allowed them to enter. After listening to them Resugent saw two more individuals show up, Lorne Harlas, and Windsor coming down from the strider he hijacked.

Resugent was taken aback by all of the offers for generic aid. He had been contemplating asking for native assistance, suppose he should if they were so willing.

“I have been contemplating infiltrating Lord Grimaldus’s manor in order to show him the truth behind the Church’s lies. I believe if confronted with the truth he will stop following the Church. He and the people here deserve to know the truth. This will be an infiltration mission, so we need to keep the numbers small, perhaps if any one wants to help, they only send a single individual. Large numbers will only get us caught. Lord Grimaldus has been keeping the lion share of his armies at home away from the conflict, so I do not relish being found in the center of several thousand soldiers.”


Windsor smiled. Infiltration happened to be his specialty. “Ok, do you know the layout of the keep? How many guards, paladins, and inquisitors does he keep?”


Auf Lalder says "I agree, from my tribe I will go. What are the requirements, restrictions? Avoid Killing all Earthers if possible? Or quick and silent? I assume it will be some balance between the two. I would guess Grimaldus would not like us killing his men to see him and it would not put him in a listening mood.

Of course, I can bring back those killed, so that may not matter. I cannot help immutables though."

(OCC The use of Healing Leyas is assuming that Light Ward does not block Healing leyas. I’m asking the question on the mission questions.)


Resugent frowned “I can give a basic layout of the manor and directions on how to reach Lord Grimaldus, as for exact defenses I cannot say, I haven’t been there in a while and with the war going on security is sure to be heightened. As for restrictions, I would prefer no permanent deaths, exceptions will be for Inquisitors, they are not to be brought back, Red Bishops also but that is mainly because your healing won’t work on them. The Paladins, well I would prefer them to be either knocked out or killed in a way that they can be brought back later. They can be disarmed and dis-armored though, to be safe. We need Grimaldus to be willing to speak to us, so painting his manor red with the insides of his people might not be the best plan, but it might be unavoidable. Less violence the better, but I am not naive to think that we can get to him without fighting.”

(OOC Healing leyas is not blocked by Light Wards. Nothing blocks healing)