To the The Ka Gor Tribe, our eyes are upon you


The flame once again appeared before the Ka Gor tribe “We are pleased with your actions, and as we are pleased we show our pleasure unto you to keep you safe and sound. Your request has merit, and we shall grant it, five earther Horned Dogs shall be sent to you to aid you in infiltrating your enemies and bending them to your will. In addition we shall send you five Flayers to aid in your actions as well, they shall work alongside you and protect your tribe. For our eyes are upon you and they are filled with joy.”


All present kneeled prostrate before the Fire of the Ka Gor’na.
So great was its beneficience, its unfaltering love, that tears ran freely from their blind eyes.

Gorkaog roared in joy ,“Your blessings are truly great, most eterenal and beloved Ka Gor’na. May your flames ever light the darkness.”

The Elder said, “Million gratitudes, I will now turn the Olgog enemies and Earther Enemies on each other so our pack may collect more to serve you.”


The Elder wobbled in. His legs and arms looked unstead as he dragged a chain. At the end of that chain followed twenty Earthers and Twenty Olgogs. Blindfolded by lengths of wet cloth, and gagged they were connected to alternating species. So a church of one racist was tied between two Kolgul Militiagogs amd vice versa. This made both sides feel the wrong sort of “fellow prisoners” to rebel with.

The Elder pressed his head to the dirt in front of the flame and said, " Most eternal and beloved Ka Gor’na, from the far lands of Unen I have collected twenty Kolgul Militiagogs who regularly kidnap other gogs and turn them away from the love of the Ka Gor’na.
I have also brought their enemies the Zealots who claim there is only one god, their god, and his message is Hate and Intolerance.
Twenty Church of Oners, May they expand the tribe and expand their minds in the Love of the Eternal Ka Gor’na."


Seeing no response from the Ka Gor’na to their large sacrifice, Gorkaog grew concerned.

Another fifteen brezan captives were paraded through.

"Great Ka Gor’na, has the forty sacrifices brought here displeased you?

I bring fifteen more olgogs from Brez. Now fifty five sacrifices stand before your flame.
Please accept this sacrifice and bless our pack."


The flame reappeared as with the voice "These sacrifices indeed please us, these misguided individuals shall be given the blessings of the Ka’gor’na. We shall expand their minds and teach them to love all as we love all.

We know you work hard and we apologize for taking so long to respond. The evil of Warmonger has spread far and we have been fighting their servants across the stars and distant planes.

For your regular devotion we provide these blessings, 5 more Horned Dogs to assist you, 5 more Flayers to protect you, and 5 bone spears blessed with part of our strength (Brain Fever at 4 success, with Narrator’s approval, if he doesn’t approve of Brain Fever then Fireball 2). Along with these gifts you may call upon 2 Ka Gor Na warriors for one of your future encounters to aid you."

A portal opens to allow the sacrifices to enter. It closes right after they do.


–(reward allowed by narrator)–


After many months of facing off against Ancient Evils, Cybernetic monstrosities, and agents of the Warmonger the Hive Queen of Aryay had little time to worry about the Ka Gor tribe. However their silence and lack of activity had been noticed. However it was the events at the Falling Star Homeforge which had compelled the Hive to action. A message was sent to the Ka Gor through a flaming portal. "A Nightmare Lord weapon has been unleashed upon the Falling Star Homeforge, these weapons only cause destruction which serve Warmonger’s will. You must take action against this threat. Contain the outbreak within the Homeforge and do not let this disaster to continue to spread. Use the already plentiful resources you have been blessed with, you have been shown much favor. Perhaps too much as you seem to be too busy basking in it to be doing out will. We are not angry however, it is only mortal to sometimes take our wonders for granted. However it is time for you to become active once more, you must first contain the Homeforge then hunt down those responsible for unleashing this Nightmare upon the world.

Of course it doesn’t need to be said that you should also gather sacrifices from the Homeforge and from the ones responsible for the Outbreak. Do this and we will be reminded of your devotion and reverence."

With that the portal will close.


Gobbog was sitting shining his boots in the main worship area of the settlement. Fine black leather, adorned with brass buckles, with a firm steel toe and shank. It gave his hands something to do, when he was watching the pit mongrels in their “natural habitat”. Hours and hours spent watching, documenting, learning both as an Olgog former Militiagog, and as a Horned Dog cultist. The Hive shared with him information from many different groups of larvally connected across the universe. It did not have a truly full understanding of this small pack from what he gathered. That was why he came down here so often. It gave him an opportunity to observe them grooming each other, picking off and eating parasitic insects. He watched them do their dances and sing their songs. And Gobbog watched as the rift in power between Gorkaog the Champion and The Elder Pit Mongrel widened without direct word from the fire that was perpetually stoked in the center of the pit
Many days he had come here, communing with the Hivemind. He knew they were busy with great deeds. Deeds affecting many more planets than just Refuge. Witnessesing these great deeds left Gobbog in awe of the power of the HiveQueen.
Then the fire spoke once more. Frantic action filled the room. Gorkaog Bonegnawer beat his chest and bellowed, calling a war band together. The Elder cautioned patience, earning more scorn from Gorkaog and his loyalists.

“We have no time for sneaky,” said Gorkaog, “No Sneaking, no traps, no nothing. Ka Gor’na demand now. Ka Gor march now!”

The Elder shuffled a bit under his heavy robes and said, “Reminded you before Gorkaog of how the Ka Gor’na warned to be smarter than enemy. Now you throw their wisdom to the wind? You say you March? On the lands of our Der’og’gor, where K’iou hammer and chisel already have traps set??? Stupid Gorkaog, stupid and deserving of a return to childhood. When Ka Gor Tribe fight K’iou, we must be fast and hidden to sneak past their armor.”

“I crush K’iou armor with my kolgol,” said Gorkaog, “I return here with all the K’iou as trophy for Ka Gor’na. May their blessings be forever.”

“What say you Gobbog?” asked the Elder.

“I say you are dead if you charge those Children of the Falosini in the open,” Gobbog said, pulling on his boots, and tying them tightly, “But if we go in hidden, then we can target the specific target that needs our attention, while avoiding all impression of full scale invasion, which might tip off the Falosini to our movements.”

“You words too big,” growled Gorkaog.

“And you brain too small,” spat Gobbog, “Allow me to correct my improper grammer. YOUR brain is too small, Gorkaog. My KGM unit will escort you and a small warband into the Falling Star in a covered wagon. Then once inside we deploy you. Remember those spears the Hive gave your gogs, bring them. Use them to disable any guards.”

“So we can bring them back for the Ka Gor’na?” asked Gorkaog with excitement.

“Wrong again. Gorkaog if you had as much brains as you had arrogance, we’d all be better off,” said Gobbog walking right up to the towering Pit Mongrel, “If we steal their guards they come rescue them. They come rescue them, then we can’t raid, we have to instead rather effectively keep them away while we move to a new location.”

“WHAT ABOUT SACRIFICE TO GREAT KA GOR’NA?” asked Gorkaog angrily, about to swing at the little green Olgog.

Gobbog didn’t even flinch. Instead, thinking back to an old joke from the EEF military, he whispered, “Idjitsayswhat?”

“What?” asked Gorkaog not quite getting it.

“Idjitsayswhat?” repeated Gobbog.

“What?” asked Gorkaog again, puffing up.

“Exactly,” said Gobbog, “You use the spears to also capture the Reavers. No one will miss them, and you get viable sacrifices. No one will come rescue them. Everyone will just think they A) Ran off, or B) Got killed.”

“What about the ones responsible?” asked the Elder, “The Ka Gor’na were clear they must be culled too.”

“One step at a time,” said Gobbog feeling like a big gog, “First we contain the outbreak. Then we track down the person who caused it.”

“The Ka Gor’na will be displeased we did not take the entire Homeforge,” growled Gorkaog.

“The Ka Gor’na will be pleased you brought them sacrifices and didn’t sacrifice yourself needlessly,” said Gobbog, but he kind of wondered if the world would be a better place if Gorkaog swallowed an arrow or two.


Once again the energy bridge opens up, “My children, what is the status of the cursed hammer and the thieves? Also what of the hated dead of Warmonger? Tell us of your actions to destroy these evils.”


Gobbog sat back to watch the show.Gobbog loved the Quall and worshipped them as ascended beings. The Pit Mongrels groveled before them as Gods which always amused Gobbog.

The Pit Mongrels were so dirty and dressed so poorly…


Gorkaog stepped forward and said,"Hammer captured. Stored back in Forbidden Armory.
Glog go into hiding. Criminal to even Children of Falosini enemies, capture soon enough.

The dead still attack. Spread to Karov. Many number. Triple size of Ka Gor Tribe. Powerful weapons kill gogs one shot. Gogs not fast enough to dodge. Gorkaog sneak past beams and see it to report to Great and Powerful Ka Gor’na. May they be eternally blessed.

But dead spread fast. Wonder if tomb factory involved"


Then Gobbog stood up, "Mighty ones
Og’urab has gained the great blessing
And rose as Ogurox the Quall Warrior.

My plan is to have him open an energy bridge.It would lead to your wonderous lands.
Those that Ally with the True Flame gain free passage safely back to Refuge, um, I mean Der’al"

"Enemies who follow can be taken for sport food or host.
But an even greater tactical unexpected would be if Quall, I mean Ka Gor’na warriors marched from our energy bridge and took the controls of the Tomb Factory.
Wait until the Army of the True Flame leaves so our honor is intact.
Then take it and wipe out the dead.

Maybe wait till Unit 817 seals away Holys? Fight off Ceroj the Red and make the Falosini suffer?

Whatever your wise will desires. But before Og’urabs enlightenment he got both Krodnok and Unit 111 and 7756 to abandon the site and its production capabilities."


Gobbog was gone. Gorkaog missing in action. And Elder Og’na was struggling to prepare for the flamewinds.

Makka’na, knight of Simonsburg, was dressed in shining plate mail. She had flowers braided into her red fur.
She knelt before the fire of the Ka Gor’na

"Greatest of Ka Gor’na Ar’yay HiveQueen. I kneel here before you beseechingly.
I know you do not support the brutality of Gorkoag.
I pray you do not support the tyranny of Gobbog.

I left the pit a year ago to live in Simonsburg and bring back information for you. I have learned much and the Simonsburg people do not kill redfurs anymore. I take pride in that.

I found peace for a time.

A giant monster that calls itself a God has claimed Simonsburg.
I do not know what to do and I only have my faith left.

My faith in you wise and great Ar’yay is all I have left.

Teach me how to defeat this monster."


“It calls itself Kalok, and says Ka Rhug are its chosen,” Makka’na said, “I rode straight through night and day on the back of a fire spirit just to beg your guidance.”


The Flames circle around Makka’na, she could hear voice emanating from them, “False Gods rise and fall with the tide of time. Do you truly believe this so called God to be a threat? Do you believe the dwellers of Simonsburg will be unable to stop it? Describe this being to us so we may teach you the best way to help.”


The flames continue to speak. “The season of the Der’na have arrived. The Ka’Gor tribe needs to fear them not. As I speak the Ka’Gor’Na move to protect all settlements of the Ka’Gor tribe. If you wish us to protect other sites you need but speak of them to us. We can protect one, we can protect all. Thus is the power of the Ka’Gor’Na. As our chosen on this world you have done much to show your faith and we will repay your love with ours. Tell us, whom within these ‘Goblin Lands’ shall witness our benevolence and love?”


It had taken Makka’na time to decide how to properly address the description of the demon. It wore no clothing, it was flame incarnate, it was volcanic forces given humanoid form.

She bowed lower to the Ka Gor’na voices.

"Eternal Ka Gor’na, I have but two blind eyes. I can tell you what the aura of the being was like. It was fire and anger and uncompromising burning. It smelled like lava rock and tasted of ash.
Its roar appeared in my mind. It sounded like stone crushing stone.

It says Ka Rhug are its chosen and all others their slaves.

The dwellers of Simonsburg are kindness to us. In a way no one has been kind to Red Furs.

Great Ka Gor’na know how to defeat threats like Kalok. Their wisdom unmatched. Their methods always perfect.

I only sought your guidance.

As you have commanded, I will send messengers to towns of potential allies so that settlements may be protected. All will learn of the love of the Ka Gor’na protects all.

For now I know of this Pit, the city of Zh’ka’al, and city of Simonsburg where I will personally present your esteemed blessings on the Olgogs there."


"Burning rage is a terrible thing. It is a corruption of fire’s true nature. Fire should comfort us, keep us warm, provide for us. To defeat a being such as this we must find corruption from which it is spread. Even if you were to strike down this wicked being it would only be reborn through the vile faith from which it sprung. You must learn the location of Kalok’s worshipers and they must be convinced to stop worshiping this being.

Sadly things like that take time, and the people of Simonsburg do not have it. If allowed I will attempt to contain this being, protecting the people of Simonsburg from it’s rage with the love of the Ka’Gor’na. However I cannot protect those would deny me, you must convince the leaders of Simonsburg to grant me permission to help them. If that doesn’t happen I believe groups like the EEF, or the VofV would react violently towards me and those I protect. This would cause far more damage then this false god. Please, talk to the ones who are in charge of the town, get them to accept our help officially so our attempts to protect them do not cause them greater sadness."


Makka’na returned from Simonsburg and bowed low to the Flame of the Ka Gor’na.
She pressed her head to the ground without pride.

"I am here to report great and eternal Ka Gor’na.

The faith of my brothers in arms was not as great as my own. They fell in battle to Kalok Falseflame.
I survived to watch the great monster fall.

I do not know what happened to the spirit of Kalok. But his giant monster form fell with a Zela bullet."


From the flames a voice “We are pleased by your faith, your survival has shown that it is true. your loyalty shall be rewarded. Take these to protect and guide you in your quests.”

The following items come through the energy bridge. A one handed Obsidian Sword (1D8 Melee DMG) artificed with Firesword causing an additional 1D8 Energy Damage 8 Successes and Greater Melt Metal 8 Successes (With Narrator’s approval), An obsidian ring artificed with Orb of Fire (+2 vs Melee, +8 vs Missile, and +2 vs Chill) 8 Successes, Quall Hide boots Artificed with Fire Leap 8 Succcess,